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2015 May 10-16 Edition

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May is the month of flowers. In the Philippines, this is celebrated with the Flores de Mayo (flowers of May) festival held towards the end of the month, the grandest of all Philippine festivals, which occur all year round. The Flores de Mayo is a celebration of May as the month of the Virgin Mary, and the highlight of the festival is the much-awaited Santacruzan, an annual procession of beauties of all ages, dressed in their finest traditional gowns, representing 26 concepts of religious history, morality, and religion as introduced by the Spaniards who conquered the Philippines. They parade the streets of a town or village escorted by dashing young men in their smartest barong Tagalog shirts, beginning and ending at the town church. The couples are framed by flower-covered bowers and surrounded by candle-bearing followers. This entourage precedes the May festival queens, or “Reina”, depicting the quest of Queen Helen (Reina Elena) for the Holy Cross born by Jesus Christ. She is always accompanied by her son, the child emperor Constantine. Being a Reina in the Flores de Mayo is a role many a young girl aspires to, and in many cases, towns vie with each other for the most stunning procession, inviting celebrities, beauty queens, and movie stars to represent the Reinas and their Consorts.

As a child, I was fascinated by the procession and whole villages and towns would turn out to line the streets bearing candles to light the route of the procession and get a glimpse of the spectacle this religious festival offered. If anyone wants to truly experience the grandest way a nation can celebrate religion, history, and beauty (not to mention a whole day of the best local dishes served in every household), visit the Philippines or Filipino communities worldwide during the Flores de Mayo festival. It’s hospitality in the most festive way imaginable!



The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it, and copy it.

~Jules Renard, “Diary,” February 1895


New Internet Domain:

The Beacon Award website has moved to

News from Beacon Literary Award: Winner Book Launch

Our 2013 winner, Wake the Stone Man by Carol McDougall will be launched on May 10th, from 2 to 3 pm. at the Halifax Central Library. If you are a 2013 or 2014 Supporter, come and pick up your copy. Otherwise, come and buy one. Have it signed by the author.

If you are a writer or know of one working on a social justice novel or who has one stashed somewhere, please consider entering it in the Beacon Award competition. There is much more information on our website and don’t forget that because of our acceptance into the Atlantic Book Awards

The new deadline is September 1, 2015.

2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners and Nominated Finalists

The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners for literature include Anthony Doerr, who took home the fiction prize for his novel All the Light We Cannot See, and Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History for general non-fiction. See all the winners and nominated finalists on the official Pulitzer Prize website.


Commonwealth Writers Blog Series

The Commonwealth Writers website has launched a new blog series Feminism: Why Are We Still Here? Everyone is invited to read and comment on the entries.

Roger Gordon’s Library Tour

APRIL – MAY: Roger Gordon, Stratford resident and former Dean of Science at UPEI, is touring PEI’s libraries with Starting to Frame – A Memoir.

Starting to Frame describes the author’s life growing up in a working class home in Sheffield, England, during the 1940s to 60s. Among the social stigmas of the era that he had to deal with were divorce, marital infidelity, and mental illness. It is a story of resiliency that carries an inspirational tone. Roger uses humor, nostalgia, and “coming of age” motifs to provide a light-hearted counterpoint to the more dramatic elements within his childhood and early adulthood.

The author’s library tour encompasses six libraries –, Stratford, Montague, Charlottetown, Summerside, O’Leary, and Cornwall. At each location, Roger will discuss the book, read from it, and carry out book signings.

Upcoming dates are:

May 16, 2pm Summerside Rotary Library, Water Street

In addition to the library tour, he will be participating in “Reading Town Canada Week” on Sat May 9, by being “On Display” at The Bookmark, Charlottetown, where he will sit in a rocking chair in the window of the store reading from his book.

For more information about the book and author, visit

Ghost Baby Book Launch

Margaret A. Westlie of Meadowbank, author of Shades of Molly and Molly and Company, announces the Island launch of Ghost Baby at the Confederation Centre Public Library Saturday, May 23 at 2 pm.

Ghost Baby is the third novel in Margaret Westlie’s Haunted PEI series, featuring characters familiar from Shades of Molly and Molly and Company: the grumpy but loveable Molly, her psychic helper Gertrude, and their ghost-hunting friends Jim and Mary Jane. In Ghost Baby, Amanda McIntyre’s century house on Rochford Square is haunted—but only Roddy, Gertrude’s precocious three-year-old son, can see the ghost. When unsettling events trouble the household, Molly, Gertrude and the ghost-hunting team discover the surprising connection between events of the last century and the present.

Westlie draws on her long-standing interest in the paranormal in her Haunted PEI novels, which complement her Selkirk Stories novels, based on family stories and PEI history.   She lives in Meadowbank.  Copies of all the author’s novels will be available for sale at the launch for $20 each (tax included).

The Arrivals Project: Ancestry and Personal Legacy

June 15-18, Mon 10 pm to Thu 4 pm

What stories live in your body? Unlock ancestral stories that are within and discover how they

can be powerful sources for artistic expression, personal growth, and community


Program Cost: $700 (tuition, meals & accommodation)

Local Price: $580 (without overnight)

Leadership: Diane Roberts, Lopa Sircar, Liliona Quarmyne, Shauntay Grant (PRG)

For more information, visit

A Celebration of Courage and Tenacity

Tell Your Story

The Brain Injury Association of PEI (BIAPEI) is compiling a book of inspirational, short stories/poems called: A Celebration of Courage and Tenacity. It is a dynamic compilation of short stories about those who have triumphed over traumatic brain injury. We are honouring survivors of brain injury for their strength of will, for believing in themselves, for overcoming adversity, and standing up for themselves or others. It is meant to move you to laugh, to cry, to ponder possibilities, to dream, and to make those dreams a reality.

We are inviting survivors of brain injury and family to submit their stories/poems. Our goal is to have the book represent a wide range of experience and inspiration. Surviving the physical challenges of brain injury is the first step of a lifelong journey of adjustment and accommodation. Re-establishing lives transformed by brain injury requires foresight, fortitude, and unflagging courage. This book will be a celebration of those journeys.

Charting new territory, brain injury has been characterized as the “Silent Epidemic.” It has earned that distinction in part because survivors tend to withdraw from society. This book ends the silence and inspires others to take charge of their lives.

We look forward to reading your personal experience.

If this is something you are interested in but could use a little help getting your story on paper give us a call. We have some journalism students who are ready to help out.

Maximum 2500 words

This is an ongoing project once we have enough stories we will move forward

Submissions can be sent by email to or mail to

Brain Injury Association PEI
81 Prince St
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4R3

For more information call 902-367-3216

2015 Cox & Palmer Island Literary Awards

The 2015 Cox & Palmer Island Literary Awards is open to entries.

Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

For details, please visit


Submit your original poem or poetry collection for a chance to win $6,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts, a writing residency at The Banff Centre and publication in enRoute Magazine!

Deadline: June 1, 2015

For contest guidelines, visit—cbc-literary-prizes.html




$2,400 in Prizes!

Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize: Stories on any subject. Total entry not to exceed 20 pages.

Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest: Poems on any subject. Total entry not to exceed 4 pages. Maximum 150 lines. Entries might be one longer poem, or several shorter poems.


Fiction entries must be postmarked by June 1, 2015 and

Poetry must be postmarked by June 30, 2015

For complete submission guidelines, please go to and click on contest.

Port Medway Readers Festival 13th Season

Four exciting events! Starting July 4, 2015

The MacDonald, Crummey, and Richards readings take place at 7 PM at the Old Meeting House in Port Medway, N.S.  Tickets are $20.00 per person, per event.  A festival sponsorship, which includes two tickets to each of the three author readings, is available for $175.00.  (Please note a sponsorship does not include tickets to our special fourth event.)

This year, we are hosting a fourth event with chef/author Bonnie Stern.  This takes place on Sunday, July 12 at the Fire Hall.  Tickets for this event are $25.00 and are reserved by writing to event co-ordinator Victoria Fraser at

For information and tickets, please visit our website.

The Stardust Gazette

Submit journalism, music, art, poetry, or prose to The Stardust Gazette, or join our staff (readers and managerial crew needed)! See the “Submit” and “Join Us” tabs. Questions? Email

CARGO Literary Journal

Cargo is a nonfiction journal, and we are looking for pieces with a strong narrative and interior journey, such as immersion reportage.  Please submit one essay or up to five poems.  We will consider prose poems, lists, and interesting personal notes providing they meet our guidelines, so feel free to take risks with form. We would also like to publish author interviews.

We are also accepting reviews, which might be a book review or an investigation into the history behind a muralled wall in Puerto Rico. Be creative. We’re also interested in collaborations between writers and visual artists, and are looking for submissions from across our beautiful blue planet. Cargo will also consider your translations of poetry or prose.

We publish four issues a year, and we are currently accepting submissions
year-round. Submit by April 15th, 2015 for your work to be considered for Issue No 2.

For more details, visit

Open Invitation

The poetry engine awaits you at!

PEI poet laureate Dianne Hicks Morrow wants new poets to know they are always welcome to submit a poem to this site, especially if they have never have done so before. The submission form —with complete guidelines and formatting tips—is at

Poets already on the site: remember that you are welcome to replace your existing poem with a new one at any time, provided at least three months have passed since your last update.


See more at

The People’s Book Awards

Welcome to the people’s Book Awards where anyone can nominate or vote for titles available on the *Amazon sites worldwide, or support those important people who provide services to authors. Monthly winners.

The monthly and annual voting closes at 17:00 hours British Standard Time on the last day of each month and the votes of non-winning titles are carried forward, except in December. Monthly winning titles are taken out of the competition and will be returned in December if confirmed as a nomination for the Annual Awards by a direct message (DM) on Twitter or email to Each year the voting closes on December 31st following the Annual Awards and all votes are returned to zero for the coming year.

To learn more, visit


We have five submission categories from which to choose, including our standard category (no reading fees and payment for accepted pieces is $700), and four contests (reading fees allow for 1st place prizes from $1,500 to $2,500). Contests vs. standards. Click on the names of the categories for details.

NOTE: There is always a one-week grace period after the deadline.

Very Short Fiction (1st place – $1,500): Welcome in January, April, July, and October.

Short Story Award for New Writers (1st place – $1,500): Welcome in February, May, August, November.

Fiction Open (1st place – $2,500): Welcome in June and December (closes January 2).

Family Matters (1st place – $1,500): Welcome in March and September.

Standard Category ($700): Welcome in January, May, September.

Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize

$15.00 USD

Ends on 5/15/2015

The Stanley Kunitz Memorial Prize honors the late Stanley Kunitz’s dedication to mentoring poets. The winning poem will appear on the feature page of the September/October issue of The American Poetry Review, and the poet will receive a prize of $1,000. All entrants will receive a copy of the magazine. Poets may submit one to three poems per entry (totaling no more than three pages) with a $15 entry fee by May 15, 2015. No limit on number of entries per poet. The editors of The American Poetry Review will judge submissions anonymously, in compliance with the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses’ Code of Ethics.

For more details, please visit

Spring 2015 Essay Contest – “Spring Fever”

Deadline: May 15, 2015

Prize: $1000

Entry Fee: $20

Highfield Press invites you to submit an original, unpublished work between 500 and 1000 words inspired by our photo and the theme “Spring Fever.”  

Read more…

The 2015 Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize is Open for Submissions

We are pleased to announce the Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize with a $500 cash prize for the winning poem. Our judge this year is Erin Belieu. The submission period is February 15, 2015 to May 15, 2015. The winner and finalists will be published in the following volume of Crab Creek Review, and all entries will be considered for publication.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Entries are only accepted through Submittable.
  • We welcome up to 4 poems per entry, 8 pages maximum.
  • The entry fee is $16 per submission. Multiple submissions are allowed, but each batch must be submitted separately, with its own entry fee.
  • Please submit works in .doc, .docx, PDF, or .rtf format.
  • Choose a standard 12 point font (Arial, Times New Roman, or similar) and standard margins between 1″ and 2″.
  • Please do not include graphics or embed any objects in your document.
  • Poetry may be single spaced or double spaced.
  • If formatting preservation is a concern, please attach your submission in PDF format.

For more details, visit

Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest 2015

Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest 2015 is open to writers of fiction, nonfiction and poetry who have yet to publish or self-publish a book. The winning story, essay and poems from the 2015 contest will be published in the Winter 2015-16 issue of Ploughshares, and each writer will receive $1000.

The contest is open to fiction and nonfiction pieces up to 6000 words; poetry entries must be between 3 and 5 pages.

Entries for the Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest open on Sunday 1 March and close on Friday 15 May 2015.

For full entry details visit the Ploughshares website. Writers are also encouraged to subscribe to the magazine’s email newsletter for advice and exercises from the Ploughshares blog to help in the writing process.

Deadline May 15, 2015

  Over $1,000 in prize money to be awarded

All DPF prize winners will receive a prize certificate suitable for framing, a ticket to the Dancing Poetry Festival 2015, and be invited to read their prize winning poem at the 2015 Dancing Poetry Festival, time and location to be announced.

Three Grand Prizes will receive $100 each plus the poems will be danced, and videotaped for the poet.
Each Grand Prize Winner will be invited onstage for photo ops with the dancers and a bow in the lime light.

Six First Prizes will receive $50 each
Twelve Second Prizes will receive $25 each
Thirty Third Prizes will receive $10 each


For more details, visit

2015 Knut House Poetry Prize (book prize)

Deadline: May 17, 2015 (at 23:59 UT)
Entry Fee: $15

A prize of $1000 and publication by KNUT HOUSE PRESS awarded to an unpublished poetry collection that captures the “(k)nuthouse” spirit authentically. Submit a manuscript (50 to 100 pages) with a $15 entry fee via SUBMITTABLE by May 17, 2015 (at 23:59 UT).

For more details, please visit

Insanity Prize in Fiction (story prize)

Deadline: May 17, 2015 (at 23:59 UT)
Entry Fee: $10

A prize of $1,000 and publication by KNUT HOUSE MAGAZINE awarded to an unpublished short story that dramatizes the experience of insanity authentically. Submit a manuscript (less than 8,000 words) with a $10 entry fee via SUBMITTABLE by May 17, 2015 (at 23:59 UT).

For more details, please visit

The New Letters Literary Awards

$4,500 in awards for writers | Deadline:  May 18, 2015.

The $1,500 New Letters Prize for Poetry for the best group of three to six poems.

The $1,500 Dorothy Cappon Prize for the best Essay.

The $1,500 Alexander Cappon Prize for Fiction, for the best short story.


Upload your writing online by midnight Monday, May 18th. Entries sent after midnight May 18th cannot be considered or refunded. Please read guidelines carefully to insure best service.  For a printable version of the guidelines, click here.

Postmark by May 18, 2015.

Mail Entries to:
New Letters Awards for Writers
UMKC, University House
5101 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO  64110-2499

For more details, please visit

Mystery Woman Writing Competition

1st Prize: £395.00
2nd Prize: £250.00
3rd Prize: £150.00

Closing date: 20th May 2015

Entry fee: £5.00 or FREE to Write, Learn and Publish members

An evaluation is available for this competition at £5.00 per submission.

For our latest writing competition, you simply need to create a story using the photo for inspiration. Who is this woman? What time period? What is she doing and why? These are all questions you need to answer in your story but you have a maximum of 700 words so pick your starting point carefully.

For details, visit Creative Competitor.

The PEN International/New Voices Award 2015

Open for submissions until May 22.

The PEN International/New Voices Award encourages new writing in the countries in which we operate, and provides a much needed space for young and unpublished writers to promote their work. The award actively encourages entries from diverse linguistic regions and communities.

Before PEN International was established in 1921 its founder, C. A. Dawson Scott, set up the Tomorrow Club as a space for aspiring writers to network with established authors; in 1928 Herman Ould, International Secretary, felt strongly that it was important for PEN to maintain focus on helping emerging writers, and so established the first ‘Young PEN’ chapter.

The PEN International/New Voices Award builds on these ideas, simultaneously reconnecting with our past and moving into the future. The award is open to unpublished writers aged 18-30. The young writers must be nominated by their local PEN Centre: PEN International cannot receive entries directly from candidates.

See more at:

The Dictionary of Divine Dysfunction


We want to set this off ‘write,’

so we’re having our first writing challenge!

First, we need the perfect word to describe this community “pack” of contributors.

Second, we need the best writers to be guests at the party; those brave soldiers of God willing to read their words and definitions to the party goers!

Here’s what we lookin’ fo’ –  or for the academics in the house – these are the standards by which we will determine the contest winners.

  • Simplicity 
  • Level of Lyrical Intellect 
  • Honesty
  • Super Funky Freshness  
  • Power for authentic healing
  • Functional Godliness

Using these standards, submissions should answer the following three questions:

  1. What shall we call our pack?
  2. What are the best words to describe what we are about – besides divine, dysfunction and dictionary?
  3. What is your experience with these “best” words that you’ve chosen to describe the pack?

To enter contest:

  • Best words and definitions can be no longer than 160 characters, including the word being defined.
  • No more than three best words per entry, though each word can have up to seven definitions.
  • There is no fee, but we always appreciate donations!
  • Submit suggested pack name, words and definitions by midnight, May 25th, 2015  (EST)
  • E-mail attachments in doc, docx, or pdf to

For more details, visit

The Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award

Sponsored by the St. Jerome’s University English Department

Winning story: $1000

This contest is named in honour of Peter Hinchcliffe, who was instrumental in the founding of the magazine and has made an impact in the lives of many students in his longstanding role as lecturer at St. Jerome’s University.

The $1000 top prize will be awarded for a work of short fiction by a Canadian (citizen or resident) writer who has not yet published a first novel or short story collection.  Though there is only one top prize, all submissions will be considered for paid publication ($250) in the magazine. All submissions will be judged blind.

Entry fee: $40 per submission. Each submission includes a one-year Canadian subscription (or subscription extension) to The New Quarterly

Eligiblity: Submissions must be previously unpublished. Entrants must be Canadian or currently residing in Canada. Writers must be in the early stages. We define a writer in the early stages as someone who has not yet published a first story collection or novel.

There is no word limit. Entrants’ anonymity will be carefully preserved throughout the judging process; please ensure that your name does not appear on your document. Decisions will be made by August 31; finalists will be notified by email.

Deadline: May 28, 2015

See more at:

Frome Festival Short Story Competition

The 2015 competition is now open for stories on any theme of between 1000 and 2200 words. We welcome entrants old and new – you have until May 31st to send your stories. The fee is £5 per entry.

This year’s judge is prize-winning novelist and creative writing tutor Samantha Harvey. The shortlist will be published at the end of June and winners will be announced at the prize-giving on Sunday July 12th.

For more details, visit

London Magazine Poetry Competition 2015

Deadline May 31, 2015

Our Poetry Competition is now open for entries, you can enter online London Magazine Poetry Competition or alternatively you can post us your entries. Please remember to include an entry form with your submission, you can download this by clicking on our Poetry Competition button which also lists the competition rules. As always we are looking forward to reading all your amazing and innovative work. We are proud to be a platform for emerging authors and will continue to publish and support original talent.


Got a great short story idea? Why not make May the month you put pen to paper and submit a short story that adheres to these simple guidelines:

  1. The word count has to be between 3,000 to 6,000 words
  2. The book genre is “Crime” and your story should be set against the backdrop of 1980s New York
  3. Entries need to be submitted by 31st May 2015

The winning short stories will feature together in one Author Crowd book…Good Luck!

To learn more about Author Crowd, visit

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s summer 2015 contest is “Crime”


You may have been the victim of a crime. You may have committed a crime. Maybe a petty crime. That lipstick in Woolworth’s you slipped into your pocket back in 7th grade. OK. Petty. But still a crime. You can’t look at any of the news websites without learning about some crime. Try it. How many crimes can you read about in a matter of minutes–no–seconds? Such a continuum of criminal acts. From the most petty to crime on a global scale. With such a range of consequences–and creative writing possibilities.

As long as you incorporate the idea of crime in your poem, short story, or creative nonfiction, you’re good.

Three winners will be selected from among all entries. So winners could be one story and two poems; or two stories and one work of creative nonfiction; or one story, one poem, one work of creative nonfiction—you get the picture.

3,000-word limit for fiction and creative nonfiction. One to three poems in an entry. All entries considered for publication.

Prizes are $500, $200, and $100. Entry fee is $10. All contest entries, regardless of genre, should be submitted through this Contest link.

Deadline is May 31, 2015.

For more details, please visit

The Backwaters Prize

The submission period for the 2015 Backwaters Prize is April 1 through May 31.   Our prize judge for 2015 will be Heid Erdrich. We adhere to the CLMP code of ethics for administering a literary contest.

For more information about the prize and for a list of past winners, please visit the Backwaters Prize page.

What you win

The prize is a $1,000.00 cash prize plus publication of your book in trade paperback, plus 30 copies of the book to the poet.

For more details, please visit

The Fiction Desk’s Flash Fiction Competition

We’re regularly approached by authors whose stories are too short to fit into our regular anthology series. In order to accommodate some of these shorter works, and provide more variety for our readers, we run an annual flash fiction competition.

