Creative Writing Pool

This page features tips, techniques, and resources for creative writing, as well as essays on writing in general and on more specific aspects of writing.

Be Like a Mosquito!

Character Types: Round vs Flat

Cindy’s Rules for Writers

  1.  Just Write!
  2.  Write About Something You Know
  3.  Write About Something You Don’t Know
  4.  Read
  5.  Imitate
  6.  Compare
  7.  Don’t Worry About Mechanics at First
  8.  Rest Before You Revise

How Acceptable is Verbing?

How to Create Memorable Characters

Nothing You Can Write is New

On The Internet and Research

On Writing and Blogs

On Writing and Culture

On Writing: Dealing with Adverbs

On Writing: Should You Talk About Your Writing?

On Writing: Voice and Theme

The Trouble with Writing

The Writer is a Gardener and Cook

There’s Always Something to Write About

Three Basic Plot Types

Writing Realistic Characters

You Can’t Cheat the Muse