Got a new book to promote, an achievement to build your reputation on? Need input to research or submissions to an anthology or contest? Whether a self-employed individual just starting their writing career or an organizing spreading the word about events, the key to success often depends on promotion and publicity. Getting the word out to the right people at the right time is critical say the organizers of a workshop designed to help those with small budgets, Low Cost Publicity and Promotion, to be presented at the Stratford Town Hall on March 28 by the Island Writers Association of PEI.

“There are so many new options out there today with internet and other new media, that we have to think beyond what we used to do,” says presenter Julie V. Watson. The workshop will include a brainstorming session to seek out new ideas appropriate for each unique participant. If you have something you want to promote this workshop will help you spread the word without incurring high costs.. The day-long session will include how to write effective news releases, target the proper recipients and many other low-cost techniques. Each participant will go home with the ten rules of successful low-cost promotion and a copy of the book, Great Tips for Your Small Business.

Presenter, Julie V. Watson, is a successful author with two business books published. She has worked with various organizations and businesses to promote products, services and events. As a freelance writer Watson is also on the receiving end of many publicity and promotional campaigns and knows first hand what is effective and what isn’t.

For more information or to register: 569-3913, email, or go to

Early Bird discount.

The information shared will be useful to small business owners, self-employed individuals such as writers and artisans, non-profit groups and special interest associations.

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