The first prize for 2015 is £300. There is a second prize of £100 and a third prize of £50. The three winners will also be published in an upcoming Fiction Desk anthology.

Entries should be between 250 and 1,000 words in length. The entry fee is £5 per story, and the closing date is May 31st, 2015. Winners will be announced in July.

The competition will be judged by Rob Redman, editor of the anthology series and founder of The Fiction Desk.

For more details, please visit

Roundel Poetry Competition 2015

Judge: Susan Wicks

First Prize: £200    Second Prize: £100   Third Prize: £50

Closing Date: 31 May 2015

Entry fee: £3 per poem. No entry form needed. Open to anyone aged 18 or over. Poems are welcome on any subject. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Each poem should be typed on a single A4 sheet. Your name must not appear on the poem. Please enclose a separate A4 sheet with your name, contact details, email address and title(s) of your poem(s).

Postal entries only.

For more details, please visit

“Pro Forma” contest, Grist: The Journal for Writers, Spring 2015

Grist: The Journal for Writers is thrilled to announce our first annual contest: “Pro Forma.” We welcome submissions of unpublished creative work: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and/or hybrids that explore the relationship between content and form, whether the approach is experimental or conventional. As always, we want to celebrate writing that reveals knowledge of and respect for the formal elements and traditions with which it plays, and that shows an awareness of how text and reader interact.

Entry fee: $18 (includes one-year subscription to Grist)
Multiple submissions have the option of gifting the subscription or extending an existing subscription.

For longer works: no more than 5000 words
For shorter works: no more than 3-5 pieces
**Please indicate in the comments section on Submittable if your manuscript should be considered in a certain way (if three flash pieces or poems should be grouped together rather than read as separate pieces, for example).

First Prize: $750 plus publication in the print journal, two contributors’ copies, and a feature on our website
Second and Third Prizes: publication in the print journal, two contributors’ copies, and features on our website

Reading period: March 1 – May 31

Please submit your manuscript to Grist via our Submittable site.

See more at:

Tethered by Letters’ Spring 2015 Literary Contest

We are currently accepting submissions for our short story contest (1,000 to 7,500 words, open genre), flash fiction contest (55, 250, or 500 words), and poetry contest (max of three pages per poem). TBL strives to publish writers with engaging stories, vivid characters, and fresh writing styles. All winners will be published in F(r)iction. All finalists will receive free professional edits on their submission and be considered for later publication. The prizes are $500 (USDA) for the short story winner, $150 (USDA) for the flash fiction winner, and $150 (USDA) for the poetry winner. Winners will be announced publicly in August. Multiple entries accepted. International submissions welcome. Good luck to all our authors!

Deadline: May 31, 2015

Prize: $500 for Short Story, $150 for Flash Fiction, $150 for Poetry

Entry Fee: $15 per Short Story; $7 per Flash Fiction OR $15 for three Flash Fictions; $7 per poem OR $15 for three poems


Contact Info: Joe Reinis,

Tethered by Letters’ Spring 2015 Short Story Contest

We are currently accepting short stories of any genre ranging from 1,000 to 7,500 words. The short story contest winner will be published in F(r)iction. Five finalists will be considered for subsequent journal publications or a TBL online monthly feature. Each finalist will also receive free professional edits on their submission. International submissions welcome.

Deadline: May 31, 2015

Prize: $500 and publication in the quarterly journal

Entry Fee: $15 per entry


Contact Info: Joe Reinis,

Tethered by Letters’ Spring 2015 Flash Fiction Contest

We are currently accepting flash fiction submissions of 55, 250, or 500 words in length. The flash fiction contest winner will be published in F(r)iction. Three finalists will be considered for subsequent quarterly journal publications or a TBL online monthly feature. Each finalist will also receive free professional edits on their submission. International submissions welcome.

Deadline: May 31, 2015

Prize: $150 and publication in the quarterly journal

Entry Fee: $7 per entry OR $15 for three entries


Contact Info: Joe Reinis,

Tethered by Letters’ Spring 2015 Poetry Contest

We are currently accepting poetry submissions of all genres and styles—from traditional form to free verse. Length requirements are no more than three pages per poem, single-spaced with double spacing between stanzas. The poetry contest winner will be published in F(r)iction. Three finalists will be considered for subsequent quarterly journal publications or a TBL online monthly poetry feature. Each finalist will also receive free professional edits on their submission. International submissions welcome.

Deadline: May 31, 2015

Prize: $150 and publication in the quarterly journal

Entry Fee: $7 per entry OR $15 for three entries


Contact Info: Joe Reinis,


WOW! hosts a (quarterly) writing contest every three months. The mission of this contest is to inspire creativity, communication, and well-rewarded recognition to contestants. The contest is open globally; age is of no matter; and entries must be in English. We are open to all styles of writing, although we do encourage you to take a close look at our guest judge for the season (upper right hand corner) if you are serious about winning. We love creativity, originality, and light-hearted reads. That’s not to say that our guest judge will feel the same… so go wild! Express yourself, and most of all, let’s have some fun!


Maximum: 750
Minimum: 250

The title is not to be counted in your word count. We use MS Word’s word count to determine the submitted entry’s word count.



That’s right, this is your chance to shine, and get creative. You can write about anything, as long as it’s within the word count and fiction. So, dig out those stories you started way back when and tailor them to the word count.

We’re open to any style and genre. From horror to romance! So, get creative, and most of all, have fun.

Click to Download the WINTER 2015 FLASH FICTION Contest Terms & Conditions PDF


FALL: September – November 30th 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) – CLOSED

WINTER: December – February 28th, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) – CLOSED

SPRING: March – May 31st, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) – NOW OPEN!

SUMMER: June – August 31st, 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) – CLOSED

ENTRY FEE: $10.00

Frogmore Poetry Prize 2015

Sponsored by the Frogmore Press

Deadline: May 31, 2015

The winner of the Frogmore Poetry Prize for 2015 will win two hundred and fifty guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. The first and second runners-up will receive seventy-five and fifty guineas respectively and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers. Shortlisted poets will receive copies of selected Frogmore Press publications. Previous winners of the Prize have been David Satherley, Caroline Price, Bill Headdon, John Latham, Diane Brown, Tobias Hill, Mario Petrucci, Gina Wilson, Ross Cogan, Joan Benner, Ann Alexander, Gerald Watts, Katy Darby, David Angel , Howard Wright, Julie-ann Rowell, Arlene Ang, Peter Marshall, Gill Andrews, A K S Shaw, Sharon Black, Emily Wills and Lesley Saunders

Adjudicator: John McCullough was born in Watford in 1978. His first collection of poems The Frost Fairs (Salt) won the Polari First Book Prize for 2012. It was a Book of the Year for both The Independent and The Poetry School, and a summer read for The Observer. He has written commissioned poems for the British Museum and the British Film Institute, and his work has appeared regularly in publications including Poetry Review, Poetry London and the Best British Poetry series.

River Styx 2015 International Poetry Contest

$1500 First Prize
2015 Judge: TBA
Submissions open January 1, 2015

  • Send up to three poems, no more than 14 pages. Please include all poems in a single document.
  • Entry fee: $10 or $20. $20 entry fee includes a one-year subscription (3 issues). $10 entry fee includes a copy of the issue in which the winning poems will appear.
  • Include name and address on the cover letter only.
  • All poems will be considered for publication.
  • Previously published poems, including those that have appeared on websites, blogs, and personal home pages, are not eligible.
  • Though submissions are anonymous, judges will remove from consideration any entries they recognize as having been written by writers with whom they have worked or studied.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and honorable mentions will be published in the fall issue.
  • Contest results will be announced in October

Enter by mail or online via Submittable. To enter by mail, include an S.A.S.E. for notification of contest results and a check payable to River Styx Magazine. Entries must be received by May 31, 2015. Mail entries to:

River Styx International Poetry Contest

3547 Olive Street, Suite 107

St. Louis MO 63103

Announcing the Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest – 2015

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest. Following are entry rules and general information. This year’s Contest, our eighth, again celebrates the memory of Maria W. Faust, a lover of poetry and a passionate supporter of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. The Sonnet Contest has attracted poets from across the United States as well as international entrants. Contest activities this year will include an Opening Event that features a discussion and sharing of sonnet forms, and a Closing Award Ceremony including the reading of prize-winning sonnets and recognition of winning poets, which will conclude this year’s Contest.


Cash prizes, totaling $2,000, will be awarded in a number of categories, including:wh

  • • Best Overall
  • • Best Youth (High School & Younger)
  • • Laureate’s Choice
  • • Local Area (Winona and adjacent counties)
  • • Honorable Mention

Sonnets may be written in Shakespearean, Petrarchan, Spenserian or Non-traditional form. Only previously unpublished sonnets are eligible. There is no entry fee and each entrant may submit one to three sonnets, maximum, with sonnets to be received no later than June 1st.

For more details, visit

Readers’ Favorite 2015
International Book Award Contest

Become an award-winning author!

Deadline: June 1, 2015

We accept manuscripts, published and unpublished books, ebooks, audio books, comic books, poetry books and short stories in 100+ genres.

We do not have a publication date requirement or word count restriction. Entries are accepted worldwide as long as the work is in English.

For more details, visit

The 2015 Fineline Competition for Prose Poems, Short Shorts and Anything In Between


Final Judge: Michael Czyzniejewski
First Prize: $1,000 and publication in MAR Volume XXXVI, Number 1.
Ten finalists: Notation and possible publication

Contest deadline is June 1, 2015.

Contest is for previously unpublished work only—if the work has appeared in print or online, in any form or part, or under any title, or has been contracted for such, it is ineligible and will be disqualified. There is a 500-word limit for each poem or short. A $10 entry fee (payable online for online submissions, or check or money order made out to Mid-American Review for submissions by post) is required for each set of three prose poems/short short stories. Entry fees are non-refundable. All participants will receive Mid-American Review v. XXXVI, no. 1, where the winners will be published. Submissions will not be returned. Manuscripts need not be left anonymous. Contest is open to all writers, except those associated with the judge or Mid-American Review, past or present. Our judge’s decision is final.

Note: All pieces submitted in verse form—i.e., poetry with line breaks—will be automatically disqualified, as will previously published work or pieces over 500 words.

For online submissions and online payment, please use our Submissions Manager.

Send all postal entries with check or money order to:
Mid-American Review
Department of English
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

For more details, visit

The MacGuffin’s 20th National Poet Hunt Contest

Judged by Laura Kasischke

First Place Prize of $500

*Two Honorable Mentions*

  • Entries must be postmarked between April 1and June 3, 2015.
  • Please send ALL WITHDRAWALS before July 15, 2015.

