Writers and Social Media

Have you ever come up with an idea you thought was positively brilliant, mind-blowing, revolutionary, or life-changing? No doubt you have. But what did you do with that idea? Chances are you forgot about it. It’s possible you’re an avid note-taker and you jotted down the idea somewhere. If you’re like me, you might have several notepads, notebooks, and random bits of paper lying around with all kinds of notes, some of which are completely undecipherable. Once in a while, you might actually write something substantial instead of just scribble a few words on paper. You could be more fortunate than others and have the opportunity to write your ideas and develop them into significant works as part of your job. The majority of people, however, don’t have that chance. Or do they?

In this age of technology and the Internet, there really isn’t any excuse not to have the opportunity to share our ideas regardless of the value or quality. We need only take one look at what people share on social media to know not everyone has a brilliant mind or great ideas. In fact, social media promotes reactionary thinking–we see a post and react to it. We might post something original but it’s not necessarily mind-blowing. After all, what anyone had for breakfast, lunch, supper, or snacks isn’t likely to change the world. Still, social media does offer everyone with a chance to share ideas with unprecedented numbers of people. It’s probably the best way for any writer to develop an audience, communicate with them on a regular basis, interacting in a way previous authors were unable to simply because of the absence of technology, the Internet, and the wide variety of social media platforms available to anyone with access to a computer, no matter what the size, and the Internet. All you need now are ideas to share.

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