City Centre Community School 2015 Creative Writing Class


We finally concluded the 2015 Winter term at the City Centre Community School, where I taught a short story writing class. Of the 10 weeks + 3-week extension, we still missed 6 class days because of storms that fell every Tuesday this year, unlike last year, when they fell every Wednesday! So we really had only 6 meetings, although there was one online meeting with one student, and discussions and class notes were posted in our Google group. I’m sorry it’s over because the class was great, the students all worked hard, and they were able to write their own short stories. They even had time to edit and do a bit of polishing! I’m so proud of them and their efforts I am going to showcase their work here–all except one, who accepted my challenge to enter his story in a contest. He did write another story, but it needs a little polishing before we publish it here.

What’s so fulfilling about volunteering to teach this class?

1. I get to meet some wonderful people who are really interested in learning to write better.

2. I get to share in the development of some really good writing.

3. I get to share a bit of my knowledge and skills and see real results!

Will I teach this course again the next time a term is open? Absolutely!

I will be sharing my students’ stories very soon, so keep posted!

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