For details, please visit

The Hummingbird Prize for Flash Fiction

The first place and runner-up for the 2014 Hummingbird Prize are available in the Winter 2015 issue of Pulp Literature.

Contest opens: 1 May 2015
Deadline: 15 June 2015
Winner notified: 15 July 2015
Winner published in: Issue 9, Winter 2016
First Prize: $300
Runner up: $75

Entry fee: $15
Earlybird fee (before 15 May): $10
Entry fees include a 1-year digital subscription to Pulp Literature

This contest is for previously unpublished short fiction up to 1000 words in length.  Multiple entries welcome.  Total entries limited to 300.

4th Women Inspirational Poetry Contest

This is a call to all poets who write about WOMEN. Write about someone who inspires you. You may use a character depiction, a triumphant situation; can surprise us with your talent. ALL writers welcome; written in english, original and unpublished entries. Winners will be notified in August 2015 by Oneal Walters; their names and the title of their winning poems will be published on All poems remain the property of the poet.

1st Place $500 US, Interview
2nd Place $300 US
3rd Place $200 US

Since writing is your passion, this contest is your chance to create the masterpiece that will showcase your talent for all to read and appreciate.

Submission fees

$31.00 US 1-2 poem submission.
$51.00 US 4 poem submission.

$41.00 US 3 poem submission.

Don’t miss your chance to be named the 2015, 4th Women Inspirational Poetry Contest Winner! Submit online at

Deadline of June 24, 2015, WINNERS ANNOUNCED ON WIPC!

There are two options for the submission fee; through mail by money order or certified cheque, or online through Paypal.

Printed mail entries and submission fees mailed to:
Women Inspirational Poetry Contest
2 Bloor Street West, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4W 3R1

Make US money order or certified cheque payable to: Women Inspirational Poetry Contest.
Printed on a separate sheet of paper, please include your contact information (name, address, email and number)

Email entries to:
Online orders are secure through Paypal. American, British and Canadian orders are accepted through Paypal.

For more details, visit

McLellan Poetry Prize

Poetry Competition 2015

The McLellan Poetry Prize is awarded by the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust Ltd as part of the annual McLellan Arts Festival. Now in its seventh year, past judges have included Kathleen Jamie, Jackie Kay, Peter and Ann Sansom and Michael Laskey. This year’s judge will be Simon Armitage.

Simon Armitage is Professor of Poetry at the University of Sheffield and a frequent broadcaster and writer for television and radio. He has published over a dozen poetry collections, his latest being ‘Paper Aeroplane: New and Selected Poems 1989 -2014’. His best-selling memoir ‘Walking Home’ (2012) described a journey North to South down the Pennine Way as a modern troubadour. A sequel, ‘Walking Away’ is to be published in June 2015. Simon Armitage was awarded the CBE for services to poetry in 2010.

The 2015 McLellan Poetry competition will close on 30th June.

The competition rules can be found here and the postal entry form can be found here.

Sports Literate Creative Non-Fiction Contest

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” said William Shakespeare (that’s not him stretching). In honor of Sport Literate’s 20th anniversary, we’re asking you to keep it brief for our “sport shorts” essay contest. You’ll have to bowl us over in 750 words or less. The SL editors will send anonymous finalists to Brevity’s Dinty W. Moore (that’s not him either), who will select a winner. Said winner receives $500 — American!

Drop $25 for a chance to win $500

With a $25 reading fee, send your creative nonfiction piece (no more than 750 words each) through the Submittable online submission tool on our website: All entrants receive a two-issue subscription to Sport Literate — beginning with your choice of the current issue or the forthcoming anniversary issue. All submissions will be considered for publication.

If you must, snail mail may be sent to our post office box a check for $25 (Sport Literate 2248 W. Belmont #20 Chicago, IL 60618).

Your deadline
Midnight, June 30, 2015

Flash Fiction Competition

Now in its sixth year, this quarterly open-themed competition for fiction up to 500 words has closing dates of 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December.

Entry fee: £5 for one story, £8 for two stories

Prizes: £300 plus publication in Words with JAM, £200 and £100

Humour Verse Competition

Welcome to our Humour Verse Competition! Now in its fifth year. There is a scarcity of humour verse competitions with worthwhile prize money, even though there are huge numbers of people who like to write and read funny poems. So we at Flash 500 are rather proud of this one, which has grown into a must-enter competition for writers of humour verse.

What are we looking for? Any form of humour will be accepted, in any style, but the content must be original and it has to make us smile. Anything from a limerick to a poem of 32 lines in length is accepted.

The competition will be run quarterly with closing dates matching the Flash 500 competition: 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December. The results will be announced within six weeks of closing date and the three winning entries each quarter will be published on this website.

Entry fee: £3 for the first poem, £2.50 for each poem thereafter

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First: £150 plus publication in Words with JAM

Second: £100

Third: £50

Payment options and entry instructions can be found on the Competition Entry Page

Fall Writing Contest

Dream of getting published but just can’t get your foot in the door? This contest is for you. Metamorphose is preparing for the Fall 2015 first issue, and your story could be published in it! How? Just enter the writing contest in the appropriate category. We are currently accepting submissions for our short story contest (3,001 to 7,500 words, fantasy/science fiction), and flash fiction contest (500-3000 words). We are looking for engaging stories, vivid characters, and fresh writing styles. The top 5 entries in each category will be published in the Fall 2015 first issue. All finalists will receive free professional edits on their submission. Winners will be announced publicly after August 1st. One entry per category. Eligible for one win only.* Judging is anonymous. International submissions welcome. Good luck to all authors!

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Prize: $25 per category (short fiction fantasy, short science fiction, flash fiction fantasy, flash science fiction)

Entry Fee: Free


Contact Info: Tammy Davies,


Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters, along with the Cascade Writers’ Group, invites authors from across the United States and the world to participate in the 2015 writing competition for Imagine This! An ArtPrize Anthology. This book is a collection of poems, short stories, and personal essays published every year during ArtPrize, an internationally-renowned art competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The anthology also features images of ten significant works of art from past years of ArtPrize.  The selections in Imagine This! are the culmination of an annual nationwide anthology competition. A panel of well-read individuals from within the local Grand Rapids community selects the top 25 submissions to be published in the anthology. Of these, the top three are awarded impressive cash prizes:  $1000 for First Place, $500 for Second Place, and $250 for Third Place.

Deadline: June 30, 2015

For more details, visit

The Chaucer Awards – Historical Fiction Contest 2015

Currently accepting entries.

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For details, visit!/Historical-Fiction-Contest/p/21521105/category=5193080

2015 Banff Mountain Book Competition

Calling all authors and publishers!

The 2015 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival’s international book competition is now underway.

Writers and publishers of new books with mountain and/or adventure-travel themes are invited to enter the 22nd annual competition — and we hope you have a book (or books!) to enter this year. View 2015 Competition entry details.

*NEW* in 2015: Mountaineering Article Award 

Entry deadline: June 30, 2015
Entry forms: For all entries – completed forms must be received by June 30.
(Online, or via mail or fax to the Festival office)
Books: For titles published before June 30, finished copies must be received at the Festival office before the deadline. For titles published after June 30, finished copies must be received by August 1.  See the competition regulations for details.

Early submission of books is encouraged and appreciated.

Please contact us at for more information. *NEW* Mountaineering Article Award – Articles or short form essays with mountaineering, climbing or mountain adventure themes under 7,000 words. Articles may be fiction, historical or non-fiction narratives and are invited to be submitted by publishers and editors of print publications, not by individual authors. Articles must have been printed within the last two years to qualify for submission. Scholastic, research or scientific articles will not be accepted. Please email us for more information on submission guidelines. View FAQ for more information (pdf)

Adventure Travel — non-fiction books with a theme of travel to, and exploration of, remote and/or rugged landscapes and their cultures. Eligible for the Adventure Travel Award (English editions only)

Mountain Fiction and Poetry — includes fiction and poetry books with a focus on mountain topics. Creative narratives about climbing and mountaineering, exploration and mountain culture are acceptable. Eligible for the Mountain Fiction & Poetry Award (English editions only)

Mountain Guidebooks — non-fiction books dealing with physical activities in mountain environments; including hiking, climbing, mountaineering and “how-to” books. Eligible for the Mountain Guidebook Award (English editions only)

Mountain Image — includes books with a primary focus on mountain images and with text in a subordinate role. Images may include photographs or reproductions of artwork. Eligible for the Mountain Image Award (Publications in all languages are acceptable)

Mountain and Wilderness Literature, Non-Fiction — includes non-fiction books, such as memoirs, biographies and narratives on mountaineering, climbing history, mountain exploration, mountain culture, and human experiences of any kind in the mountain wilderness. Eligible for the Mountain & Wilderness Literature, The Jon Whyte Award (English editions only)

A Grand Prize will be awarded to a book chosen from amongst the winners in the above categories.

Entry Deadline is June 30, 2015

  • Read the regulations

North Street Book Prize

Your self-published book can win up to $1,500 plus expert marketing services

Contest Opens: Jan 15, 2015

Deadline: Jun 30, 2015

Results Announced: Jan 15, 2016

Theme: All themes welcome except works portraying pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and/or snuff as acceptable sexual practices


  • Mainstream/Literary Fiction
  • Genre Fiction
  • Creative Nonfiction

Length Limit: 150,000 words (about 500 pages)

Entry Fee: $50 per entry. Please submit entries one at a time.

For more details and to enter, visit

Ricepaper’s Annual Secret Ingredient Fiction Contest

What is it?

Ricepaper’s Annual Secret Ingredient Fiction Contest is a 500-words-max flash fiction contest. The piece of work must include the mystery ingredient selected by Ricepaper’s editorial staff.

What’s the secret ingredient topic?


When is the deadline?

July 1, 2015

Is there a submission fee?

Yes, $25.

You also get a 1-year subscription upon entry. If you are already a subscriber, you can gift your contest subscription forward, or extend by a year.

Where do I submit?

Submit your story online through Submittable. [Open for submissions on April 20, 2015]

What are the prizes?

FIRST PLACE: $250, publication in issue 20.4 winter 2015, online publication, contest winner announcement at and free registration for the 2015 literAsian Festival.

SECOND PLACE: Asian Canadian literary prize pack and online publication.

THIRD PLACE: Online publication.

Do I have to identify as Asian to participate?

No, everyone can enter. Anybody can win!

For more details, please visit

Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest: The Guidelines

$22.00 USD, $12.00 USD

Ends on 7/10/2015

Submit 7,000 words (or fewer) of any original work of humor writing. (Entries longer than 7,000 words will be disqualified.)

Previously published work is acceptable; please do not submit work that has won other humor prizes.

Submissions must be in English.

