The PEIWG Weekly 25-31 August 2013 edition


25-31 August 2013 Edition

Welcome to the PEIWG Weekly! Lots of August 31 deadlines coming up! You are welcome to send in notices or announcements about your writerly news and events. Just shoot me an email or send me a message on Facebook. I will be more than happy to help you get the word out about your publications, achievements, and whatever writerly thing you do that you want to publicize. If you want a link to your writerly website or blogsite on the blog, just send it to me and I’ll put it in.

PLEASE NOTE: All sections are arranged by date, with the most immediate deadlines or dates found at the top of each section, except for the submissions without deadlines and the final section (Resources), both of which I have tried to arrange alphabetically (the operative word being “tried”)  ^.^

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PEI Writers’ Guild

Anyone interested in joining or renewing membership to the PEI Writers’ Guild can use this link: Membership Application. This is an online application form that also accepts online payments. For more information about the Guild, events and services, visit our official website here.

One Book • One Island

Un livre • Une île

YOU’RE INVITED!                                                                    VOUS ÊTES INVITÉS!

Launch of the 3rd annual PEI                                                3e lancement annuelle

Public Library Service                                                            des bibliothèques publiques ÎPE

One Book • One Island                                                           Un livre • Une île

Don’t you want to know what all                              Quel livre liront tous les  

Islanders will be reading this fall?                          Insulaires cet automne?                                   

Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 at 1pm                                       Le mercredi 28 août à 13 h

Confederation Centre Public Library                                  Bibliothèque publique du Centre

des arts de la Confédération                                 


 The Parliament of Canada recently issued a call for nominations to begin the search for Canada’s sixth Parliamentary Poet Laureate. There is still time to nominate candidates: the deadline has been extended to August 30, 2013.

The role of the Parliamentary Poet Laureate is to promote the importance and value of poetry among all Canadians. Pursuant to the Parliament of Canada Act, the Poet Laureate may perform the following duties: compose poetry, including for use in Parliament on occasions of state, sponsor poetry readings, advise the Parliamentary Librarian on the Library’s collection and acquisitions to enrich the collection’s cultural holdings, and perform related duties at the request of the Speaker of the Senate or the Speaker of the House of Commons, or the Parliamentary Librarian. The Poet Laureate holds office for a maximum of two years.

For more information on the Poet Laureate and the nomination process, please visit the Parliament of Canada Web site at You may also contact the Library of Parliament Information Service at 613-992-4793 or 1-866-599-4999.

Summer Writers Weekend Workshop

The Character Generated Story in Drama and Prose Fiction

I’ll be giving a two-day workshop on September 1 and 2, 2013, at the family farm in Marshfield, PEI.

The craft of writing workshop is open to writers at all levels of their practice.

The workshop’s timed, multi-perspective free-writing exercises will focus on character creation as a means of story development with specific emphasis on drama (film, television and stage) and prose fiction (the novel and short story).

Poets, journalists, dramatists, novelists, essayists, neophytes and masters seeking new ways to approach their craft… all are welcome. The magic is in the mix!

The workshop will meet over two days, with periods of solo writing leading to work shared with the group in a supportive, challenging atmosphere.

The workshop will be based on that given this winter as part of my tenure as Artist in Residence at McGill University’s Institute for the Life of Arts and Ideas. The two day intensive was the central event of the inaugural residency, and was a terrific success.

Some of the participants, a terrific blend of faculty and students, advanced and/or clarified work already in progress. Others make solid first steps in new writing projects. All were delighted to learn craft basics in two challenging, supportive, stimulating days.

Here are participant comments:


“Everyone was given fair counsel and made remarkable progress. At the end, all the writers were elated and this feeling permeated their soul, giving them a renewed confidence in being able to tackle whatever writing emerged.”


“This is a true tale about a caring artist and professor who decides to host a character generated writing workshop through the IPLAI at McGill University and by doing so, transforms his students. He was endearing to all and all appreciated the fact that when he critiqued, he not only drew from his vast analytical knowledge and life experience, but he also from his heart. During the course of the workshop, there was a strong sense that the professor acted as a facilitator, a maestro, enabling students to face and fight their technical foes while rising above their fears.”


“Thank you for your invaluable pearls of wisdom. The past weekend has given me so much to build on. I have promised myself to get back into reading and writing as disciplines.”


“I would like to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the Character Generated Story Workshop this weekend. Kent is truly an inspiring writing instructor. He knows how to encourage the students to go beyond the limits they might have set for themselves while at the same time never making anyone feel diminished. It was a fantastic experience, even for a neophyte like myself. It is invaluable for anyone interested in arts and ideas and willing to raise to the challenge.”


“I’m so grateful to IPLAI for asking Kent to do the workshop, if that’s how the occasion arose. It was quite extraordinary, in my humble opinion. He is a very gifted teacher, really one of the best I’ve seen in action over more decades than I like to contemplate. He’s clear, organized to a T, warm, friendly, disciplined, and absolutely engaged in his subject. Having set the stage so well, he then dove into each separate piece submitted, and made each student feel they were a welcome guest in his house. Of course the response was relaxation, ease, thankfulness, a release from nerves, and in at least one case, tears of joy and pleasure. That’s rare indeed!


It was a privilege for me to be part of the procedure, and I’m sure each one of us felt the same way. Many thanks for a truly wonderful weekend.”

Experience tells small is better! My classes in the Creative Writing Department at Concordia University are rarely larger than twelve in number. I also keep my eight week on-line courses small.

In the same spirit, I’m limiting the number of participants in the first PEI Stetson Farm Writer’s Workshop to ten. This is the perfect workshop number for people to learn new skills, develop their craft, to contribute and receive useful insights from their peers.

I’m excited by this new adventure in the world of creative writing! Check out MasterPlayWorks for more general information about yours truly, and get a sense of other workshops offered and how they work. Drop a line if, after thoroughly checking the site, you’d like more information.

Dates and Times:

Sunday, September 1, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. (6hrs)

Monday, September 2, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. (6hrs)


The Stetson Family Farm, Marshfield. Route 2 east. CN: 14136

To apply to participate, please send the following by 5pm Friday, August 16, 2013:

1) a writing sample (max. 400 words)

2) a statement explaining why you would like to participate in the workshop (max. 1 page)

3) a brief biographical statement (1 paragraph)

Cost of two day twelve hour workshop:

$145.50 plus tax, payable by check upon acceptance.

Can’t wait to get home, and lend a collegial hand.


Kent Stetson, C. M.

+1 514 270 1948 (home)

+1 514 794 1948 (cell)

Art ‘n’ Words Studio & Gallery Writing Classes

Art ‘n’ Words Studio & Gallery will offer a Poetry Writing class and a Research & Report Writing class beginning September 2013. Classes will be held after school and after work, and are limited to 10 students in each class. There will be three (3) levels for each class: Youth (8-12), Teens (13-18), and Adults (18+). For more information, visit

The 2nd Annual PEI Women Write the Day Event is coming up!

Saturday, September 14 from 9-5 at the Bonshaw Community Centre and the Bonshaw Hall. Contact Susan Buchanan at or call 437-3134 to register. The cost is $40 for the day and that includes 2 great workshops and a delicious lunch.




The Acorn Press invites submissions for an anthology of holiday writing with a focus on the Christmas season or comparable celebrations, e.g., Hannukah, Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa. There is no requirement for “Island” content: stories may be set in any locale.

Writers may submit unpublished short stories, poems, and/or creative non-fiction for an anthology by PEI writers, to be published by The Acorn Press in fall 2015. Potential contributors must have a significant Prince Edward Island connection, for example: born or raised in P.E.I., lived in P.E.I. for six months of the past two years, or another strong connection, such as summer residence. Potential writers should indicate their connection with P.E.I. in a covering letter.

Submission guidelines:

Fiction and/or creative non-fiction: maximum 2 submissions; 3500 words maximum per story.

Poetry: maximum 5 poems, 10 pages total.

All submissions must be typed: prose double-spaced, poetry single-spaced.

Include a covering letter with: 1) Island connection; 2) e-mail address and phone number.

The deadline for submissions is January 2, 2014.

