Three Poems by Ceri Naz

my waterfront

i have composed
a little journey of joy

 on the tiny sands and waves
on my feet
i have seen
the hinterland’s trance

from shadow-prints

the springs of my summers
have gone
to the waterfront
of my genesis

© Ceri Naz February 2015


i am, i was, i will

i am there

when the roses fall to stones

and no one recalls their smell

i was there

when the clouds formed lonesome cotton beds

and all fumes trapped my few breathing chances

i will be there

when the tigers roar without sounds

and eagles fly to the nest of no-endings

© Ceri Naz February 2015

Aeon Love

Time dilates

From Titans to neurons

Of the night’s dawn

In my hypersleep

And standstills.

I am the battlemind

In your psionic class

Like Earth and Venus

Recycling myths

Of up-down cliffs

In our nano reefs.

I am the unknown god of light years

Pre-existed in your aeon love.

© Ceri Naz March 2015


Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz, born in Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines on April 10, 1980, is a multi-awarded poet, editor, journalist, public speaker, linguist and educator. Ceri Naz won the recently-concluded Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2014 in Albania. She received the sair-gazeteci (Poet-Journalist) award during the 34th KIBATEK International Festival of Literature and Arts in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey on November 8, 2014.

She was a featured poet at Vancouver Word 0n The Street, World Poetry Canada and International and Poetry Around The Globe. She was awarded Empowered Poet 2013 during the World Poetry International Peace Festival 2013 in Vancouver,Canada. After graduating cum laude with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in General Science at Pangasinan State University, Ceri Naz pursued higher studies in journalism, public speaking, and leadership. She earned her post-graduate studies in Administration and Supervision at Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology. Ceri Naz writes for the Philippine Canadian Inquirer and Manila Bulletin and contributes to Reflection Magazine.

Ceri Naz, poet
Ceri Naz, poet

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