The New Potato-Time Review

Subject: invitation to The New Potato-Time Review

Hi everyone–

I’m writing a quick note to invite you to consider coming to a new
summer show I’m part of, The New Potato-Time Review.

I’ve created the show with the wonderful singer-songwriter Tanya
Davis. And it’s playing now at the lovely Victoria Playhouse. The show
is running every night (including tonight) at 8 PM up to Sunday August
2, with 2 PM matinees on Sundays for those who don’t like driving at

It premiered on Wednesday, and we’re really thrilled by how audiences
are responding. Here are 5 fast things that you might like to know:

1. It’s an hilarious and honest variety show, exploring what it means
to be an Islander in the here-and-now, through original comedy,
stories, and songs
2. I’ve developed a bunch of new Island-based comedy, as well as
‘best-of’ pieces from shows like the Halifax Comedy Festival, and
CBC’s “Madly Off In All Directions”
3. Tanya Davis is a nationally acclaimed singer and writer from PEI,
who’s been a featured performer on CBC’s “The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart
4. The show involves a 10-foot screen projection with Island scenes,
and I’ve worked up a new style of comedy performance which bounces off
huge pictures of maps, charts, invented products, and actual clippings
from our beloved Island paper, The Guardian
5. It all takes place in the beautiful Victoria Playhouse, in the
idyllic community of Victoria, where you can take in the seaside,
handmade chocolates, and a wonderful dinner before the show

All in all, we think it makes for a wonderful evening, if you have one
free in the upcoming week and a bit. The Island summer is busy, but
we’d love to be part of yours.

You can get tickets by calling the Victoria Playhouse at 1 800 925
2025, or visiting them on-line at .
You can find out a bit more about our show by visiting us on-line, as

Thanks for considering it, and enjoy your summer.


P.S. My apologies if you’ve already received an invite by some other
means, or even have already come to the show. Hope you liked it!

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