Send submissions to:

Island Christmas Reader

The Acorn Press

P.O. Box 22024

Charlottetown, PE C1A 9J2


Interested writers are invited to write for ARTS EAST, an all-arts Atlantic Canadian e-magazine/website:

Assignments may include CD/book reviews, interviews or coverage of music, drama, visual art, mixed media, etc. events. We’re open to any ideas you have! Ideal for writers and aspiring journalists who are trying to gain experience and have a published on-line byline, media tickets and similar perks as compensation. Interested writers can e-mail

Coastal West Publishing

Coastal West Publishing is dedicated to publishing the best of true crime books and stories about the underdog. We are now accepting email queries from writers who can give us their best. Please submit an email inquiry before sending us a full manuscript.  Please send submissions as attachments to  

Fierce Shorts

Fierce Ink Press is a new publishing label that publishes young adult books by Atlantic Canadian authors. Along with full-length books we will also be publishing Fierce Shorts, creative non-fiction pieces (5,000 to 10,00 words) about all things teen. Part of the proceeds from the sale of our Fierce Shorts will go to a local teen related charity of the author’s choice.

We are currently open to submissions for our Fierce Shorts. To get all the information you need check out our website,, where you will find our submission guide.

If you think you have a great idea for a Fierce Short, we’d love to hear from you!


About Fierce Ink Press:
Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd. is dedicated to producing high quality books of fiction and short non-fiction pieces by Atlantic Canadian authors who write for young adults.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @FierceInkPress
Google +:



DEADLINE:  The 15th of every month considers previously unpublished poetry from emerging and established poets for our online monthly magazine. We consider work by current and former residents, students and workers of Ottawa. We also publish poems by contributors to our predecessor, the Bywords Monthly Magazine.  FOR SUBMISSION INFORMATION VISIT and click on Guidelines.  Amanda Earl, Managing Editor

Hagios Press Strike Fire New Author Series Call Forthcoming in 2013

Hagios Press has will once again be looking for submissions in their Strike Fire New Author Series in 2013. Submissions will be welcome between May 1st and August 31st, 2013. Hagios Press is asking for samples from book-length collections of poetry, short fiction (short stories, novellas) and literary nonfiction. Submissions must be from writers who have not published a book, or who have published one book and are submitting a manuscript in a genre different than that of their first book. A submission will consist of a manuscript sample of no more than twenty-five pages, a short synopsis of the book, and a literary resume. Hagios Press will accept submissions by mail only. The Strike Fire New Author Series is open to all Canadian citizens meeting the publication criteria. Deadline August 31. For details, visit


The Capilano Review has a long history of publishing new and established 
Canadian writers and artists who are experimenting with or expanding 
the boundaries of conventional forms and contexts. International writers 
and artists appear in our pages too. Founded in North Vancouver in 1972 
by Pierre Coupey, the magazine continues its original mandate to publish 
the literary and visual arts side by side while favouring the risky, the 
provocative, the innovative, and the dissident. Winter 2013 submission 
deadline: 30 November 2013. Pays up to $300 for fiction up to 3,000 
words, poetry to four pages, and drama to 15 pages.


Our Mission is to offer expert advice and perspective for those 
building, renovating, or furnishing a home in the Arts and Crafts 
spirit. Query. Articles are 750 to 1,200 words. Columns are 800
to 1,500 words. Pays up to $200 per page.


What we need are stories that are brand new in scope and content. 
Knives being used for unusual purposes, in adventure settings, etc., 
are always good. New, state-of-the-art knife designs, steels and 
other knife materials and how they are made are good. The knife 
collections of celebrities are good. Stories on how to collect 
knives, what to collect and why, etc., are good. Pays up to $300 
for articles of 500 to 1,700 words.


Canadian Wildlife celebrates the country’s unique wildlife and 
habitats, and explores the conservation issues affecting our natural 
world. Published 6 times per year. Pays up to 50 cents/word.
 Articles up to 2,500 words. Columns 750 to 1,400 words.

Carpe Articulum Literary Review

Carpe Articulum is an international, cross-genre literary review that challenges the traditional format of black and white. CALR seeks to dissolve the interdisciplinary, divisive boundaries and to embrace a wider audience in love with the written word, beautiful photography and a desire to connect with a global community of like-minded people. Scientists, Writers, Journalists, Actors, Homemakers, Artists, Human Rights Activists, Photographers and others from all cultures and walks of life have a place to meet here at CALR. We make a special effort to promote the work of emergent artists in every issue. People who might never have met, find kinship and camaraderie in the unity of the pen. They can experience and touch one another’s lives so that oceans of divide are united by the single turn of a page. The egalitarian nature of the written word, photography, and an accessible literary program make all of this possible.

WANT TO BE A PART? Send your ideas, editorials, and questions to Hadassah Broscova at and you can get published in this international review! The best commentaries, articles, and questions for the editor will be included. Please register at our website, then make your submission. NO SUBMISSIONS ARE COMPLETE WITHOUT REGISTRATION, THANK YOU!
SUBMIT to Carpe Articulum Literary Review using Submishmash (click here)

These dates are ANNUAL, REVOLVING deadlines

POETRY…………………MAR 30, SEPT 30
NOVELLA…………….. JAN 7

If deadlines are missed, the piece will automatically be entered into the next contest cycle for that particular genre.



101 Stories of Hope, Healing, and Hard Work

Have you or has someone you loved sustained a traumatic brain 
injury or TBI? Have you helped a friend through the recovery 
process? Are you a professional caregiver or health care provider 
whose life has been impacted by a TBI survivor’s story? With a 
traumatic brain injury occurring every 18.5 seconds in this country, 
chances are you have been touched in some way by traumatic brain 
injury. If so, we want to hear your story. If your story is chosen, 
you will be a published author and your bio will be printed in the 
book if you so choose. You will also receive a check for $200 and 10 
free copies of your book, worth more than $100. You will retain the 
copyright for your story and you will retain the right to resell it.
 Deadline: November 30, 2013.

The French Literary Review

We are looking for lively, contemporary poems; short stories; extracts from novels which stand on their own; articles; paintings/drawings/photographs, all of which should have a French connection.

· Stories (maximum 2) should be between 1000-3000 words.
· Poems (up to 3) of less than 40 lines each.
· Original paintings, drawings or photographs ( A4 size maximum) which either illustrate a poem / story submitted, or are related to France in some way.
· Submissions must be typewritten on one side of the paper. Stories should be single-spaced and have good margins. Hand-written entries cannot be accepted.
· Please ensure your name, address, telephone number and email address appear on your MSS. 
· Please provide a SAE (using British postage stamps if you live in the UK) or IRCs to the value of ₤1.20.
· We regret we are not able to offer fees for published work.
. We are a non-profit journal, which relies on subscriptions.

Copyright will remain with contributors. Submission deadlines: 30th July & 30th December. Please send submission to: 
B. DORDI, Chemin de Cambieure, 11240 Cailhau, Aude, France

Adams Media Romance Guidelines

Our new direct-to-ebook romance imprint is launching soon! We’re open to romance submissions in five popular subgenres: romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, historical, and erotic romance.

Within those subgenres, we are flexible about what happens. It’s romance, so there must be a happily-ever-after, but we’re open to how your characters get there. You won’t come up against preconceived ideas about what can or can’t happen in romance or what kind of characters you can or can’t have. Our only rule is everyone has to be a consenting adult. Other than that, we’re looking for smart, savvy heroines, fresh voices, and new takes on old favorite themes.

We’re looking for full-length novels, and while we prefer to work on the shorter end of the spectrum (50,000 words, give or take), we’re not going to rule you out because you go shorter or longer.

If you have a finished novel you’d like for us to consider, please just drop editor Jennifer Lawler a line at with a brief description of your work-please, no attachments until I know you’re not a spambot. That’s it! I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can-within a few days for queries and within a few weeks if I request a full.

Thank you for your interest!           


Readers are of course bird enthusiasts, but they also appreciate a good environmental focus on related topics. “As most of the magazine’s 
writers are based on the coasts, freelancers located in the Midwest or 
another untapped locale with access to great nature stories automatically 
have a leg up on the competition.” A good break-in section is the 
FOB news section, 200-400 words. Also consider “Lifestyle” and “News you can use.” These are 750 words. Web-only content should cover the 
same nature-friendly topics as the print mag, with an added focus on 
longer news stories averaging 800-900 words. Include photo suggestions. Email with links to a few clips and a paragraph or two about the idea, 
along with your biographical information and where you’ve written 
before. Pays $1.25/word.


We are currently seeking high-quality novel-length science fiction and fantasy submissions of all types. We are not interested in young adult, horror, erotica, religious fiction, short stories, dark/gruesome fantasy, or poetry. Guidelines are available at:


Want to submit to EVENT?  We publish fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. Non-fiction submissions are only accepted via our yearly Non-Fiction Contest. While most of our writers are Canadian, we accept English-language submissions from writers in other countries.

Please see our Fiction & Poetry or our Cover Art Submission Checklists for more information on how, where and what to submit.


