Autopoiesis Atelier


Explore creativity from within and become the artist of your Autopoetic Life

Five Day Program at Oceanstone Inn and Cottages in Nova Scotia

  • August 9th to 13th

9am to 4:30pm
$499.00 (early registration discount available)

When we quiet the mind, allow for pure consciousness to express through us, and gain clarity about who we are and what we want, we find meaning and joy in all we do. We become the conscious creators and we inspire others to follow their hearts. During this program, you will be introduced to meditation practices and ancient tools and techniques to help settle the mind from the constant chatter, direct attention and energy to the things that really matter to you and expand the boundaries of your habitual patterns. You will have the opportunity to manifest your creative impulses through art, writing and sharing in an environment that supports healing and growth. The length of the 5-day program allows you to step out of your habitual patterns, immerse yourself in an organic routine, and get at those blockages you have not been able to shake. After five days, your body will have learned a new expansive way and it is easier to integrate and incorporate what you have learned when you have shifted kinesthetically.  Spend time in divine inspiration and exploration and get a glimpse of your Autopoetic Life!

The Atelier includes:
Small group conversations
Mantra meditations
Guided meditations
Vedic sutras
Huna Wisdom
Art workshops
Journal and paint material
Ayurvedic lunches
One 45-minute individual consultation and Lemurian Huna body work

To register and for a more detailed description of the Atelier, visit or contact Anne Thibeault-Bérubé (902) 449-7856

Have a great day!

Anne Thibeault-Bérubé, Ph.D.
Ideas Festival
(902) 449-7856

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