Grammar Challenge!

This was published on a news blog: As far as I remember, we were never the sort of family that aspired to leave the country in search for a better life. Can you tell what’s wrong with it?

Communication Pool: Grammar Challenge!

This was exactly what an expert botanist said in a TV news interview: “The image on the bill looks more or less exactly like the Norwegian maple.” What is wrong with it? Can you improve the sentence?

Grammar Pool: Writexercise!

This is actual text from an official memo from a district manager at a well-known company. Who can say what’s wrong with it? THE MATS HAVE ARRIVED! PLEASE ENSURE THEY ARE DEEP CLEANED NIGHTLY! WITH HOT SOAPY WATER! AND YOUR FLOORS ARE DONE MORE OFTEN THEN THEY ARE NOW, WITH HOT FRESH WATER EVERY 15…