Magazine published for firefighters. Covers incidents, innovations,
 trends and adversity, changes and profiles. Loves photo stories.
 Submit using online form.


An enlightened online space for new writers to test-drive their work.

How it works:  Emerging writers are invited to submit short written works online. Geist chooses and publishes one piece each month on a dedicated web page. Geist readers and like-minded people are then invited to comment on the featured work.

Who is eligible?

  • Canadian students enrolled in secondary or post-secondary courses and/or writing workshops are eligible.
  • The writer should have no more than 2 short works published in established print or online magazines, books or websites. (Blogs, zines and in-house school publications are exempt.)
  • For full details:


Are you overflowing with ideas on how to improve and streamline your 
fitness career? Are you an expert in a niche area of fitness and have 
you always wanted to publish your research? We want to hear from you! 
The editorial team is always looking for articles that serve the needs 
of fitness, wellness and health professionals. Magazines in this family 

IDEA Fitness Journal

IDEA Trainer Success

IDEA Fitness Manager

IDEA Pilates Today

The Island Review

The editors of The Island Review are seeking submissions of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, photography and visual art from islanders everywhere, as well as from those whose work is influenced by islands or which explores ideas of islandness.

The Island Review is an online magazine dedicated to great writing and visual art that comes from, is inspired by, celebrates or seeks to understand the extraordinary appeal of islands, as places and as metaphors.

Due to be launched in early 2013, the editors hope to provide an online home for islanders and island lovers everywhere.

We’re looking for work that stands out from the crowd: work that is original, daring, witty, wise, radical, intelligent, illuminating or just plain excellent. If you think you fit into any (or all) of those categories, we want to hear from you.

LUMINA Journal

Submissions are open! Submit your work using our online Submission Manager.

Deadline for current issue is October 15.

We accept poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art submissions from everyone regardless of age, nationality, or school affiliation, with the exception of current LUMINA staff members.

LUMINA, the literary magazine of the graduate writing program of Sarah Lawrence College, was originally conceived in the fall semester of 2000 by a group of three poetry and fiction students. It was the first graduate magazine to be produced on the campus since 1991. After consulting with those who had worked on Sarah Lawrence’s previous literary magazines, and a year of working to secure the necessary funding, the magazine was officially launched as LUMINA in December of 2001. The students’ efforts are supported by faculty advisors and by the writing program’s administrative staff, all of whom assist in making the production of LUMINA possible.

NANO Fiction

NANO Fiction is currently accepting previously unpublished works of fiction 300 words or fewer.

We are looking for: Pieces that experiment with form while still balancing narrative. Pieces that tell us a story we haven’t read before. Pieces that tell us stories we think we are tired of reading–but tell them in such in a new way that we gain fresh insights. Pieces that remain attentive to language and lyricism without abandoning story. Pieces that surprise us–but not by using a trick ending. Pieces that take unexpected perspectives on commonly-seen stories–for example, rather than showing us the accident or the hospital bed, show us the moment she realizes his wheelchair won’t fit through the door of their favorite restaurant.

Plenitude Magazine

Call for Submissions

Submissions are ongoing.

About Plenitude Magazine

Plenitude Magazine aims to promote the growth and development of LGBTTQI literature through a biannual electronic (e-reader and tablet) publication of literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic narrative and short film by both emerging and established LGBTTQI writers.

We define queer literature and arts as works created by LGBTTQI people, rather than works which feature queer content alone. That said, we recognise that Plenitude readers are hungry for exceptional work that reflects queer histories, cultures, experiences, and sensibilities. We consider every submission with critical analyses, sometimes turning to an advisory editorial board of writers, academics, and community advocates.


What We Publish

Plenitude aims to complicate expressions of queerness through the publication of diverse, sophisticated literary writing, graphic narrative and short film, from the very subtle to the brash and unrelenting.

We are not interested in genre writing, political essays, or rants. We are only interested in literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic narrative and short film at this time. If you are interested in writing political essays, or other critical analyses, please contact us about contributing to our blog – we would love to hear from you.

Fiction: Please send up to 2 stories per submission, double spaced, paginated, 12 point font, maximum 8,000 words per story.

Nonfiction: Please send up to 2 pieces per submission, double spaced, paginated, 12 point font, maximum 8,000 words per piece.

Poetry: Please send up to 10 pages of poetry, single spaced, paginated, 12 point font.

Graphic Narrative: Please send up to 10 pages of graphic narrative.

Film: We take a curatorial approach to film at this time; please send us links to your short film(s) (up to four) of no more than 10 minutes each.

How to Submit

Email submissions to Please place cover letter with your name, contact information, name of piece(s), and brief bio in the body of the email. Please title the files with your name, followed by name of piece. For example “ROUTLEY, ANDREA – HABITAT”

Attach text submissions as docx or PDF file.

Attach graphic submissions as JPG or PNG files, bounding volume of 1600 x 1600, 96 ppi.

Send links to short film submissions.

All unsolicited submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry or graphic narrative should be unpublished, original works. There are no restrictions in this regard for film.

We accept simultaneous submissions; in the event that your submission is accepted elsewhere, please let us know right away.

As Plenitude is a new magazine, rates are modest at this time, ranging from $10-$25 per contributor. There is currently no compensation for website contributions.

Plenitude Magazine buys first serial rights; copyright remains with the author/creator.

Andrea Routley

Editor, Plenitude Magazine


We are currently looking for new additions to our team of fabulous 
freelance divas. We want gals who can parlay their interests into 
colorful, witty, engaging, inspiring and expertly researched articles 
for our website — all written in the true SheKnows style. No fluff. 
No flack. Just awesome ideas that become invaluable resources for 
our female audience. Article length is 450-600 words. Pays at least 
ten cents/word. Interested in original, unpublished content on the 
following topics:

Entertainment & celebs

Family, parenting & pregnancy

Food, cooking & recipes

Beauty, fashion & style

Home DIY, improvement & décor

Budgeting, savings & career

Relationships, marriage, dating & breakups

Crafts & activities

Local and/or regional features


Photography heavy publication. Covers all aspects of skiing 
from gear to destinations. Covers lifestyle and how-to. 
Addresses all levels of skiers. Pays from 30 cents to 
$1/word for articles of 1,000 to 2,000 words and columns 
of around 1,000 words.


The magazine’s editorial position is that the lives of small-
scale farmers and their families are worthy, complex and rich 
in possibility, and that the communities serving small-scale 
farmers are unique and dynamic. Through attractive, well-written, 
independent-minded articles (free of orthodoxies) the magazine 
entertains, informs, inspires and challenges readers across 
Canada. Pays 30 cents/word for articles of 900 to 1,500 words.
Columns are 550 words


Looking for humorous, positive contemporary stories of 700 – 
2,800 words with a strong plot. If the story has a twist it should 
arise from the story, rather than from a detail kept from the 
reader. To check your twist, imagine your story were being made 
into a film – would the surprise still work? If it’s First 
Australian rights and HASN’T been published anywhere else in the 
world, then you will receive $400 for one page, $600 for 2 pages, 
$700 for 3 pages, $800 for 4 pages. If it’s First Australian Rights 
and HAS been published once, somewhere else in the world, then you 
will receive: $300 for one page, $500 for 2 pages, $600 for 3 pages 
and $700 for 4 pages.

1 page – 900 words
1.5 pp – 1,200 words
2pp – 1,400 words
3pp – 2,100 words 
4pp – 2,800 words

The Travel Itch

The travel itch is an irresistible on-line read and the next best thing to experiencing Canada and the world firsthand. It offers fresh Canadian perspectives on travel that entertain and inform while agitating the itch to go. We are hunting for original travel articles from blossoming and bloomed Canadian writers about their travel experiences at home or abroad. We’re also seeking gripping travel images and film, book and restaurant reviews.

Submission guidelines are at


Combination of science and technology, business and industry, all leading to changing culture. Specify which section you’re pitching. No attachments. Responds quickly. Pays $1.50 per word. Make your pitch short. Please email or for editorial calendars.


Our mission? To inspire, inform, and compel women to live life to its 
fullest through outdoor adventure and travel. The best way to break 
in? Pitch us inspiration and information in the form of juicy, newsy, 
timely tidbits that you’re able to write about with evidence, authority, 
and style.



Vagabundo Magazine runs two types of content: magazine and blog. The 
magazines are published both in print and digitally every two months. 
About 50% of the content of the magazine is supplied by freelancers.

