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Hi Folks,

I had a terrific response to my lecture/workshop for the Edmonton Branch of the Canadian Author’s Association.   About fifty Alberta writers attended the Friday night lecture on Adaptation: Importing Excellence. The following day I conducted an exhaustive full-day workshop, The Character Generated Plot in Drama and Prose Fiction. The response to both events was extremely gratifying.   The lecture and workshop led to an Alberta only session of my Master Play Works 8-week, live, on-line workshop of the same name for writers and artists of all genres. It was an extraordinary experience.   Here’s my fall offering. I hope you can help spread the word!

On-line. Live. Interactive — master Play works character, story, plot, writer’s workshops and MASTER CLASSES with GOVERNOR GENERAL’S LITERARY award Winner Kent Stetson, C. M.

8 x 2hr. sessions. Saturdays, September 12 – October 31. Master Class: 10:00 am – Noon, EST. Character Generated Plot in Drama and Prose Fiction, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

How to write well? Begin by learning or refreshing your craft. Whether you’re a seasoned writer exploring a new genre, a dramatist or prose fiction writer just starting out, The Character Generated Plot and Master Class workshops take you quickly, with depth and precision, to the heart of your characters and the story you need them to tell. They’ll get you well underway toward a complete plot summary, and schema of your first draft.  If you need individual help with a project in progress, get in touch. If your project is ready for producers or literary agents and you need an expert eye to make sure it’s in top shape, be in touch. For more information or to register, visit MASTER PLAY WORKS and Facebook, .

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