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  1. Kathy Birt says:

    Nice job! look forward to more in the future.

  2. michellepoirier says:

    New site looks great! Only confusing this is how to get to the Blog. . .

  3. Michelle,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the blog? Can you expand a little?



  4. michellepoirier says:

    I’m not sure how to get to the writers guild blog, clicking on the links under blogroll just brings me to their homepage and not the actual writers guild blog.

  5. wynn says:

    Nice to see the other Canadian writer’s sites.

  6. Randall Perry says:

    I just realized that PEIWG will be 20 years old this year. Are there any anniversary-type activities planned?

    As one of the members of the founding executive, I’m quite excited to see the Guild reach such a milestone. I’m also feeling quite old!

    Randall Perry
    Associate Editor, Wayves

  7. islandjournalist says:

    Hi, Randall,

    Good to hear from you.

    The PEIWG will indeed celebrate its 20th Birthday this year. Plans are for a gala weekend event Oct. 3 & 4 in Charlottetown. Stay tuned for details!

  8. Peggy Hogan says:


    Thank you for organising the Open Mic Night at the Library. Speaking in public… is it the number one or number two item on the list of the scariest things we have to do? Whew! Can’t wait for the next time.


    And, thanks, Yvette, for your suggestions.

  9. OAC_CAO says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about the Chalmers Arts Fellowships!

  10. Nesrin Eruysal says:

    I’m editing Söylesi Siir Dergisi, the Turkish version of Conversation Poetry Quarterly. The first volume will include ISLAND poems written by notable Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Faroese, Greek, Turkish and Icelandic poets. I’d rather translate and publish philosophical poets eager to enter into a dialogue with poets from other countries. Poets who might be interested in submitting their poems can contact me through email.


    Dr. Nesrin Eruysal

    Here is some info about the project:

    This is a project that attempts to create a truly international dialogue of philosophical poetry, sharing ideas and the unique nature of different languages across borders.

    Through a series of magazines in multiple languages, we hope to promote local poets while opening up the wider conversation, and philosophical debates on a global scale.

    The act of writing poetry, of picturing the world in a different way, has potential beyond the uniqueness of its perspective or the cleverness of its language. To see things otherwise is to alter their meaning and explore the world anew. And poetry need not be overtly political or self-consciously philosophical to achieve this, rather it is a product of its time and place, and the speculation that is so much a part of the human condition.

    Conversation is series of magazines that tries to open poetry publication to the possibilities inherent in the alternatives that are the poet’s forte. To hone the sentiments and outpouring of joy, love, surprise, anger, sadness, frustration; to thrash out the confusion of a situation, or to document that moment when everything suddenly falls into place. This is where the publisher can launch an idea into the wider world.

    We aim to be part of the dialogue that promotes the potential of the poet as social critic, commentator, even utopian: poetry as a revolutionary activity. This is the nature of those who write with the clarity or skewed vision of the poet, with an expression of something deeper, a rebellion against conventional ways of seeing.

    The Conversation International Poetry Project is a way of widening this dialogue. Through a series of independent magazines in multiple languages, poets from all over the world can come together for the common purpose of exploring the philosophical and political possibilities of poetry. As we are able to cater for more languages, the project will grow, taking in the varied cultural and linguistic nuances of subject and style. These conversations may not always translate easily, and many writers and readers will have only one language. Yet, in an increasingly small world, it is the explorations of poetry that give us our best hope of getting to the heart of humanity wherever it is to be found.

    All current issues are available online to download free in pdf format.

    Established Titles:

    Conversation – Poetry Quarterly (English)
    Volume 7 out now.

  11. Dear Editor,

    Hello! This is Andre West, editor at Dream Quest One, a poetry and writing competition. I am writing to request that you please post announcement of the Dream Quest One Contest. I have provide my competition information below as follows:

    The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open anyone who loves arranging words into the beautiful art of poetry or writing a short story that is worth telling everyone. And to all who have the ability to dream… Write your best short story or poem for an opportunity to win cash prizes. All entries must be original.