Cover Story: $200 – 2,000 words

Long features: $75-100 – 1,200 to 2,000 words

Short features: $40-80 – 1,000 to 1,200 words

Shutter Spot: $25 per image – one image with a 50-word caption

Photo Essay: $75 total – 5-7 photos



Read original articles, interviews, and profiles relating to all aspects 
of progressive organizational wellness. Get real workplace stories, 
solutions and strategies that you will not find any place else! Your Workplace 
features original articles, in-depth interviews and profiles, and reaches HR 
and managers who are decision makers/influencers willing to support a better 
way of doing things to create an amazing workplace. Pays a minimum of 20



 Filling Station is accepting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and non-fiction submissions for an upcoming themed issue: Experimental Writing by Women. Guidelines are available at:


Dragnet Magazine is accepting fiction submissions. Details can be found at:


 Event Poetry and Prose is accepting submissions. Guidelines are available at:


Grain Magazine is accepting submissions. For more details, visit:


Lunch Ticket is accepting fiction, non-fiction, poetry and YA submissions. Guidelines are available at:


Spark is a quarterly anthology accepting Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Creative Non-Fiction. All great writing will be considered. Guidelines are available at:



NO ENTRY FEE. *Must be a member of the SCBWI.

The Karen and Philip Cushman Late Bloomer Award is for authors over 
the age of fifty who have not been traditionally published in the 
children’s literature field. The award is open to both unpublished 
children’s book authors or author/illustrators over the age of fifty, 
and one winner will be chosen from the pool of those who have submitted 
material for the SCBWI Work-In-Progress Grants. The winner will receive 
$500 in cash, and free tuition to any worldwide SCBWI conference. The 
first winner will be selected this year and announced along with the 
other Work-in-Progress Grant recipients. This award is opened for
 submissions only in the month of March.


Wyn Lit 24 Hour Short Story Writing Contest

You do not have to use the title of the subjects as the title of your short story. You do not have to use the exact wording of the subjects within your story. In fact, we hope you don’t. You must use all the words from the word list exactly as shown. If you have it in you, you may submit more than one story within the 24 hours.

Deadline: August 24, 2013, September 14, October 5, November 23.

Entry fee: Free to members

Prize: Publication



Submissions deadline: Aug. 31, 2013.The winner will be announced by Dec. 31, 2013. Each poet will be notified via email. The competition is open only to poets over 60 years of age. The winner will receive $1,000 and publication.

For more details, visit

Snake Nation Press: Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry

Postmark Deadline: August 31

Now in its twenty-third year, Snake Nation Press announces the 2013 Violet Reed Haas Prize for Poetry:

• $1,000 prize and publication

• $25 entry fee must accompany the manuscript

• 50-75 page manuscript; previously published poems eligible

• Most recent winner: Kevin Brown for A Lexicon of Lost Words

Please mail your entry and fee to:

Snake Nation Press

Attn: Poetry Contest

2920 North Oak Street

Valdosta, GA 31602

We also now welcome your entries by email with online payment. Please click for instructions.

Snake Nation Press provides an informative, non-threatening venue for writers to submit their work in the midst of an often chaotically diverse publishing world. Over the history of the Press, the staff and volunteers have found great satisfaction in forging personalized editorial relationships with both emerging and established writers. The editors look for manuscripts that concretely render the writer’s actual and imaginative experiences. We publish writing that both newly interprets life in its everyday reality and that opens the reader’s eyes to internal landscapes that have not yet been envisioned. We believe that good writing fortifies a belief in the value of human life and effort, but above all the work must connect intuition and experience to cast a spell of surprised recognition that shocks the reader with what was thought to be familiar.

Serena McDonald Kennedy Award

Postmark Deadline: August 31

Submit a novella of up to 50,000 words or a manuscript of short stories up to 200 pages long. Fiction and nonfiction accepted. Any well-written manuscript on any topic will be considered. Previously published works may be entered. An entry fee of $25 must accompany the submission. Winner receives $1,000 award and publication. Most recent winner: John Zeugner for Under Hiroshima and Other Stories.

Please mail your entry and fee to:

Snake Nation Press

Attn: Serena McDonald Kennedy Award

2920 North Oak Street

Valdosta, GA 31602

You may also submit by email with online payment.

The Backwaters Prize for a Manuscript of Poems

Postmark Deadline Extended to August 31

The Backwaters Prize is an annual award, open to all poets working in the English language, given to the author of the best submitted manuscript of original poems. The prize is $1,000 cash and publication of the winning manuscript. Our judge this year is Lola Haskins. We adhere to the CLMP code of ethics for administering a literary contest. Submit online.

Reading fee: $25.

2013 Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award

Postmark Deadline: August 31

Established in 1998, in honor of the poet Benjamin Saltman (1927-1999), this award is for a previously unpublished original collection of poetry. Awarded collection is selected through an annual competition, which is open to all poets. This year’s final judge will be Mark Doty.

Award is $3,000 and publication by Red Hen Press. Entry fee is $25. Name on cover sheet only, 48 page minimum. Send self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for notification.

Please submit materials to:

Red Hen Press

Attn: Benjamin Saltman Award

P.O. Box 40820

Pasadena, CA 91114

Red Hen Press will only accept submissions that have been mailed to the above address; please no email attachments or faxes. See our complete guidelines at

Wag’s Revue Summer Contest

The Summer 2013 Contest is currently open. We hold two contests annually, the Winter Writers Contest from December first through the end of February and the Summer one, from June 1 to August 31. The contests are open to all three genres and are judged by the editors. For each, first prize is $1000 and guaranteed publication in the magazine, second prize is $500 and third $100. All pieces are considered for publication. There is a $20 reading fee per contest submission, plus Submittable’s fee.

For more details, visit



Erasure poetry begins with an existing piece of text. Letters, words and 
punctuation are removed—or erased. What is left behind is a new stand-
alone poem, one that both complements and gives new meaning to the Erasure 
Text. The Erasure Text for the 3rd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest is 
“Exhibit 37: Hawthorn Branch,” a prose poem from Cottonopolis by Rachel 
Lebowitz. Copy the passage from Cottonopolis, into your word processor. 
This is your Erasure Text. Erase! The left­over words and letters will 
form your poem. Do this in any way you like and be creative. The remaining 
words should take on new shapes and meanings. The ONLY RULE is do not change 
the order of words or letters. You can combine left­over words and letters 
however you see fit, just as long as they appear in the same order as in 
the original text.

Deadline August 31, 2013.

First Prize: the Geist Erasure Trophy and $600

Second Prize: $250

Third Prize: $150

Honourable Mentions: Swell Geist gifts

2013 EPIC FANTASY Contest

Are you fantasy writers ready for something amazing? We at Assent Publishing Phantasm Books Imprint love a good battle. We invite you to bring your magic shields and supernatural swords, and show us what you got! Check out our new contest, follow the rules and enter for a chance to be the 2013 Assent Publishing “EPIC FANTASY” Champion!


“EPIC FANTASY” Contest submissions accepted from May 1, 2013 through midnight (U.S. Eastern Time), August 31, 2013

All subgenres of fantasy accepted (except erotica)

Manuscript must be complete

Word counts accepted – 85,000 to 120,000 – OR a novella series of at least 2 novellas, 40,000 words each

You must note “2013 EPIC FANTASY Contest” and book title in subject line of submission email

One “EPIC FANTASY” contest submission per author

Follow ALL Phantasm Books Imprint Submission Guidelines

All submissions will be judged by Assent Publishing Imprint Editors and Acquisitions Editors




Grand Prize: $1,000

Second Place: $100

Four Honorable Mentions: $25 each

Entry fee: $4

($3 for each additional entry)

Deadline: August 31, 2013

Maximum length: 1,000 words


All Six Finalists Will Be Published Online in the

October 2013 Issue of Gemini.


Any subject, style or genre:

experimental, mainstream, noir, fantasy, humor, erotica….

Simply send your best, most powerful work.

For more details, visit



Submissions should be no longer than 5,000 words, and while there 
is no lower limit to the acceptable word-count we are generally 
expecting work in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range.

In 2013, the Elderberry Prize for Short Fiction will be awarded in 
June, September and December, so submission deadlines for 2013 are 
May 31, August 31 and November 30. A cash prize of $500 is awarded 
to the winning submission in each Elderberry Short Fiction contest.

 The 2013 Barthelme Prize for Short Prose, sponsored by Gulf Coast

Postmark Deadline: August 31

Gulf Coast is now accepting entries for the 2013 Barthelme Prize for Short Prose, judged by Robert Coover. The contest is open to pieces of prose poetry, flash fiction, and micro-essays of 500 words or fewer. Established in 2008, the contest awards its winner $1,000 and publication in the journal. Two honorable mentions receive $250 and will also appear in issue 26.2, due out in April 2014. All entries will be considered for paid publication on our website as Online Exclusives.

