Three Poems by Laura Minning

t h e   p r o t a g o n i s t

I am a beacon of hope,

on a wet and rainy day.

While forming a shelter

from heaven’s tears

and clouds subject to decay.

I am always on hand,

where ever droplets can be found,

so take me for granted

because I’ll always be around.

t h e   g r e e n   b a l l o o n

I watch the wind

with earnest intent,

and ask it

for a dance.

It takes me

by the hand

and sets me free.

      –  from “a verbal collage”

© November 2006

f r e e d o m

She extends Her arms

to embrace me

with kindness and compassion,

but i never thank Her.

She is my mother,

my sister,

my friend.

She allows me to choose

my own path

and make my own mistakes

without passing judgement

upon me.

And how do i repay Her

(for Her benevolence)?

…by taking Her for granted.

For if she ever became wounded

or hurt in any way,

(by resistance or tyranny)

…who would take Her place?

(She has always been there for me

–at my side,

for as long as I can remember

…so who could take Her place?)

No one…

…and I would be lost.

– excerpt from sunburst

© Laura Minning, Xlibris, 2005

About the author:

Ask Laura Minning about her success and she would tell you the difficult is but the work of the moment; the impossible takes a little longer.

Born in Virginia and lived in Georgia and Connecticut before attending college in Massachusetts, Laura Minning received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Studies from Bradford College. She has traveled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. An award-winning poet and author, she has been published in various national anthologies and on-line, received two awards in merit for her poetry by The National Library of Poetry, and was granted membership into the International Who’s Who in Poetry for 2005 by Her first published poetry collection, dear diary, was released by Vantage Press in December of 2003. Her second book, sunburst, was published by Xlibiris in May of 2005. She’s also been published with Slate and Style and Yahoo as a contributing author. More recently, her poetry has been featured in Amulet Literary Magazine, The Tower, Magnets and Ladders, The Sacred Owl, Word, Nostrovia! Poetry Guest Blog, and Random Access Poetics. Laura’s currently pursuing her passion as an abstract artist. She’s exhibited her work with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts at their Studio School, and at the Working Artist’s Lyceum spring event in 2014. Her work is now on display at the Bethel Public Library in Bethel, CT.

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