CALL : Contributions for Edited Anthology

Deadline: Dec. 18

Latinas/os PRESENTES: Voice, Culture and Creativity in Nuestra (Our?) Canada.

We are seeking submissions for an edited collection of Latina/o Canadian cultural work to be published in 2010 by Tightrope Books, under their new Zurita imprint and edited by Lorena M. Gajardo, a Latina and scholar of Latino/a Identity in Canada.

This curated collection will present experiences and reflections of Latina/o lives and identity in Canada from the perspective of 2nd and 1.5 generation Latina/o young adults. We are looking for original and previously unpublished works in a variety of genres – poetry, prose, short stories, spoken word, monologues, biographical essays, black and white illustrative work – that address the question of what it means to grow up nd be a young Latina/o in Canada.

Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

Being Latina/o in Canada


Border crossings (all kinds)

Identity struggles

Latina/o artistic production in Canada

Love (including interracial or intercultural relationships)

Activism and Latinidad

Gender and Latinidad


Belonging (or not belonging)

Access or lack of it

Latina/o music in Canada


Self-esteem and being Latina/o

Queer Latinidad

Latinas/os and the media (mainstream, alternative, online)

Submission Guidelines:

Contributions must be submitted electronically by Dec. 18, 2009

All contributions must be a maximum of 1,500 words.

Email your contribution to Lorena Gajardo at

We look forward to receiving your work.

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