We accept submissions both via our online submissions manager and via postal mail, and all entrants receive a one-year subscription to Gulf Coast with their reading fee. Entrants may submit up to three pieces with each entry fee. Multiple submissions are allowed, but each new entry of three pieces must be accompanied by a separate entry fee. Visit for more information.

   To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize

Award: $1000 and publication of collection by Red Hen Press

Deadline: August 31, 2013 postmark

Page Limit: 48 to 96 pages

Fee: $20 per entry

Announcement Date: December 15, 2013

AROHO’s To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize will be awarded for the best, unpublished poetry collection by a woman. Submit 48 to 96 pages of poetry postmarked by August 31, 2013. The $20 reading/entry fee is payable by check or money order to A Room of Her Own; please indicate “To the Lighthouse PPP” in the memo line. Include an SASP [self-addressed stamped postcard] with your package for notification of receipt. Your name and address should appear on the cover sheet only, along with the manuscript title, and your address and telephone number. The award amount is $1000 and publication of your poetry collection by Red Hen Press. The winner will be contacted by phone or email prior to the web announcement date.


Send manuscript along with SASP, cover sheet, and check (postmarked 8/31/2013) to:


A Room Of Her Own

Attn: To the Lighthouse PPP

PO Box 778

Placitas, NM 87043

St. Lawrence Book Award

Awarded annually for any unpublished collection of poetry or short stories. Prize includes book publication, $1,000 cash award, and ten author copies of the book. Deadline: August 31, 2013. Entry Period: July 1- August 31. GUIDELINES

 Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition

Win £500 and publication with the Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition!  The Creative Writing Competition is a fantastic opportunity for existing and aspiring writers and poets to showcase their work to a wider, international audience. Two categories for entry: Poetry and Short Fiction. Deadline for entries: 31 August 2013. Finalists will be announced on the 31 October 2013. Winners will be announced on the 1 December 2013. Prizes: There will be two winners; one Poetry winner and one Short Fiction winner. Each winner will receive £500.  Each winner will receive a selection of books from our competition partners. Winners and finalists will be published in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual. Winners and shortlisted finalists will receive a complimentary copy of the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual.

Naugatuck River Review’s Fifth Annual NARRATIVE POETRY CONTEST

Naugatuck River Review’s Fifth Annual NARRATIVE POETRY CONTEST will be judged by Susan Deer Cloud. Please read the guidelines here BEFORE submitting your work.

First prize is $1000 and publication in NRR

Second prize $250 and publication in NRR

Third prize of  $100 and publication in NRR

Contest submissions will be open from July 1 – Sept. 1  at midnight

Black Warrior Review Writing Contests

Deadline: September 1, 2013

Entry Fee:  $15

Three prizes of $1,000 each and publication in Black Warrior Review are given annually for a single poem, a short story, and a work of nonfiction (including creative nonfiction). Kate Durbin will judge in poetry, Brian Evenson will judge in fiction, and Jenny Boully will judge in nonfiction. Using the online submission system, submit up to three poems of any length or a story or essay of up to 7,500 words with a $15 entry fee, which includes a subscription to Black Warrior Review, by September 1. Visit the website for complete guidelines. Black Warrior Review, Writing Contests, P.O. Box 862936, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0027. Brandi Wells, Editor.

2013 NANO Prize

The Fifth Annual NANO Prize, awarding publication and $500 to a previously unpublished work of fiction 300 words or fewer, is open as of May 1st. All entrants will receive a one-year subscription to NANO Fiction and winners will be announced in September.

This year’s contest will be judged by Sean Lovelace.

The entry fee is $15 for up to three shorts. Please visit our submission manager to enter.


Rules and Guidelines: All entries must be unpublished and 300 words or fewer. While there will be only one winner of the contest, all submitted pieces will be considered for publication.

The entry fee is $15 for up to three shorts. Please paste all three works into the submission manager as one submission. You may enter as many times as you like. Each separate entry requires its own entry fee of $15. Entry fees are nonrefundable. Please withdraw your submission immediately if taken elsewhere.

The entrant’s name should not appear anywhere in the body of the submission.

Friends and family of the editors are not eligible to submit.

Deadline: September 1, 2013.

Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Are you a self-published author? Is your story an e-book? If you answered yes to both questions then you can be part of the first-ever Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards. You could win $2,000 cash, an interview in Writer’s Digest, and more!

Enter your work in this competition exclusively for self-published e-book authors! The types of books accepted include, but are not limited to:

Mainstream/Literary Fiction

Children’s/Picture Books

Genre Fiction

Middle-Grade/Young Adult Books

Reference Books


Life Stories

And more!

The Early-Bird Deadline to submit your work is September 9, 2013. Don’t miss your chance to take part in Writer’s Digest’s newest competition!

Enter now!

Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize

What is the Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize?

An annual contest for the best writing in the boundless field of creative nonfiction. A chance for your creative nonfiction to be read by Hunger Mountain editors and guest judges!

What will the winner receive?

One first place winner receives $1000 and publication

Two honorable mentions receive $100 each

Who can enter the contest?

Anyone! Everyone!

Who is this year’s judge?

This year’s judge hasn’t been announced yet. Check back for news.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is September 10.  If you’re entering electronically, you can wait until the last minute of the last hour.  If you’re using snail mail, your entry should be postmarked by Sept. 10.


Shelf Unbound book review magazine announces the Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book. Any independently published book in any genre is eligible for entry. Entry fee is $30 per book. The winning entry will be selected by the editors of Shelf Unbound magazine.

The official rules for the competition can be found at here.

To submit an entry, email a PDF or Word Doc of your entire book, including the cover, to, subject line Contest Entry (or mail a physical copy of your book to: Shelf Media Group, PO Box 852321, Richardson, Texas 75085-2321), and send a check for $30 made out to Shelf Media Group to Margaret Brown, Shelf Media Group, PO Box 852321, Richardson, Texas 75085-2321, or pay via PayPal (click on this link and select “Competition Entry Fee”: ). All entries received (and entry fee paid) will be considered.

The deadline for entry is midnight on September 10, 2013. The winners will be notified by October 2, 2013. Additional information and rules can be found on our contest rules page at

For further information, please feel free to contact Margaret Brown, Publisher, via email:


The Fifth Annual Bartleby Snopes Writing Contest: Dialogue Only (2013)

Our 5th Annual Dialogue Only Contest will open for submissions on June 21st. Please follow our Contest blog for further updates. Be sure to read all of the rules below before submitting.

Prizes: A minimum of $300 will be awarded, with at least $250 going to first place and at least $10 to our four honorable mentions. Our five finalists will also appear in Issue 11 of the magazine due out in January 2014. Last year we awarded $585 in prize money. For every entry over 25, an additional $5 will be awarded to the first place story.

The Rules: Compose a short story entirely of dialogue. You may use as many characters as you want. Your entry must be under 2000 words. Your entry does not have to follow standard rules for writing dialogue. Your entry cannot use any narration (this includes tag lines such as he said, she said, etc.). These are the only rules. Manipulate them however you see fit.

Deadline: All initial submissions must be received by September 15th. Winners will be announced by October 19th.

For more details, visit

The Fountain 2013 Essay Contest

So, what’s you motto in life? What was it before, and what is it now? If you were to choose three words to sum up your motto, what would they be? In an essay outlining your philosophy on life, share with us your thoughts and insights. Deadline: September 15, 2013.

• Contest open to all writers worldwide

• Essay word count must be between 1,500 and 2,500 words

• Essays must be submitted through the essay contest page at

• Cash prizes:

   1st Place – $1,500

   2nd Place – $750

   3rd Place – $300

   Two Honorable Mentions – $200 each



Contest for original works of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, or horror, 
ideally 1,500 to 3,500 words. Current deadline: September 15, 2013. $1,000
 plus 4 runners-up receive $100. All winners published in Rosebud.

Cha “Void” Poetry Contest

Asian ChaCha: An Asian Literary Journal (UK and China) is accepting entries for the Cha “Void” Poetry Contest. First prize: £50; additional prizes available. Winning poems published in a special section in the 6th anniversary issue (November 2013). Submit up to two poems (80 lines max). Theme: Void.

No entry fee.

Deadline: September 15, 2013.


Words That Change Minds

The Words That Change Minds persuasive writing challenge provides authors an opportunity to shape opinions on a topic you care about. Authors are free to chose the topic and submissions are evaluated on the ability of the writing to persuade the reader. The entry fee for WTCM submissions are $18 per submission, and the next submission deadline is September 15, 2013.