Submissions are not required to be in the style of Mark Twain or about Mark Twain. We want to hear your voice. And we want you to make us laugh!

Submissions will be judged by our Mark Twain House staff and scholars, Trinity College faculty, and celebrity judges (to be announced).

Submissions are due by July 10, 2015.

For more details, visit

Romance Writing Life Competition

Publishing giant Mills & Boon, high-street bookseller WHSmith, online eBook retailer Kobo along with the self-publishing platform Kobo Writing Life have partnered up to the end of offering the Romance Writing Life competition.

The winning novelist will be awarded the grand prize of a publishing contract with  Mills & Boon, including both print and digital release. The book will be jointly promoted by Kobo, Mills & Boon and WHSmith.

Second and third prize winners will be awarded the brand new Kobo Glo HD.

Authors will submit a synopsis and first chapter of their romance novel, up to a maximum of 5,500 words, which will be reviewed by a judging panel.

Competition launch date – April 14, 2015

Entry deadline – July 14, 2015

Announcement of winners – August 24, 2015

Release date of winning title – Early 2016

For more details, please visit

2015 Fairy Tale Review Awards in Poetry and Prose

Fairy Tale Review is thrilled to announce our second annual contest, with awards for poetry and prose—Brian Evenson will serve as our judge for prose, and Joyelle McSweeney will judge poetry. The selected winners of the prose and poetry contests will each receive $1,000, and all submissions will also be considered for publication in The Ochre Issue, which will be released in 2016. Reading fee: $10. Submit online or via post to Fairy Tale Review, c/o Kate Bernheimer, Department of English, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721.

Reading period
April 1, 2015 to July 15th, 2015

$1,000 each, for prose and poetry

For more details, please visit

Summer 2015 Essay Contest

“Summer Reflections,” $1000 Prize

Write an original essay between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by the photograph on the site and the theme, “Summer Reflections” for an opportunity to win $1000 and publication.

Submissions may be a personal essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction, commentary, travel piece, historical account, biography, or short story, as long as it creatively embodies the theme and photo. Please review our Submission Guidelines before submitting your manuscript. Entry Fee: $20 USD

Deadline: July 15, 2015

For more details, visit!contests/c1xh4

Vallum Award for Poetry 2015

DEADLINE JULY 15, 2015 (postmark)


1st Prize: $750

2nd Prize: $250

+ publication in Vallum

Vallum is accepting original and previously unpublished poetry submissions for the Vallum Award for Poetry 2015. This year’s contest judge is award-winning poet, Stephanie Bolster!


$25 CDN for Canadian residents, $25 USD for international entrants, which includes a free one-year subscription* to Vallum. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to “Vallum”) or through our online store hosted by PayPal.

For more information, visit

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is international, open to anyone who enjoys expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful literary art of poetry or writing a story that is worth telling everyone! Welcome to all having the ability to dream… Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes totalling $1275.00! All works must be original.


Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, style, or form, typed or neatly hand printed.

And/or write a short story, five pages maximum length, on any subject or theme, fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, diary, journal entries and screenwriting). Also, all entries must be either typed or legibly hand printed.

Multiple and simultaneous poetry and short story entries are accepted.

Postmark deadline: July 31, 2015

All winners will be announced on September 26, 2015


Writing First Prize is $500. Second: $250. Third: $100.

Poetry First Prize is $250. Second: $125. Third: $50.

Entry fees(USD): $10 per story, $5 per poem

To send entries: Include title(s) with your story (ies) or poem(s), along with your name, address, phone#, email, brief biographical info. (Tell us a little about yourself), on the coversheet. Add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation. Fees payable to: “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”

Mail to:

Dream Quest One

Poetry & Writing Contest

P.O. Box 3141

Chicago, IL 60654


Visit for details on how to enter!

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude. “And remember, in whatever you do, it’s okay to dream, for dreams do come true.” –Dream Quest One


The Laramie Awards – Western, Pioneer, Civil War Historical Fiction, Pre-1900s for 2015

Currently accepting entries.

Deadline: July 31, 2015

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For details, visit!/Western-Pioneer-&-Civil-War-Historical-Fiction-Novels-Pre-1900s/p/21521125/category=5193080

Orlando Prize

Braced and strung up by the present moment she was also strangely afraid, as if every time the gulf of time gaped and let a second through some unknown danger might come with it.  The tension was too relentless and too rigorous to be endured long without discomfort.
—Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Biannual Deadlines:  January and July 31

Poetry (36 lines)
Flash Fiction (500 words) 
Short Fiction & Creative Nonfiction (1500 words)

Submit Online

*Or download application form to submit and pay via post.

For more details, visit

Middle Shelf Magazine’s Competition for Best Independently Published Children’s, Middle Grade, and Teen Books


Middle Shelf Magazine’s Competition for Best Independently Published Children’s, Middle Grade, and Teen Books

Middle Shelf Magazine announces the Middle Shelf Magazine Competition for Best Independently Published Children’s, Middle Grade, and Teen Books. Any independently published book in any genre in these categories is eligible for entry. Entry fee is $40 per book. The winning entry will be selected by the editors of Middle Shelf Magazine.

“Independently Published” books include self-published books and e-books (such as those published through, CreateSpace,, iUniverse, etc.) and/or books and e-books published through small presses releasing less than five titles per year. There is no limit to the number of books an individual can enter; each book is a separate entry. The competition is open to authors worldwide; books must be in English. Any length book is eligible.

The official rules for the competition can be found at here.

Deadline: August 1, 2015



Switchback is an online publication of the MFA in Writing Program at the University of San Francisco. We are a biannual journal because that’s about all we can handle. We generally open submissions for a few months at a time, then catch our breath while we put together the issue. Right now we’re accepting submissions for Switchback Issue 22, to be published in Fall 2015.

To be considered for our spring issue, you must have submitted your work no later than 11:59pm (PST) on Monday, August 31, 2015.

For our next issue, an Editor’s Prize will be awarded in the amount of $200.00 to the submission we find the most inspiring, jarring, outstanding, or just downright brilliant. Additional prizes in the amounts of $75.00 and $50.00 will be awarded to the first two runners-up. There is, amazingly, no fee to enter!

Please read the guidelines below carefully before submitting. On behalf of everyone here at Switchback, thank you for considering us!

The Chatelaine Awards – Romance Fiction Writing Contests 2015

Currently accepting entries.

Deadline: August 31, 2015

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For details, visit!/Romance-&-Womens-Fiction-Writing-Contests/p/21521080/category=5193080

Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry

75-100 page manuscript

$1,000 prize and publication

An entry fee of $25 must accompany the manuscript

Previously published eligible

Deadline: August 31, 2015

Serena McDonald Kennedy Award

No more than 50,000 word novella or 200 page manuscript of short stories will be accepted. Any well written manuscript on any topic will be considered. Previously published works may be entered.

An entry fee of $25 must accompany the submission.

$1,000 award and publication

Deadline: August 31, 2015

2015 NANO Prize

The seventh-annual NANO Prize, awarding publication and $1,000 to a previously unpublished work of fiction 300 words or fewer, will open on April 1, and this year’s contest will be judged by Amber Sparks!  All entrants will receive a one-year subscription to NANO Fiction and winners will be announced in mid-September.

Rules and Guidelines: All entries must be unpublished and 300 words or fewer. While there will be only one winner of the contest, all submitted pieces will be considered for publication.

The entry fee is $20 for up to three shorts. Please paste all three works into the submission manager as one submission. You may enter as many times as you like. Each separate entry requires its own entry fee of $20. Entry fees are nonrefundable. Please withdraw your submission immediately if taken elsewhere.

The entrant’s name should not appear anywhere in the body of the submission.

Friends and family of the editors are not eligible to submit.

Click here to submit.

Deadline: September 1, 2015.

For more details, please visit

The Eldritch Press Dark Poetry contest is now open!

No Entry Fee.

We will announce the winners on Halloween.
Three poetry collections will be chosen for the following prizes:
First Place: $1500 and a three year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!
Second Place: $1000 and a two year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!
Third Prize: $500 and a one year publishing contract with Eldritch Press!

The winning Poetry Collections will be published in February of 2016.
Entry Deadline: September 30th.

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Writing Contest 2015 – The Clue Awards

Currently accepting entries.

Deadline: September 30, 2015.

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For details, visit!/Mystery-Thriller-Suspense-Writing-Contest/p/21521209/category=5193080

Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book, Sponsored by Bowker and Blurb



Shelf Unbound book review magazine announces the Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book, sponsored by Bowker and Blurb. Any independently published book in any genre is eligible for entry. Entry fee is $40 per book. The winning entry will be selected by the editors of Shelf Unbound magazine.

“Independently Published” books include self-published books and e-books (such as those published through, CreateSpace,, iUniverse, etc.) and/or books and e-books published through small presses releasing less than five titles per year. Books entered in last year’s competition are eligible for re-submission in this year’s competition. There is no limit to the number of books an individual can enter; each book is a separate entry. The competition is open to authors worldwide; books must be in English. Any length book is eligible. This year the competition will also introduce the Pete Delohery Award for Best Sports Book, open to fiction and non-fiction sports-related books, in honor of Pete Delohery, author of the novel Lamb to the Slaughter.

The official rules for the competition can be found at here. Entries are not divided into genre categories at the time of submission.

Deadline: October 1, 2015

Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest

Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by October 1, annually.

Fee: $15 check/money order/cash, made payable to Southeast Missouri State University Press, must accompany each entry. Fee includes a copy of Big Muddy in which the winning story appears.

Award, contest deadline of October 1, 2015: $500 and publication in an issue of Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley.

For more details, visit

Mighty River Short Story Contest

Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by October 1, annually.

Fee: $20 check/money order/cash, made payable to Southeast Missouri State University Press, must accompany each entry. Fee includes a copy of Big Muddy in which the winning story appears.

Award, contest deadline of October 1, 2015: $1000 and publication in an issue of Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley.

For more details, visit:

Autumn 2015 Essay Contest

“A Majestic Fall,” $1000 Prize

Write an original essay between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by the photograph on the site and the theme, “A Majestic Fall” for an opportunity to win $1000 and publication.

Submissions may be a personal essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction, commentary, travel piece, historical account, biography, or short story, as long as it creatively embodies the theme and photo. Please review our Submission Guidelines before submitting your manuscript. Entry Fee: $20 USD

Deadline: October 15, 2015

For more details, visit!contests/c1xh4

2015 Knut House Novel Prize (book prize)

$20.00 USD

Ends on 10/31/2015

A prize of $1500 and publication by KNUT HOUSE PRESS awarded to an unpublished novel that captures the “(k)nuthouse” spirit authentically. Submit an unpublished manuscript (of at least 44,444 words) with a $20 entry fee via SUBMITTABLE by October 31, 2015 (at 23:59 UT).

