CV2 magazine 2-Day Poem Contest 2011


CV2 magazine 2-Day Poem Contest 2011: April 2-3
registration deadline: March 25, 2011

At 12:00 midnight (CST), when Friday becomes Saturday, April 2, CV2 sends a list of 10 words to registered participants by email. Participants then have 2 days (48 hours) to write their best poem using each word at least once. The final submitted poem may not exceed 48 lines. Only one poem may be entered per participant.

There is a $12.00 registration fee for the contest. Also, a special Play & Read discount is only available to contest entrants. For an additional $10.00, contestants get a 1-year subscription to CV2 (60% off the standard subscription price!), four issues of the best in new Canadian poetry, interviews and reviews. The contest fee can be paid by credit card online through PayPal or by a check/money order sent to the CV2office. Registration and an email address are required to play.

The contest is open to both Canadian and international residents.

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