    (1) Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject or style, single or double line spacing, neatly hand printed or typed.
    (2) Write a short story five pages maximum, single or double line spacing, on any subject or theme, creative writing, fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, screenwriting, diary and journal entries), neatly hand printed or typed.
    Multiple entries into both contests are accepted.
    Postmark deadline (semi-annual): July 31st and December 31st each year!
    Writing Contest First Prize is $500. Second Prize is $250. Third Prize $100.
    Poetry Contest First Prize is $250. Second Prize is $125. Third Prize is $50.
    Entry fees:
    Writing Contest entry fee is: $10 per short story.
    Poetry Contest entry fee is: $5 per poem.
    To send entries by mail: Include title, name, address, phone, email, and brief biographical info. (Tell us a little about yourself) on the coversheet, add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation. Fees payable to: “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”
    Mail to:
    Dream Quest One
    Poetry & Writing Contest
    P.O. Box 3141
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Visit for further details, to print out an entry form or to enter online.

    ”And remember, in whatever you do. It’s okay to dream, for dreams do come true.” – Dream Quest One

    No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

  12. mimrlith says:

    Dear Andre,

    Thank you for this information.
    I have included a link to your site among our list of Sites to See so that our readers and members can access your site anytime.

  13. )ct. 24th, 2009
    When is the deadline for the next novella contest?
    Thank you, Judy Smith

  14. When is the next novella contest deadline?
    Thank you,
    Judy Smith

  15. Larry Resnitzky is the author of two books. On the Brink, a
    tale of two sportscasters (BOOK 1), was released in the fall of 2006. It’s sequel On The Brink, the untold story (Book 2) will be released in late fall 2009. Both books are under the imprint of Retromedia Publishing.

    This young publishing house has published a best seller on PEI (2008), which is now approaching best seller status in Atlantic Canada, called Behind the Gate by Paul Murphy. It is launching My Mi’kmaq Mother, by Julie Pellissier-Lush on November 19th 2009 at 11:30 am in Studio One of the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

    Two more books are now in the works for 2010, as Larry undertakes to further develop Retromedia Publishing, with an eye towards preserving Island and Canadian History for current and future generations.

    Note: Please replace Larry’s previous bio with this one. It would be appreciated if Nancy’s bio page became her own.

    Thanks Cynthia. You’re doing a great job in enhacing the presentation of PEIWG on the web. Your work is appreciated. Best wishes!

    Larry Resnitzky

  16. skoinky says:

    Hi, I am new to blogging and I hope you get this message. I am in the final stages of getting my book ready for publication and I was hoping I could tell you about it. This is a nonfiction about a woman who after 49 years of life realizes she has created 57 personaities to cope with severe abuse and trauma from the age of one year into her late adulthood. I am that person. I have had a publisher wanting to sensationalize my book however, I have much integrity in my writing and I want it out there in the public to help other realize they can do any thing they want no matter what background they have had. I am proud and grateful to say that I am one whole integrated person who is enjoying life so much and I want to be able to inspire other people. Hope to hear from you thanks

  17. Jonathan Mack says:

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  18. Do you know of any writing contests coming up? For science fiction/fantasy novels. Thank you.

    Tony Sakalauskas
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  19. Elizabeth Roach says:

    How often is the website (list of active members) updated? Also, are there any writers groups that meet on a regular basis (either in person or online)?

  20. Susie Beiman says:

    I am the person doing the Mother Loss anthology. The delay in moving forward has everything to do with being diagnosed with cancer in my spine early in 2010. That combined with runnimg my retail business has not allowed me to return to this wonderful project until this month. I am no longer providing self-imposed deadlines, but I am dedicated to this project and will see it through. Thank you for your lovely submissions and your patience. Yes, I am still accepting submissions, so please keep them coming!

  21. Suzanne says:

    Looking for a PEI writer with a HISTORY background. Is this the best place to post?

  22. Brian Grove says:


    I like your site, you have some interesting resources. My site compliments yours, consisting of interesting articles from a published author, plus a free resource of over 1000 book publishers currently accepting submissions. Keep up the good work.

  23. Brendan says:

    Check out these unique literary works by a clever young PEI local. It’s definately worth a gander!

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