What to write about?


One problem that stymies novice and occasional writers is “What do I write about?” If your object is to join a contest or submit to a publication, then do check out the submission guidelines. Most contests and publications will have specific themes or subjects for each round or edition, but several will also be open submissions, which means you can write about pretty much anything you choose. No matter what the theme or topic, my best advice will be to write something you know, something you are familiar with. Even before you put words down on paper (or your computer screen), it will help to explore how you think, feel, react to, or are passionate (or dispassionate) about the subject. In nearly every instance, you will find that you can connect with the given subject in some way. Until then, you will not be able to write convincingly or with authority—something achieved through intensive research or experience. Only when you have found a personal connection with your topic, should you begin to write. ~cpl

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