For more details, please visit

Math & Music Prize in Fiction & Poetry

$15.00 USD

Ends on 10/31/2015

A prize of $1,000 and publication by KNUT HOUSE MAGAZINE awarded to an unpublished short story (less than 8000 words) or work of poetry (circa 10 pages) that captures the experience of music and/or mathematics authentically. Submissions are welcome to exhibit elements of prose and poetry simultaneously.  Submit a manuscript with a $15 entry fee via SUBMITTABLE by October 31, 2015 (at 23:59 CST).

For more details, please visit

Novel Opening Chapter & Synopsis Competition

Welcome to the second year of our Novel Opening Chapter & Synopsis Competition!

Have you started, or completed, a novel with strong, credible characters and a page turning plot? Have you honed the first chapter? Can you put together a compelling one page synopsis of the balance of the story? Yes? Then why not enter our Novel Opening Chapter competition and have your work judged by the senior editors at Crooked Cat Publishing? We welcome published, self-published and unpublished novelists. The only stipulation is that the entry must be unpublished.

We are looking for an opening chapter up to 3,000 words, plus a one page synopsis outlining the balance of the story. If your chapter is longer than 3,000 words, DO NOT SUBMIT A LONGER MANUSCRIPT. Simply close the entry within the 3,000 word limit and make a note at the end (which will not be included in the word count) stating the chapter continues beyond this point.

This is an annual competition: entries open on 1st May and close on 31st October.

Entry fee: £10

Optional Critique of Chapter and Synopsis: £25

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First: £500

Runner up: £200

Payment options and entry instructions can be found on the

Novel Opening Chapter & Synopsis Competition Entry Page

The Paranormal Awards – Speculative Fiction Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Contest – 2015

Currently accepting entries.

Deadline: October 31st, 2015.

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For more details, visit!/Paranormal-Writing-Competition/p/25917402/category=5193080

The Raven Short Story Contest

Our winning story for 2014, ‘The Inner Light’ by Krista Wallace will be published in issue 6, Spring 2015, along with the runner up ‘The Ravens’ by Anna Belkine.  Congratulations to both authors!

Contest opens: 15 September 2015
Deadline: 1 November 2015
Winner notified: 1 December 2015
Winner published in: Issue 10, Spring 2016
Prize: $500

Entry fee: $25
Earlybird fee (before 1 October): $20
Entry fees include a 1-year digital subscription to Pulp Literature

This contest is for previously unpublished short fiction up to 5000 words in length.  Multiple entries welcome.  Total entries limited to 100.

For more details, visit

AROHO’s 7th $50,000

Gift of Freedom Competition

December 1, 2014 to November 2, 2015

Awarding the $50,000 Gift of Freedom for an imagined yet unwritten poetry, fiction, or nonfiction project is AROHO’s most unique form of arts patronage.  More than a mere grant of financial assistance or recognition of artistic merit, the Gift of Freedom is a beacon, a map, and a destination, a critical public expression of the immeasurable value of women’s achievements, their stories, and their art.

The Gift of Freedom application affords an extensive, disciplined process of introspection, evaluation, and planning all applicants can benefit from.  It has proven to be a valuable resource and tool, and is always available as a template, even when the application cycle for the award is closed.  After completing and sending in the application, many women report more full and fearless integration of their creative lives, setting aside their carpentry tools and odd jobs to take literary roles as teachers, mentors, and authors of stories that have changed lives with their telling.

For more details and to apply, visit:

Contemporary & Mainstream Novel Writing Contest 2015

The Somerset Awards

1st Place Category Award Winners for the Somerset Awards will compete for the 2015 Grand Blue Ribbon Prize.

Deadline: November 30th, 2015.

Two Divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts

For details, visit!/Contemporary-&-Mainstream-Novel-Writing-Contest/p/21521214/category=5193080

Winter 2015 Essay Contest

“Winter Indigo”

Write an original essay between 500 and 1000 words, inspired by the photograph on the site and the theme, “Winter Indigo” for a chance to win $1000 and publication.

Submissions may be a personal essay, memoir, narrative nonfiction, commentary, travel piece, historical account, biography, or short story, as long as it creatively embodies the theme and photo. Please review our Submission Guidelines before submitting your manuscript. Entry Fee: $20

Deadline: January 15, 2016

For more details, visit!contests/c1xh4


Rolling deadlines

We read manuscripts throughout the year and publish our winner and shortlist on the same day.

Each manuscript should be between 45-300 pages and may be a collection of poetry, short stories or different kinds of literary pieces. Full-length visual art, illustrated and collaborative books are also considered.

To enter: send one word file or .pdf containing

  • Cover page with author name, telephone number, email and postal address and manuscript name
  • Page that includes only the title of the manuscript.
  • Manuscript with numbered pages and table of contents.

Judging for the contest is blind. All work submitted is considered for book publication and for publication in an edition of Fjords

Neil Postman Award for Metaphor

Rolling Deadline
(no fee)
Although primarily known as an educationist and a media critic, Neil Postman was, at his core, a “noticer”—and he particularly noticed what we do with metaphor and how metaphor shapes and creates our cognitive world. Postman maintained that words (and words, in truth, are metaphors) are as much the driver of reality as they are the vehicle. Consequently, metaphor was not a subject to be relegated and limited to high school poetry units wherein a teacher drones on about the difference between “like” and “as” and considers the job finished. For Postman, the study of metaphor was unending and metaphors were as crucial as they were omnipresent; they served to give form to and dictate experience.

In honor and remembrance of Neil Postman, who died on October 5, 2003, we have established the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor. The motivation for the award is simple and two-fold: To reward a given writer for his or her use of metaphor, and to celebrate (and hopefully propagate) Postman’s work and the typographical mind.

Each spring the editors will choose one poem from all of the submissions received by Rattle during the previous year. The author of the chosen poem will receive $500. There are no entry fees or special submission guidelines. Send up to 5 unpublished poems plus a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to: Rattle, 12411 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604. To browse previous winners, and for information on how to submit electronically, visit our website:

Nonfiction Book Awards

Welcome to the NEW Nonfiction Book Awards! As an extension of the Nonfiction Authors Association, we are committed to honoring excellence in nonfiction books and welcome submissions by self-published and traditionally published authors alike, in both print and ebook formats. Publishers are also welcome to submit books for award consideration.

About the Nonfiction Book Awards

Our program honors books year-round so you can submit your entry at any time. Books are not judged against competing titles, but are reviewed by our judges based on a scoring system that evaluates the quality of the writing and production of the book (editing, design and other details). A book can receive a bronze, silver or gold award provided the final evaluation score qualifies. As with other awards programs, not all books receive an award, but many do.

Winning a Nonfiction Book Award is like adding a seal of approval to your book. It tells readers and media professionals that you have a high quality book worth reading!

Award recipients receive the following:

  • Beautiful award certificate mailed directly to you (or sent via email if outside of the U.S.)
  • Review posted to your book sales page on Amazon
  • Digital award badge for display on your website
  • Featured listing for your book on our website
  • Award stickers for your books, available for purchase

Additional Benefits of Winning a Book Award

Aside from the items listed above, winning a book award brings tremendous personal gratification.  You will instantly earn the title of “award-winning author!” This designation can be added to your marketing materials, website, author bio, and the cover of the book. When potential readers learn that a book has been honored with an award, it can help influence buying decisions.

We are proud to offer this program to nonfiction authors world-wide. We firmly believe that nonfiction books have the power to change the world and the Nonfiction Book Awards provides a powerful way to help elevate the status of your book.

– See more at:

The Thistle Dew Theatre & KTDT Dramady seeks plays for Stage and Radio


Call for play submissions: monologues, short plays, one act or full-length plays for stage and radio.

! Competition !

Monthly themed monologues and short plays needed.  On-going, no submission fee, no deadline.   This is a competition with one winner per production: $25.00.

Continuing call:   No fees… no deadlines….

Tales/Lies for THE LIAR’S LAIR

Zone 3 Nonfiction Award

Zone 3 is accepting submissions for its nonfiction contest. For online submissions, click here to complete the submission manager form, choose “Zone 3 Nonfiction Award” for your genre, and upload your essay. You will be directed to another webpage for secure payment. For paper submissions, submit one essay with SASE and $10 entry fee to: Zone 3, APSU, P.O. Box 4565, Clarksville, TN 37044. No deadline.  All entrants will receive a one-year subscription. The winner will be announced on our website. Prize: $250 and publication. For details, visit

Zone 3 Fiction Award

Zone 3 is now accepting submissions for its twelfth annual fiction award. For online submissions, click here to complete the submission manager form, choose “Zone 3 Fiction Award” for your genre, and upload your story. You will be directed to another webpage for secure payment. For paper submissions, submit one story with SASE and $10 entry fee to: Zone 3, APSU, P.O. Box 4565, Clarksville, TN 37044. No deadline. All entrants will receive a one-year subscription to Zone 3. The winner will be announced on our website. Prize: $250 and publication. For details, visit

Zone 3 Poetry Award

Zone 3 is now accepting submissions for its annual poetry award. Submit up to three poems via our online submissions manager. Click here to log in and upload your poems; choose “Zone 3 Poetry Award” for your genre. You will be directed to another webpage for secure payment. No deadline. All entrants will receive a one-year subscription to Zone 3. The winner will be announced on our website.  Prize: $250 and publication. For details, visit

Wielding Power Essay Writing Contests


Winner- The winner will have their answer published, receive ten free copies of the issue (pdfs), and $1000. There will be one winner.

Finalists- The finalists will be published and receive ten free copies of the issue (pdfs). There will be two finalists.

Who May Submit

Submissions are open to all US and Canada residents (except Quebec) above the age of 18. Submission is free. You may submit up to 10 entries per question. Submissions cannot be the work of multiple authors.

How and What to Submit

IMPORTANT: failure to adhere to the following may result in disqualification. See Official Rules for complete details.

  • All entries should be between 500 and 2000 words.
  • To ease reading and ensure uniformity of entries- please format your answer in 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced.
  • Please send your entries as a Microsoft Word or Google Document attachment to

For more information, visit

Ongoing deadlines.

Hillerman Prize

Sponsored by St. Martin’s Press and WORDHARVEST, the Tony Hillerman Prize is awarded annually for the best first mystery set in the Southwest. The winner receives a contract with St. Martin’s Press for publication of the novel and $10,000. Named after New Mexico’s best known mystery author, the Tony Hillerman Prize competition is open to any professional or non-professional writer who has never been the author of a published mystery, or under contract with a publisher for publication of a mystery. Murder or another serious crime or crimes must be at the heart of the story, with the emphasis on the solution rather than the details of the crime.