For more details, visit:

2013 Red Mountain Prize for Poetry

DEADLINE SEPT. 15, 2013. The 2013 Red Mountain Prize for Poetry will award publication of a full-length book of poetry. The most important criterion is that the manuscript manifests significant themes in beautiful, strong and evocative language. The winner will receive publication with our standard contract and a $1000 award. All entries may be considered for future publication. SEE WEBSITE FOR FULL SUBMISSION DETAILS: SUBMIT through the electronic submission manager

…A Short Story Competition from Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards

Choose your favorite genre and enter your best in 4,000 words or less.

Early-Bird Deadline:  September 16, 2013

Prizes included:

A chance to win the Grand Prize including $2,500 and a trip to the 2013 Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City

A chance to win one of the six $500 Category First Prizes

Get a feature about you in Writer’s Digest and on

Win $100 off a purchase at

Receive a copy of the 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market


IEA Brexit Prize


A referendum has resulted in an “Out” vote and Her Majesty’s Government has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. What measures does the UK need to take in the following two years, domestically (within the UK), vis-a-vis the remaining EU and internationally, in order to promote a free and prosperous economy?


An “Out” vote in a British referendum would be a major historic geo-political and economic event, perhaps even comparable with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union and re-unification of Germany. It is time, therefore, that the UK explores the process of withdrawal and its economic and political consequences. This competition is designed to examine the process of withdrawal and, more importantly, how the UK might fit into the fresh geo-political and economic landscape that would follow.

Entry Requirements

Against this background, competitors are invited to compose a Blueprint for Britain outside the EU, covering the process of withdrawal from the EU and the post-exit repositioning of the UK in the global trading and governance systems, covering, inter alia:

The legal and constitutional process necessary for the UK to leave the EU and set up, if desired, alternative international relationships. This would include not just the process within the EU itself but the changes to UK law and regulation that would be desirable or necessary.

Negotiation of the UK’s post-EU-exit position to settle the UK’s relationships with the remaining EU and other interested parties and, crucially, with the rest of the world, in respect of trade, supranational governance, immigration, the environment, financial regulation, defence etc.

Submissions are invited from individuals, groups of individuals, academia and corporate bodies such as consultancy firms, law firms, accounting firms, think-tanks and investment banks. Initial submissions will be around 2,000 words. The competition’s initial judging panel will then invite the authors of around twenty of those entries to make full submissions of between 10,000 and 20,000 words within a further four months.


16th July 2013 – Brexit Prize announced

16th September 2013, 4pm – Deadline for initial submissions

End October 2013 – Selection of 20 best initial submissions announced

Early February 2014 – Deadline for final submissions

March 2014 – Winner announced

More details at



Limit 25 pages. Underground Voices is sponsoring an exciting short 
story competition with partial proceeds going to READING IS FUNDAMENTAL, 
a nonprofit program that gets books and literacy resources to kids who 
need them most. Deadline: September 21, 2013.

The winner wins $700, publication in the 2013 print anthology of 
Underground Voices and the story online at Underground Voices’ website.

2nd place wins $300, publication in the 2013 print anthology of 
Underground Voices and the story online at Underground Voices’ website.

3rd place wins $100, publication in the 2013 print anthology of 
Underground Voices and the story online at Underground Voices’ website.

Eighth Annual Solas Awards Open for Entries

Extraordinary stories about travel and the human spirit have been the cornerstones of our books since 1993. With the Solas Awards we honor writers whose work inspires others to explore. We’re looking for the best stories about travel and the world funny, illuminating, adventurous, uplifting, scary, inspiring, poignant stories that reflect the unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result. We hope these awards will be a catalyst for those who love to leave home and tell others about it.

Dates: You can enter year-round. The current competition closes September 21, 2013.

For details, visit:



The competition is open to unpublished women novelists writing in 
any genre for adults, including literary fiction, women’s fiction, 
young adult fiction, science fiction, fantasy, chick-lit, crime 
fiction, thriller, historical fiction… but not nonfiction or fiction 
for under 13s. To constitute a novel, your book must total at least 
50,000 words. Deadline September 23, 2013. 12 shortlisted authors will 
be invited to a networking event and introduced to a specially invited 
group of literary agents. First prize £5,000. You may submit up to 
5,000 words, which must be the first 5,000 words of the novel. Women 
who have had a novel published commercially, for any age group, in any 
country, are not eligible. Women who have had other types of books 
published (e.g. poetry, memoir, nonfiction), but have not had a novel 
published, are eligible. Self-published manuscripts are eligible.

Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest

Postmark Deadline: September 30

The Connecticut Poetry Society is pleased to announce that the Connecticut River Review Poetry Contest is accepting submissions. All poets are welcome. You do not need to reside in Connecticut or belong to the Connecticut Poetry Society.

Note: This year’s contest is themed! Submit poems on the theme of STORMS, interpreted as broadly as you wish.

We offer prizes of $400, $100, and $50. Winning poems will be published in the Connecticut River Review. Honorable Mentions may also receive publication. For your $15 entry fee (make check out to CPS) you may enter three unpublished poems, up to 80 lines each. Multiple and simultaneous submissions are acceptable if you notify us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere. Last year’s winners are not eligible for this year’s contest.

Please submit two copies of each poem, one with contact info and one completely anonymous. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for contest results. No poems will be returned—please keep a copy. Mail your work to CRR Contest, CPS, P.O. Box 270554, West Hartford, CT 06127.

The Connecticut Poetry Society is a state-wide community of poets dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of poetry. CPS has a 35-year tradition of excellence in publishing work of national and Connecticut poets. Our mission is to support poetry with chapter meetings, contests, and events for CPS members throughout the state. More information on this contest and on our organization can be found at



Each submission for the Biography contest must fit within a fairly 
traditional definition of biography. It must be a non-fiction 
account of the life of a real person, written by someone other 
than the subject of the biography.

Submissions should be no longer than 5,000 words, and while there 
is no lower limit to the acceptable word-count we are generally 
expecting work in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range.

The Elderberry Prize for Short Biography will be awarded in April, 
July and October of 2013 and January of 2014, so submission deadlines are September 30 and December 31. A cash 
prize of $500 is awarded to the winning submission in each Elderberry 
Biography contest.



Deadline September 30, 2013.

First prize – $500, second prize – $150, 
third prize – $50. Ten honorable mentions. Prizewinners and all honorable 
mentions will be published in the Voices Israel 2014 Poetry Anthology.
 The competition is general and not necessarily on Jewish or Israeli 
subjects. Challenging, humorous and/or curious poetry is welcome. Poems 
should be unpublished, no more than 40 lines, including stanza breaks but 
not including title.


The Second Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence recognizes the single best piece of short fiction and poem submitted to The Puritan. Submissions will be read and judged by the editors of The Puritan in a double-blind judging process. Fiction submissions are capped at 12,000 words, and submissions of poetry must be no longer than 3 pages in length.

The cost per each submission is $10 CAD, payable via The Puritan’s PayPal account. Payments should be made under the SAME name attached to the story or poem submitted. Please submit by classifying your work as “Thomas Morton Prize” in our submission category tab. Submissions will be cross-referenced with receipts of payment, and eligible submitters who follow these instructions will receive an email confirming BOTH the receipt of payment and literary submission.

The contest deadline is September 30th, 2013, and the winner will be announced in October. The winners will receive their prize of $900 for fiction and $600 for poetry and a prize package of books from various Canadian publishers (Coach House Books, House of Anansi, ECW Press, Porcupine’s Quill, Freehand Books, Goose Lane Editions, Cormorant Books, Brick Books, Mansfield Press, Pedlar Press, and Tightrope Books) worth approximately $600. Winning entries will also be published in The Puritan (Issue XXIII: Fall 2013).

For more details, visit:

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest

Postmark Deadline: September 30, 2013

Now in its 11th year, $5,500 in prizes will be awarded, including $2,000 for a poem in any style and $2,000 for a poem that rhymes or has a traditional style. You may submit work that has been published or won prizes elsewhere, as long as you own the online publication rights. The entry fee is $8 for every 25 lines you submit. Submit online or by mail. Early submission encouraged. This contest is sponsored by Tom Howard Books and assisted by Winning Writers. Judges: John H. Reid and Dee C. Konrad. See the complete guidelines and past winners.

For more information:

Delizon Annual Short Story Competition

Entries are now open for the 2013-2014 Annual Short Story Competition organized by Delizon Publishers. Submission deadline is 30th September 2013.

