An Unusual Strength by Miranda Cummings

Here’s another shared poem. This one is by Miranda Cummings.
An Unusual Strength
by Miranda Cummings
She loves the dark, and to be alone.
If she socialized that meant facing reality.
She wouldn’t go back to that 
even if she had the choice to erase everything.
It ruined her mentally and physically,
The lines are all connected,
but there are no dots.

Not only was her father a horrible man,
full of rage and apparently sexual frustration,
but people are horrible too.
They don’t know you at all,
but they call you names.
Whore seems to be the one that most favor.

They wonder why she wears all black,
why her eyeliner is so thick,
and why she keeps to herself and her music.
Because if they knew the truth,
they would say sorry and give her pity.
She doesn’t need pity because she is strong.
Not the normal version or idea of strong,
but an unusual strength.

She has the strength the cut her skin,
to rely on no one but herself,
and get through all of the shit.
Not everyone has this strength,
but those who do, are the strongest people I know.


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