Strike Fire for New Authors


In the fall of 2011 Hagios Press will celebrate a publishing milestone as we release our 50th title. Hagios Press has been the home of many books by first-time authors, and to celebrate the arrival of our 50th title we are launching a new book series: Strike Fire New Author Series. Hagios Press takes pride in our focus on developing exciting new writing through our intensive editing process. We are pleased to announce that the first in the Strike Fire New Author Series will be The Cellophane Sky: Jazz Poems by Jeff Park of Saskatoon, which will be published in September 2011. Jeff Park first came to the attention of Hagios Press in 2007 through his publication in their anthology Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets. Park is a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Saskatchewan. The Cellophane Sky is his first volume of poetry.

Hagios Press is now welcoming entries for the Strike Fire New Author Series for 2012, between May 1st and August 31st, 2011. Hagios Press is asking for samples from book-length collections of poetry, short fiction (short stories, novellas) and creative nonfiction. Submissions must be from writers who have not published a book, or who have published one book and are submitting a manuscript in a genre different than that of their first book. A submission will consist of a manuscript sample of no more than twenty-five pages, a short synopsis of the book, and a literary resume. Hagios Press will accept submissions by mail only. The Strike Fire New Author Series is open to all Canadian citizens meeting the publication criteria. Writers and manuscripts selected for the series will receive publication in the fall of 2012. Please send submissions to: Hagios Press, Strike Fire New Author Series, Box 33024 Cathedral Post Office, Regina, SK S4T 7X2. For more information on Hagios Press visit our website at:

Note: our website is currently down but will be up and running sh0rtly. Thank you for this opportunity to reach the writers of Prince Edward Island. Paul Wilson, Managing Editor, Co-Publisher, Hagios Press.

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