The awards for the 2013/2014 contest will include:

A first place prize of $1200

A first runner up prize of $600

A second runner up prize of $120

The prize for the fourth through to the tenth place: $60

The 11 to 25th place will receive a gift certificate from Delizon Publishers.

We are looking for a story that is bold, brilliant yet brief. Send in your best work with a word count not more than 1500. Delizon Publishers does not shift schedules or wait for more entries after the original closing dates; what this means is that you might miss out if you wait till the dying minutes to make your submission. This is probably the best short story writing competition available to you today.

People from different cultures and regions of the world are among the list of our winners.


“A culture is as rich and as capable of surviving as 
it has imaginative artists. The artist is looked upon to start things. 
The artist injects the spirit of life 
into a culture. And through his creative endeavors, 
the writer works continually to give tomorrow a new form.”

—L. Ron Hubbard



    >>  PRIZES EVERY THREE MONTHS: $1,000, $750, $500



Quarterly Deadlines end at midnight on the last day of each quarter starting October 1, January 1, April 1 and July 1. The year will end on September 30. (December 31, September 30, March 31, June 30.)

For more details, visit


The Missouri Review Editors’ Prize

$15,000 in Prizes

Postmark Deadline: October 1

Submit your best poetry, fiction, and essays. Winners in each genre receive $5,000, a featured publication in our spring issue, and a trip to Columbia, MO for a gala reading and reception. Three finalists in each genre receive cash prizes and will also be considered for publication. $20 contest fee includes a one-year subscription to The Missouri Review.

Entries must be previously unpublished and will not be returned. Please include no more than 25 typed, double-spaced pages for fiction and nonfiction. Poetry entries can include any number of poems up to 10 pages in total. Each story, essay, or group of poems constitutes one entry. Submit online or by mail. Click for the complete guidelines.




Your short story should be up to 2500 words in total in English and 
have a food and drink theme at its heart. Entries should be submitted 
by email as a Word document to the 
by October 1, 2013 (one submission per person and not previously published). 
The winning entry will be announced at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary 
Festival in March 2014. The winner will receive £7500. Deadline: October 
1, 2013.



First prize is $10,000 AND publication by Quirk Books. We’re looking 
for love stories that are fresh, fun, and strikingly unconventional. 
Boy Meets Girl. Girl Meets Girl. Girl Meets Shark. Shark Meets Pirate. 
Anything goes! Except vampires. Sorry. Win us over, knock us out, and 
show us what we’re missing! The contest deadline is October 1, 2013. 
At least 50,000 words.


$26 ENTRY FEE (includes one-year subscription)

CV2 magazine has created a new poetry contest exclusively for writers 
under the age of 35. The YOUNG BUCK poetry prize will be awarded to 
the author of the single best submitted poem, along with $1,000 and 
publication in CV2. Three honourable mentions will also be awarded, 
each with a unique Writer’s Toolkit prize pack. Open to Canadian and 
International poets. Each poem is not to exceed 48 lines.

October 1, 2013.

Miami University Press Novella Contest

Miami University Press invites submissions to the 2014 Novella Contest. This prize is awarded annually to a novella length manuscript of original fiction.

The winning manuscript will be awarded $750 against royalties, a standard contract, publication by Miami University Press and 10 copies of the book.

Judge: Joseph Bates

Submission rules and guidelines

**Please note: due to staffing limitations, entries received between June 1 and July 31 will not be processed until August 1, 2013.

Entries must be accompanied by:

(1) a completed Entry Form [.pdf]

(2) a title page with only the entry title and word count (do not include your name on the title page), and

(3) the required reading fee of $25 U.S. Dollars (check or money order made payable to Miami University Press). We are unable to accept credit cards or cash.

Winning entry receives book publication and a $750 advance against royalties.

Entries must be postmarked by October 14, 2013.

If you are entering more than one manuscript, you may mail all entries in the same package and include one check or money order for the total reading fee ($25 per manuscript); however, each manuscript must be accompanied by a separate entry form and title page.

The reading fee is non-refundable.

Our contest is open to residents of any country, but please note that the reading fee must be paid in U.S. dollars.

Manuscripts must be 18,000–40,000 words. Include the exact word count on the cover page.

Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, in a legible font on white 8½” x 11″ or A4 paper. Loose pages, held together with a binder clip or rubber band, are acceptable.

Previously published works are not eligible.

Students, former students, faculty, former faculty, or anyone connected to Miami University are not eligible.

Simultaneous submissions are welcomed; please notify us if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere. We regret that we cannot refund the entry fee.

We cannot return submitted manuscripts.

To receive notification of receipt of your manuscript, send a self-addressed stamped postcard along with your entry.

All entrants receive a copy of the winning book.

Results will be announced on our website by early February 2014.

Mail to:
MU Press Novella Prize
English Department
356 Bachelor Hall
Miami University,
Oxford, OH 45056

The 2013 Joy Harjo Poetry Award & the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award

**First Prize in each genre: $1250 and publication.

**Second Prize in each genre: $250 and publication.

**Honorable Mention:  Publication.

Submit up to three unpublished poems (100 line limit each) or one unpublished short story (5000 word limit), any subject, any style, postmarked between July 15 and October 15, 2013.

MAIL:  Author name must not appear on MS.  Include a cover sheet with name, address, phone, email, genre and title(s). MUST include SASE for announcement of winners. A stamped postcard for receipt of ms. is optional.  Manuscripts must be in 12-point font. All paper manuscripts are recycled.  DO NOT STAPLE STORIES OR POEMS!

Submit as often as you wish  (online and mail). Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as writer informs us.  $17 fee for all entries. Make checks payable to Raven’s Word Writers.

ONLINE ENTRIES:  Do not include a cover sheet. AUTHOR NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ON MS!  $17 entry fee. You will be instructed how to pay this by our submission service. Fiction must be double-spaced. 12 point font. No relatives of or employees of CUTTHROAT, no friends or students of judges are eligible for these prizes. No stories or poems that have been published or have won contests are eligible.   All winners will be notified by December 31, 2013.

Nonfiction Contest

$12.00 USD

Lumina XIII is excited to announce Cheryl Strayed as the judge of our 2013 nonfiction writing contest!

All contest submissions will also be considered for publication.


Deadline: October 15, 2013

Please read the guidelines carefully. If you include your personal information on the document, or exceed the word limit, your submission will no be considered.

Submission Fee: $12

Include a 100 word bio (max) at the bottom of your cover letter.

Submit one piece up to 5,000 words.

Double space and number pages.

DO NOT INCLUDE your name or any personal information in the body of your submission.

Previously published works will not be considered.

We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please withdraw your submission immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

2013 Northwind Story Contest

The Northwind Story Contest is back!  The 2013 Story Contest is open for submissions. Send us your best fiction and narrative non-fiction by October 15, 2013 to be eligible for the $1,000 First Prize, $250 Second Prize and $100 Third Prize.



Submissions should be no longer than 5,000 words, and while there 
is no lower limit to the acceptable word-count we are generally 
expecting work in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range.

In 2013, the Elderberry Essay Prize will be awarded in May, August 
and November, so submission deadlines for 2013 are April 30, July 31 
and October 31. A cash prize of $500 is awarded to the winning 
submission in each Elderberry Essay contest.

The Black River Chapbook Competition (Fall)

Awarded twice annually for a chapbook (16-36 pages) of poetry or short stories. Beginning with the Fall 2009 competition, winner receives $500 and 25 copies of chapbook. Entry Period: September 1 – October 31. Deadline: October 31, 2013. GUIDELINES


Deadline: November 1, 2013

For an upcoming issue, Creative Nonfiction is seeking new essays about mistakes—major or minor, tragic or serendipitous, funny or painful. We’re looking for stories about poor decisions, missteps, or miscalculations; we want to read about embarrassing boo-boos, dangerous misjudgments, or fortuitous faux pas in well-crafted stories that explore the nature and outcomes of human fallibility.

Essays must be vivid and dramatic; they should combine a strong and compelling narrative with an informative or reflective element, and reach beyond a strictly personal experience for some universal or deeper meaning. We’re looking for well-written prose, rich with detail and a distinctive voice; all essays must tell true stories and be factually accurate.

Creative Nonfiction editors will award $1000 for Best Essay & $500 for runner-up.

Guidelines: Essays must be previously unpublished and no longer than 4,000 words. There is a $20 reading fee (or send a reading fee of $25 to include a 4-issue subscription to Creative Nonfiction—US submitters only); multiple entries are welcome ($20/essay) as are entries from outside the United States (though due to shipping costs we cannot offer the subscription deal). All essays will be considered for publication in a special “Mistakes” issue.

