Two January Poetry Workshops

Poet and Teacher Beth E. Janzen will be offering two Saturday afternoon workshops in January. Details below.


We can never see the whole forest at one time, but the shifting light, the wild creatures, the intriguing paths, some barely visible among the foliage, lead us in, keep us wanting to go deeper into the heart of the woods.

Into the Forest:  Beginning with Poetry

This Saturday afternoon workshop will be a guided walk in the forest and will get you started on the path, the adventure of writing poetry. Discovery and play will be our methods for exploration. Topics will include: how to begin, how to find subjects, how to find form, and how to use some of the core tools of current poetry. You will leave with a new poem draft as well as simple procedures you can use to begin, continue, and enrich your own poetry practice.

When:    January 9th, 1 pm – 5 pm

Where:   The Haviland Club

Cost:      $25

Participants are encouraged to contact Beth at if they plan to attend, so she can prepare sufficient materials.

For more information, visit or email Beth at


Gardening for Poets: Growing a Revision Practice

I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.

–Robert Frost

When you embrace revision as a process of discovery, it becomes more like play, no matter whether the poem’s subject is dark or light. This Saturday afternoon workshop is not about marking up your writing with red ink, like your grade school teachers might have done. Instead, more like a gardener, you’ll explore methods of revising poetry that encourage and stimulate growth. You’ll tinker with a piece of writing, be introduced to “The List: 40 Ways to Revise a Poem or Get a Poem Moving”, learn new ways to regard your creative process, consider the role of feedback in your writing process, and have the opportunity for a mini-conference with the instructor over a poem you’ve brought along.

When:  January 23rd, 1 – 5 pm

Where: The Haviland Club, Charlottetown

Cost:     $30

The number of Participants is limited to 12, so please contact Beth at if you plan to attend. You are invited to bring a poem that you wish to revise.

For more information, visit or email Beth at

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