Canadian Stories Contest

The CANADIAN STORIES literary folk magazine is pleased to offer the 8th Contest for Short Stories, Poetry, and Black & White Art.

A total of $3,050 in prize money will be awarded:

True Stories                                              $350                        The Marie Minaker/Beth Moore PrizeCreative Non-Fiction                  $350                        The Bruno Penner Prize
Fiction                                                        $350                        The Jeannie Parsons Prize
Poetry                                                         $350                        The Marjorie McIntosh Prize
Canadian Essay                                       $350                         The Ruth Zavitz Prize
Self-Published Books                            $350                         The Harry Buller Prize (R&R Printing
Lest We Forget                                         $350                         TBA
Black & White Line Art                          $350                         The Peter Joyce Prize
“Wild Card”                                              $200                         The Krown Rust Prize
First Honourable Mention                    $50                           TBA

DEADLINE: May 15, 2017. Notification approximately one month later.

COST: Each entry must include a $20 cheque made out to CANADIAN STORIES. This money is not refundable. Notification with SASE card. Return of original also with SASE. Material with uncouth language will be returned.

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