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MasterPlayWorks now has its own Facebook page ( ) where you can join our group discussions, receive information, and contribute your thoughts an any subject that strikes your fancy.

The website has detailed information on course content (Click on Workshops), FAQs (Click on FAQs), and endorsements from previous MPW clients.

Here’s a preview of what’s on tap for the fall, 2009:

*The Character Generated Plot in Drama and Prose Fiction:

8 weeks, 16 hr., on-line, live (VOIP: voice only, w/o video),

    1. ~ 30 minutes per 2 hr. session craft instruction/discussion, exploration of the fundamental tools of prose fiction and drama.

      ~ 1/2 hour writing per 2 hr. session . . . character perspective exercises. Story.

      ~ 1 hr. assessment per 2 hr. session of your work by your peers, moderated by Mr. Stetson.

      ~ Weekly assignments, primarily re-worked exercises incorporating feedback exchanged by e-mail in advance of subsequent class.

      ~ 750 word story outline completed, and one page story outline completed. Both documents crucial to writers seeking funds for projects through producers and arts funding agencies.

      ~ Your plot mapped, your project launched.

“Every voice will be heard, every question answered.”

* Next Character Generated Plot Courses: (4 to 6 persons, maximum)

CGP (A): Wednesday evenings, September 26 – November 14, 2009.  7pm – 9pm, EST.

CGP (B): Saturdays, September 30 – November 18, 2009.  2pm – 4pm,  EST.

Note: Payment plans available.

**Master Class:

8 weeks, sixteen hours, on-Line, live (VOIP: voice only, w/o video)

~ For artists in all genres wishing to expand their practice to include writing — prose, drama or film;

~ For established writers examining new genres;

~ For writers wishing to re-examine and expand their practice.

~ Works in progress and new work examined live, on-line by your colleagues and peers. 4 to 6 persons, maximum.

“A rich and powerful forum for the exchange of ideas among working artists.”

** Next Master Class: Saturday mornings, September 30 – November 18, 2009, (10am -12:00pm,  EST)

Note: Payment plans available.

Contact for more information

You’ll also find four new videos with yours truly outlining MasterPlayWorks philosophy and methods, and describing the courses on the Facebook page.

The short videos are also available on You Tube at these URLs:

MPW:  Introduction to the courses . . .

MPW:  Character . . .

MPW:  Story/Plot . . .

MPW:  Wrap Up . . .

Additional information is available at .

Write well and prosper!

Please pass this invite along!


Master Play Works



Kent Stetson, C. M.

7069 ave. Christophe Colomb

Montreal, Quebec,

Canada H2S 2H4

Telephone: 514 270 1948

Cell: 514 794 1948

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