Muses of the Night: Dreams & Writing


If we take the time to learn their language, we discover that every dream is a masterpiece of symbolic communication. The unconscious speaks in symbols, not to confuse us, but simply because that is its native idiom.      —Robert Johnson

Muses of the Night: Dreams & Writing

Dreams are natural muses for creative writing. They are made from the stuff of the soul but without the self-censorship of the judgemental, waking mind. Their wisdom can serve as inspiration for powerful writing, writing that also brings insight to the writer. In this afternoon workshop you will explore your connection with your dreams, as well as learn new ways of exploring them, engage with a dream symbol, and use your dreams as a source for poetry and prose. Writers of any genre at any level are invited to attend.

When: Saturday February 20th, 1:00 – 5:00

Where: The Haviland Club, Charlottetown

Cost: $30

Participants are asked to bring 2 of their dreams in written form; you will be invited but not required to share work based on them.

Please contact Beth at if you plan to attend so that she can prepare sufficient materials.

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