Name Change and other things

Dear Subscribers, Readers, Followers, and Friends,

From this day forward, this site is an independent site from The PEI Writers Guild, which has decided to produce its own newsletter. As you have noticed, I have decided to call it The Writing Stop. It will be the place for writers and would-be writers to stop, find something, maybe leave something, or share something with others interested in writing and becoming writers. I am hoping that you will stay on because you will see new and exciting things happening on this site!

I will continue to provide a Weekly that has all the content it had and more! If you want to share specific information about writing contests, submissions, events, and conferences that are open to anyone around the world, you can email it to me for inclusion in the Weekly.

This site will become a world-wide forum for writers, where you can get advice, find tips, prompts, and feedback from me and from other writers who wish to share their knowledge and expertise. I will provide knowledge and information about literature and writing that will help you find or develop your voices as writers.

You can share your writing, opinions, and other ideas here, as well as ask questions about writing. I only ask that everyone be respectful of each other. I do reserve the right to remove anything offensive or inappropriate that someone might post.

Yours in writing,

Cindy Lapeña


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