Only one manuscript entry is permitted per writer. All entries must be received or postmarked no later than June 1 of the given year. All manuscripts submitted: a) must be original works of book length (no less than 220 typewritten pages or approximately 60,000 words) written in the English language by the contestants; b) must not violate the rights of any third party, and c) must generally follow the guidelines.

For details, visit

Ekphrasis Prize for Poetry

Ekphrasis is a poetry journal looking for well-crafted poems, the main content of which addresses individual works from any artistic genre. Please identify the specific work that is the focus of your poem. Acceptable ekphrastic verse transcends mere description: it stands as transformative critical statement, an original gloss on the individual art piece it addresses.

All poems published in Ekphrasis within a given calendar year will be considered for the Ekphrasis Prize for Poetry.

The winning poem will be selected by the editors of Ekphrasis.

No entry fees are required and there is no self-nomination procedure for the prize.

For submission guidelines, visit


Under the auspices of the African Poetry Book Fund and in partnership with the literary journal, Prairie Schooner, is an annual award of USD $5,000. Named for the literary philanthropist Glenna Luschei, this Pan African Poetry Prize is the only one of its kind in the world and was established to promote African poetry written in English or in translation and to recognize a significant book published each year by an African poet.

Each year, the prize will be judged by an internationally renowned poet. This judge for the inaugural prize is Nigerian poet and novelist Chris Abani.

Manuscripts are accepted annually between May 1st and July 1st.

For details, visit

2014 Bellevue Literary Review Prizes

The annual Bellevue Literary Review Prizes award outstanding writing related to themes of health, healing, illness, the mind, and the body. The contest is open each year from February 1 – July 1.

The winners of the 2014 prizes are Abby Horowitz for “Pediatricology” (fiction), Will McGrath for “Forty-One Months” (nonfiction), and Laurie Clements Lambeth for “Chronic Care: ‘Broken Leg’ by Keith Carter, Photograph” (poetry). Find out more.

Contest guidelines

See more at:

Diana Woods Memorial (DWM) Award

Creative nonfiction authors are invited to submit an essay of up to 5,000 words on the subject of their choice to be considered for the Diana Woods Memorial (DWM) Award in creative nonfiction. Winners will receive $250 and their work will be featured in the next issue of Lunch Ticket. Each award recipient must submit a 100-word biography, current photo, and send a brief note of thanks to the Woods’ family.

For more details and to submit, visit

The reading period for the award will be the month of February for the issue that publishes in June, and the month of August for the issue that publishes in December. Please note that previously published work will not be accepted.


NSI Totally Television

The National Screen Institute is seeking applications from writer/producer teams for its prestigious NSI Totally Television course.

Up to six teams will have the opportunity to develop their television projects with the best showrunners/story editors in the country.

Past story editors have included Tassie Cameron (Rookie Blue), Vera Santa Maria (producer on Parks and Recreation), David Barlow (KingThe Border) and Aaron Martin (Being EricaSaving Hope). Teams will also meet with decision makers from major Canadian networks and executive producers from companies like Shaftesbury, Temple Street, Breakthrough and Omni.

This 10-month course includes extensive training, individual sessions with story editors and production execs, and private pitch meetings with broadcasters. Teams advancing to phase two of the course attend the Banff World Media Festival and receive up to $5,000. NSI Totally Television faculty are Shelly Tyler and Sam Linton.

“I’m looking forward to reading this year’s applications,” said Shelly [Tyler], NSI Totally Television program manager. “It’s such an exciting time for Canadian television and we’re pleased to be able to offer this program to the next generation of Canadian TV professionals.”

Apply for the course by May 6, 2015 at 4 p.m. CST.

NFWC 2015 – Our Best Event Yet!

The 5th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference takes place May 6-8, 2015. As with our previous events, this is conducted via teleseminar (participate via phone or Skype) with 15 top speakers over three days (recordings and transcripts available).

Speakers for NFWC 2015 include:

  • Julia Cameron – The Writer’s Way: Q&A With a Legendary Author
  • Dan Poynter – From Author to Speaker: How to Sell More Books and Fill Your Speaking Calendar
  • Mark Coker – Hot Promotion Strategy: Sell Ebook Preorders
  • Michael Larsen – Special Event: Pitch the Agent!
  • Cathey Armillas – How to Pitch, Prepare and Deliver a Killer TED Talk
  • Bob Erdmann – Build Your Foreign Rights Revenue Stream
  • John Lee Dumas – Podcasting for Promotion and Profit
  • Pam Lontos – Publicity Strategies That Get Results
  • Joanna Penn – How to Make a Living from Your Writing
  • Joel Friedlander – Essentials for Author Websites, Blogs and Book Sales Pages
  • Dana Lynn Smith – How to Launch and Market Your Book
  • Amy Collins – Book Distribution 101: How to Get Into Bookstores and Beyond
  • Maria Nemeth – From Author to Coach: Build a Thriving Coaching Practice Around Your Book
  • Roger C. Parker – Write Three Books This Year! (Or, How to Write Faster)
  • Stephanie Chandler – Social Media for Authors: Proven Tactics to Build Your Audience and Sell More Books

Pull up a seat on your couch and join us as 15 industry leaders cover how to publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books!

Details and registration:

Write on the French Creative Writing Retreat
May 8 – 13, 2015
To refresh your keyboard-weary fingers, we invite you to attend the 4th annual Write on the French Creative Writing Retreat at the spectacular Lodge at Pine Cove.

For six days, hone your fiction and non-fiction skills with three of Canada’s craftiest writers: novelist and freelancer Don Gillmor; Toronto Star feature writer and novelist Oakland Ross; and The New Quarterly’s own non-fiction editor and memoirist Susan Scott. Writers of all skill levels welcome.

Delight in the Lodge’s riverside cottages. Find inspiration in the French River’s crystal waters. Discover The Lodge at Pine Cove, Ontario’s top-rated lodge.

For more information or to register, contact Nicola Ross at

Figues Camp: Ghost Nights

2nd Annual FIGUES CAMP
July 8-12, 2015
Big Bear, California

Apply by May 15 to receive priority consideration.

Figues Camp is a 5-day / 4-night (July 8-12) writing engagement with workshops, talks, readings, and conversations led by Les Figues Press editors, authors, and guests. Hosted at a family-owned compound of original log cabins in Big Bear, California, Figues Camp provides intensive and intimate conversations about writing and the social imaginary.

Workshop leaders and guest speakers include: Amanda Ackerman, Elena Karina Byrne, Teresa Carmody, Kyoo Lee, Vanessa Place, Frances Richard, Selah Saterstrom, and Anna Joy Springer.

Workshops meet for two sessions, from 10:00-12:30. Workshops are limited to six participants. The workshops are not genre-bound. In the afternoons, all campers participate together in craft workshops led by a featured faculty member. In the evenings, after a sit-down dinner, campers give a reading of their work along with faculty members.

The tuition for attending Figues Camp is $995 ($750 for current students; $500 scholarship campers). Tuition includes all camp activities (workshops, talks, and readings) plus lodging and nightly dinners.

See full description and apply here

Quest Writer’s Conference Scholarship Applications

Application deadline 5/15/2015

QWC is very pleased to announce that an anonymous donation has made possible five fully funded scholarships (tuition, room, and board) to the inaugural Quest Writer’s Conference. These five seats are reserved for writers whose voices are less-often heard, and who face significant barriers to conference access.

Specifically, the scholarships are intended for First Nation/aboriginal/Native American writers or other writers of color, LGBTQI writers, low income* writers, young writers (under 22), and/or writers with disabilities.

If one or more of these broad categories include you, and you are able to get to Squamish, BC in June, please apply here with your best writing. There is no application fee for these five seats.

For details, please visit

Branscombe House 2016 Artist Residency

Request for Proposal (RFP)
Deadline: May 20, 2015
Branscombe House
4900 Steveston Highway
Richmond, BC

The City of Richmond’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Services department invites professional artists in all disciplines (including writers, composers, visual artists, musicians, theatre artists, video, multi-disciplinary and performance artists) to submit proposals for an 11-month live-in residency to begin in January 2016 and run until mid-December.

Branscombe House is a recently restored Edwardian style house located in the residential area of Steveston. The self-contained 2-bedroom suite upstairs is offered as an artist residence/studio with rent 100% subsidized in exchange for a minimum number of community art engagement hours on approved projects/programs developed in collaboration between staff, artist(s) and community groups/organizations.

For more details, visit

The 4th Annual River Teeth Nonfiction Conference

May 29-31, 2015

Join the community of nonfiction writers in Ashland, Ohio for a weekend of manuscript consultations, seminars, and readings, all focused on the craft of nonfiction. The conference will emphasize essay, memoir, literary journalism, and building the kind of relationships that sustain writers throughout the writing process, from early draft all the way through to book promotion.


The Nature of Words 2015

Tatamagouche Centre

Jun 26 – Jun 28, 2015 Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 11:00 AM $370.00 ($290 Local price, no overnight accommodations)

This workshop is about forgetting self and listening to the wisdom of nature’s voice. There is much time for quiet reflection and journaling, intermingled with discussions and readings. You’ll learn to view your surroundings with fresh perspective and then write about what you experience. How better to cultivate wildness of language than spending time where wild things live and grow?

Discover the power of place. Connect with yourself in the midst of nature while doing something you love.

For more details, please visit

2015 Saskatchewan Festival of Words

WHEN: July 16-19, 2015

WHERE: Moose Jaw, SK

The Saskatchewan Festival of Words (established in 1996) is a registered charity and non-profit organization that holds an annual literary festival the third weekend in July with 60 events over 4 days in and around historic downtown Moose Jaw. The festival showcases literary talent from all over Canada including many award winners. Over the 4 days of the festival we have workshops for all ages, reading sessions, concerts, film, panel discussions, interviews, music, theatre, and even a slam poetry competition!

Our year round programming includes the monthly Performer’s Café open mic night, Cineview series (independent and foreign film), musical performances, as well as workshops and author readings.

Find out more at

4th Guernsey Literary Festival: 16-20 September, 2015

The 4th Guernsey Literary Festival will feature writers Will Self, Sophie Hannah, and A.L. Kennedy, as well as children’s book illustrator Korky Paul.

For more details, visit

The Word on the Street

National Book & Magazine Festival

WHEN: September 2015

WHERE: Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Kitchener, Toronto, Halifax

The Word On The Street is a national celebration of literacy and the written word.
Each September, in communities coast to coast, the public is invited to participate in hundreds of author events, presentations and workshops and to browse a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere.

There is always plenty to see and do at Canada’s largest book and magazine festival, and best of all, The Word On The Street and all of its events are FREE!

