TWP Weekly Writing Post 2015 August 23-29 Edition

The Writing Pool’s Weekly Writing PostTM 2015 August 23-29 Edition Welcome to The Writing Pool’s Weekly Writing PostTM! We provide you with a free weekly newsletter filled with notices about contests, events, conferences, and other information that might be useful or of great interest to writers of all leanings. Meanwhile, calls for submission to literary…

Writing Prompt

Here’s your latest writing prompt. Use it to write the opening line or the opening paragraph of a story. Share here if you wish. You inherit your grandparents’ old home after they pass away. You decide to clear out the attic. What do you find? What do you do? Happy writing!

Writing Prompts

Here are some writing prompts to keep you writing. Share your opening sentence or paragraph in the comments.   1. It’s a very windy day and things are being blown around you. Quick! What do you see flying past you? Write the opening sentence to a story about that.   2. You’re walking down a…

Grammar Challenge!

This was published on a news blog: As far as I remember, we were never the sort of family that aspired to leave the country in search for a better life. Can you tell what’s wrong with it?

Writing Prompt

Here’s your  writing prompt for today: Write a recipe for something intangible. For example, recipe for a great home…a fantastic date…success…disaster… Share it here!

Grammar Challenge!

  What’s wrong with this? Rewrite this to improve it. I’m not too fond about snow……but, the only nice thing l like about it…’s a gorgeous site. A feeling of pure white and heavenly! (found On FB, Jan. 18, 13)


Provide your original caption for this photo (from Classic Rock 101’s page on Facebook):

Grammar Pool: Writexercise!

This is actual text from an official memo from a district manager at a well-known company. Who can say what’s wrong with it? THE MATS HAVE ARRIVED! PLEASE ENSURE THEY ARE DEEP CLEANED NIGHTLY! WITH HOT SOAPY WATER! AND YOUR FLOORS ARE DONE MORE OFTEN THEN THEY ARE NOW, WITH HOT FRESH WATER EVERY 15…

Stop and write!

You can’t be a writer if you just talk about writing some day. That day might never come. The time to write is now! To help you along, I’ll be giving writing prompts and exercises that will get your creative juices flowing. So what should you write about? Let’s start with something really simple. Let’s…