Litro Magazine: Call for submissions




I am writing on behalf of Litro Magazine regarding a call for submissions for promotional use on your website/your mailing list. Litro is a fantastic, fresh magazine welcoming submissions of short fiction, flash fiction and non-fiction. This London-based indie mag is a monthly dose of the latest and greatest voices in literature, with a distribution of 100 000 readers across Europe. I thought this might be of interest to members of your organization.


For more information, check out Litro Magazine’s website and social networking channels:!/litromagazine


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,



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  1. The reading by Wayne Johnston from A World Elsewhere tonight was fantastic except for the person taking a flash photo every 30 seconds during Wayne Johnston’s reading, and that is NOT an exaggeration. I can understand maybe one or two photos in the course of the evening – how many photos does one need? It was very intrusive.

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