For details, visit

2015 Kingston WritersFest

WHEN: September 23-25, 2015-01-30

WHERE: Kingston, ON

Kingston WritersFest, a charitable cultural organization, brings the best of contemporary writers to Kingston to interact with audiences and other artists for mutual inspiration, education, and the exchange of ideas that literature provokes.

Through readings, performance, onstage discussion and master classes, Kingston WritersFest fosters intellectual and emotional growth on a personal and community level and raises the profile of reading and literary expression in our community.



Check out our new page containing live links to Grants, Fellowships, and Residencies

Serial Eyes

Date: September 2015 – January 2016

Location: Berlin, Germany

Deadline: Monday, March 16, 2015

An intensive 8-month full-time postgraduate course on TV writing and producing based in Berlin and taught in English. It is designed for young European TV writers and producers with previous experience. Serial Eyes is organized and run by the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) and the London Film School.



Another crowdfunding site. FansNextdoor is a platform for all creative 
professionals to promote and fund their projects together with their 
fans. Create your project, its financing goal and deadline. If the 
financing goal is met or exceeded by deadline, all contributions are 
transferred to your PayPal account. If the financing goal is not met, 
all funds are returned.


IndieGoGo offers anyone with an idea — creative, cause-related, 
entrepreneurial — the tools to build a campaign and raise money. 
Project categories include gaming, film, design, education, mobile, 
and technology. Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other social 
media platforms. Offers a widget to showcase your campaign on your 
website. Unlike many crowdfunding sites, you keep all the money you 
raise, even if you don’t meet your goal. Track contributions with 
the analytics tools and stay on top of fulfillment with the dashboard. 
There is a 4 percent fee on the money you raise when you meet your 
funding goal.


Kickstarter has launched in Canada, and The Banff Centre is getting involved.

Kickstarter is an online crowdfunding platform for creative projects ranging from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. If you’re currently seeking funding for a project you want to pursue at The Banff Centre, we want you to join us on Kickstarter. Contact us so we can support you by curating your project on our Kickstarter page (please include a link to the project).

View some projects on Kickstarter that successfully reached their funding goals and made their way to The Banff Centre. As you send us your projects, we’ll continue to curate them on our Kickstarter page. If you’re an alumni or your project has already been successfully funded, we’d still love to showcase your work. Get in touch!

 Have questions? Find answers on Kickstarter’s FAQ pages.

Online Writing Classes is a writing site founded in 2000.

On this writing community all posts receive feedback from writers and readers. Feedback includes a detailed comment on the posted work and a rating. The site uses a six star ratings scale with “1” being the worst and “6” being the best.

Writers are ranked based on the feedback they receive. Separate rankings are available for Poets, Novelists, Short Works (short stories and essays) and Script Writers (television and other forms of screenplays). Trophies are rewarded to the top five writers in each of the individual rankings at the end of the year.

The site recognizes writing with “Recognized”, “All Time Best” and “Seal of Quality” levels. Each level is more difficult to receive with the final level determined by the Seal of Quality committee. The committee is made up of published authors and stand-out reviewers. They offer feedback to help writers get published.

The site features free writing contests with cash prizes. Site members also have the ability to create their own contests to challenge other writers to write about a specific topic or a specific form of writing (such as writing using specific poetry format).

The welcome page includes featured writing. It also includes writing that has been well received in the past 24 hours.

Each day over 200 stories and poems are posted. Over 7,000 comments are written on the writing posted daily. Writers keep full copyright to their posted work.


Peerbackers is for business owners to raise capital from their peers — 
in small increments — in exchange for tangible rewards. Create a 
personal and venture profile. Share your story through social media 
share buttons on your project page. Once your campaign is launched, 
send updates on your progress. If you reach at least 80 percent of your 
funding goal by deadline, your funding is released to you. Peerbackers 
charges a 5 percent fee, in addition to third party processing fees.


There are a number of interesting calls with deadlines coming up shortly. For more information visit:

Plum Alley

Plum Alley is a site for women to raise money for ventures of all kinds– women entrepreneurs, women in the arts, women in academia and the media.

Public Engagement in the Arts

The Canada Council is launching a dialogue about how the arts bring value to the lives of Canadians and we invite you to join the conversation.
Read the discussion paper, Public Engagement in the Arts, on current thinking and practices in public engagement or check out Simon Brault’s blog post on ways Canadians can have rich artistic experiences. Then share your thoughts on how to become actively engaged in the arts. Tell us what public engagement in the arts means to you by posting comments on the blog, on our Facebook page or on Twitter at hashtag #artsandpublic.
In its 2011-16 Strategic Plan, the Council identified public engagement in the arts as a strategic theme that infuses all of its work. We hope to broaden and enhance the public conversation about this topic and use this discussion to inform the development of future Council activities.


Unbound is a new way to connect authors and readers. Authors present a pitch, you pledge, and when the goal is reached the book is written. It’s really that simple.

Writers’ Coalition – Benefits You Can Afford

Join the Writers’ Coalition program today – as long as you’re a resident of Canada and under the age of 71, you are eligible to join.

There is no medical required to join so you will not be refused coverage for pre-existing conditions – it is guaranteed acceptance.

The program offers a pay direct drug/dental card that is accepted nationally at pharmacies and dental offices across the country which means direct settlement of prescription drug claims (you pay only your portion at the pharmacy) and no waiting for re-imbursement on dental claims (no submission of a paper claim and your re-imbursement cheque is usually in the mail within 4 or 5 working days).

The Writers’ Coalition

  • Not-for-profit insurer
  • Unbeatable service – we only service artists
  • Affordable, comprehensive coverage
  • Convenience of a drug/dental card
  • Medical is not required to purchase coverage
  • Access to other insurance offerings, including home/auto

1 800-387-8897 x238



Do you have a passion for creative writing? Perhaps you work in a field that requires strong writing skills? Whatever your reasons for wanting to be a better writer, University of Calgary Continuing Education can help.

Three writing certificate programs are offered, all of which are delivered completely online. When you enroll in a course, you will be required to work within scheduled start- and end-dates and will be expected to meet assignment timelines. During the duration of the course, you will work whenever-and from wherever-you choose, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Each program requires 200 hours of instruction time, and in some cases, courses can be applied to more than one certificate. One or more of the following certificate programs may be exactly what you need:


Professional Writing specializing in Business and Technical Writing

Professional Writing specializing in Marketing and Public Relations

Creative Writing

For more information, go to


Authority Publishing for Non-fiction Authors


Publishers of Scholarly Books

New Delhi, India




Email id:


All you need to know about ebooks: how to read them, the different ebook formats, choosing an ebook reader, and where to find the best specials and free ebooks.

Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2014


The magazine of zine culture and independent arts

Commonwealth Writers: A world of new fiction



Goose Lane Editions specializes in Canadian literary fiction and poetry, and in creative non-fiction on subjects such as art, history, politics, biography, travel, nature, popular culture, and the big ideas of our time. We are principally interested in submissions from Canadian writers. We only consider submissions from outside of Canada if the author is Canadian and if the book has extraordinary interest to Canadian readers. We do not publish books for children or young adults, personal memoirs, how-to books, mystery novels, fictional crime stories or works of science fiction. We do publish books with a distinctive flair and a clear, resounding voice, and vision. We are interested in books that take the reader on an original journey that fascinates, resonates, and captivates.

Guide to Canadian Copyright

107 Countries, 193 Airlines, 212 Publications!

If You Would Like To Do Freelance Work For In-Flight Publications Then This Is A Great Resource For You. You’ll Save Weeks Of Time Tracking Down All This Information

In-Flight Magazines Report


Inkshares is a crowd-driven publisher. Our goal is to connect writers with readers. We produce, market and distribute books people want to read. In doing so, we can bring quality literary work to life, paying authors more and costing readers less. We’re crowdfunding meets publishing.

The Journaling Place


Get started: write a journal!


New newsletter weekly!

The Banff Centre Blog

Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers 2014


Summer issue of Malahat lite and Malahat Review now available!

Mythic Dragon Publishing

~We are on the hunt for compelling stories with unique characters,

engaging settings, and intense conflict.~

If this fits your manuscript(s), we invite you to submit your story.

We publish almost all genres.


Neon is a British literary magazine published three times a year in print and online. Its tastes tend towards the dark and the surreal. It publishes literary and slipstream short-form writing: poetry, fiction and experimental forms. Submissions are accepted from writers anywhere in the world, and the magazine is available for free online. Neon also publishes chapbooks and pamphlets, as well as a free micro-anthology titled Battery Pack. See the website for more information:


For children’s picture books, send full manuscript. For all others, send either full manuscript OR table of contents plus three sample chapters. Peachtree does not accept query letters where no manuscript is included. Peachtree currently publishes the following categories: Children’s fiction and nonfiction picture books, chapter books, middle readers, young adult books, education, parenting, self-help, and health books of interest to the general trade. Peachtree does not publish historical novels (except children’s/young adult), science fiction, fantasy, romance, westerns, horror, poetry, short stories, plays, business, scientific or technical reference, or books intended specifically as textbooks.

PEN Canada

envisions a world where

writers are free to write,

readers are free to read,

and freedom of expression prevails


is a writing, blogging and debating platform.

A place for anyone who wants to write and read on any topic,

in any level of detail.

See more at:

Shelf Unbound

New issue of Shelf Unbound!

Click on this link to start reading your new issue right now:


VerbalArt welcomes unsolicited submissions all about poet, poetry and poems. We also publish translation in English, book reviews, interviews, biographies, autobiography, memoirs, essays, travelogue and creative writings pertaining to poets and poetry. We will only consider work that has not been previously published, whether in print or on the web.

Poems submitted for the journal, VerbalArt can also be considered for its sister journal, Phenomenal Literature: A Journal Devoted to Language & Literature.


Currently searching for the following manuscripts:

Non-fiction (psychology, sociology, sustainable living and building topics)

Health and Wellness, including nutrition topics

Fiction (historical, suspense, general fiction)

Mind-Body-Spirit topics

Young Adult (pre-teen and young adult)

Children’s (for ages 2 up through 12)

Coffee Table Books (travel, photography, biography, cooking and lifestyle topics)

Worldwide Freelance Writer

Worldwide Freelance Writer – Discover Writer Guidelines for 2,000 Writing Markets

WOW! Women on Writing

An e-zine promoting the communication between women writers, Authors, Editors, Agents, Publishers, and Readers

Writers Digest

Writing Raw

The April Edition of is NOW online! Stop in and discover a new voice today… Help spread the word and share this with anyone who enjoys the written word. We are looking for submissions for the May issue – fiction of all styles, poetry, essays and other assorted writings, and book promotions.

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The Writing Pool


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