You may submit essays online or by regular mail:

By regular mail Postmark deadline November 1, 2013
Please send manuscript, accompanied by cover letter with complete contact information including the title of the essay and word count; SASE or email for response; and payment to:

Creative Nonfiction
Attn: Mistakes
5501 Walnut Street, Suite 202
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Online Deadline to upload files: 11:59 pm EST November 1, 2013

Tennessee Williams New Orleans Festival   2013 One Act Play Contest

Our Annual One-Act Play Contest accepts submissions by mail and online from June 1st through November 1st each yearThe winner will be announced by March 1, 2014. The contest is judged by University of New Orleans’ Creative Writing Workshop and the Department of Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts.

Grand Prize:


Staged reading at the next Festival

Full production at the Festival the following year

VIP All-Access Festival pass for two years ($1,000 value)

Publication in Bayou

For details, visit

Malahat Review 2013 Open Season Awards

The Malahat Review, Canada’s premier literary magazine, invites entries from Canadian, American, and overseas authors for our annual Open Season Awards. An exciting spring showcase of literary excellence, Open Season bestows a prize of $1,000 in each of three marquee categories: poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction.

The deadline for the 2014 Open Season Awards is November 1, 2013.

More details:

Tennessee Williams New Orleans Festival                       2013 Fiction Contest

Our Annual Fiction Contest accepts submissions by mail and online from June 1st through November 15th each year.

The winner will be announced by March 15th, 2014. The judges of the Sixth Annual Fiction Contest are Victor LaValle and Emily Raboteau.

Please review the Eligibility, Guidelines, and FAQ before entering the contest.

For details, visit

The Telegraph Harvill Secker Crime Writing Competition

The competition

The new Telegraph Harvill Secker crime writing competition, launched tomorrow, offers aspiring writers an unprecedented opportunity to be published at one of the country’s leading literary imprints, home to authors like Jo Nesbø, Fred Vargas, Stuart Neville and Henning Mankell, and receive a £5,000 advance for his or her novel.

Would-be crime writers must submit the first 5,000 words of their crime novel, along with a detailed, two-page double-spaced synopsis of how the rest of the book unfolds, including the ending. The book does not have to be finished for you to enter, but you must have a detailed plan.

In keeping with the international nature of Harvill Secker’s profile, the crime book must contain an international element of some sort. It’s up to writers how they interpret this: it could be just a weapon that’s come from abroad, a character with a connection to another country, or the whole book could be set outside the UK. A significant international component does not, however, mean that a book will have a greater chance of winning.


How to enter

Entry is easy and online only, via here. There is a small £5 admin charge, payable to the Telegraph, and taken when writers upload their 5,000 words, synopsis and contact details to the site. Payment can be made by all major credit and debit cards using WorldPay. The closing date for entries is November 30, 2013. Books do not have to be completed before entry. Entrants can be from anywhere in the world but must be over 18 and submit their book in the English language. The prize is only open to those who have not had a novel published before and are not already signed with a literary agent. See for full terms and conditions.

Prairie Fire’s Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award, Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Contests

Entry fee: $32. This entitles you to a one-year (4 issues) subscription to Prairie Fire magazine. Make cheque or money order payable to Prairie Fire and enclose with your entry.
• One fiction entry consists of one story, maximum 10,000 words.
• One poetry entry consists of 1, 2, or 3 poems, maximum 150 lines.
• One creative non-fiction entry consists of one article, maximum 5,000 words.

Deadline is November 30, 2013 (postmarked).

For more details, visit:

Bottle Tree Productions One Act Play Competition for Writers 2013

DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2013. Go online at  First Prize $1,000, Second Prize $250, Third Prize $100. Top ten entries are posted on our site. The entry fee for each submission is $25. One Act Plays of from 10 minutes to 70 minutes may be submitted by mail or email. By mail to Bottle Tree Productions, 445 Southwood Drive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M-5P8. Please make cheque payable to Bottle Tree Productions. For environmental and storage reasons email submissions are preferred. By email to contest (at) bottletreeinc (dot) com. Go online at for Paypal options and further details and to see past winners and their contact info.

82nd Annual Writer’s Digest Competition

Writer’s Digest has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers in all genres through its Annual Writing Competition for more than 80 years. Enter our 82nd Annual Writing Competition for your chance to win and have your work be seen by editors and agents! The winning entries will also be on display in the 82nd Annual Writer’s Digest Competition Collection.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

A 30-minute Platform Strategy Consultation with Chuck Sambuchino*

A one year subscription to Writer’s Digest eBooks

A chance to win $3,000 in cash

Get national exposure for your work

One on one attention with four editors or agents

A paid trip to the ever-popular Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City!

Deadlines in November 2013

Early Bird Entry fees are $27 for the first manuscript; $20 for each additional entry submitted during the same transaction. Poems are $15 for the first entry; $10 for each additional poem submitted during the same transaction. Entries submitted after that May 6, 2013 Early Bird deadline are $32 for the first manuscript; $25 for each additional entry submitted during the same transaction. Poems are $20 for the first entry; $15 for each additional poem submitted during the same transaction.



The winning entries will be published in the spring 2014 issue of 
The Fiddlehead (no. 259) and on our web site. The winning authors will 
be paid for publication in addition to their prizes! Deadline: December 
1, 2013.

$2,000 Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem

$250 each for Two Honourable Mentions

One poetry submission is up to 3 poems; no more than 100 lines per poem.

$2,000 for Best Story
$250 each for Two Honourable Mentions

One short-fiction submission is one story (6,000 words maximum).

“The Corner of 13th and 13th” Flash Fiction

FREEFALL MAGAZINE Just for fun we’ve added a new contest: “The Corner of 13th and 13th” Flash Fiction. Write a story in 500 words or less about what happened on Friday September the 13th 2013 at one of the 13th Avenue and 13th Street intersections in the photos found at:

Entry Fee: $13.00.

First Prize: $130.00.

Deadline to enter is: Friday, Dec 13th 2013

epode Poetry Prize

epode is an annual poetry competition focused around a particular theme and a singular form. The theme for 2013 is Victory and Defeat, and the form is Haiku. The entry fee is $5 and a single entry can contain up to three submissions for consideration. There are also discounts available for authors submitting larger numbers of entries. The submission deadline for the epode prize is December 15, 2013. For more details, visit:

Red Tuque Books 2013 Canadian Tales of the Fantastic Short Story Competition

Writers of short fiction are encouraged to enter the Red Tuque Books 2013 Short Story Competition. The total prize money to be awarded is $1,000.00. The first, second and third place stories will be selected by accomplished writers. The Finalist judges for this competition have yet to be announced.

Deadline is December 31, 2013

For more details, visit:

2013 annual FreeFall Prose and Poetry Contest

Now open! Contain your joy as we let you know that we’ve doubled the first place prize money from $300 to $600. Deadline to enter is December 31, 2013. For current contest info visit:



1. Blue Light Press is dedicated to the publication of poetry that is imagistic, inventive, emotionally honest, and pushes the language to a deeper level of insight.

2. To enter, send a manuscript of 50 to 80 pages of poetry, typed or printed with a laser or inkjet printer, to: Blue Light Press Book Award, 1563 – 45th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122

3. Submit your manuscript between September 1 and January 30.

4. Include a reading fee of $20.00 – check payable to Blue Light Press.

5. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for results. We must have a SASE to correspond with you. No manuscript will be returned without a SASE.

6. The winner will be announced in May or June. The winning book will go into production in September or October, depending on our production schedule.

7. If you win the contest, you will need to give us your manuscript on disk. Acceptable formats: 
PC or Mac – using Word or RTF (Rich Text Format).

8. Winner will receive 10 copies of the book and a 30% royalty on book sales thereafter. The book will be distributed by Ingram,, any bookstore you suggest, and published in cooperation with our partner, 1st World Publishing.

9. Please do not send manuscripts by registered or certified mail, as this requires a trip to the post office. If you want confirmation of receipt, include a postcard with your manuscript. We are not strict about deadlines— if your manuscript comes a few days late, we will read it.



First Place: $1,000 cash prize. Second Place: $500 cash prize.
Selection will be judged on storytelling ability and best use of 
Little Tokyo as a cultural setting. The two winners will be invited 
and encouraged to attend an awards ceremony in Little Tokyo. 
Submitted manuscript should be 2,500 words or less and have a title. 
Deadline: January 31, 2014.

Darker Times Fiction

We currently run three monthly competitions for UK and international writers, all on the theme of “Darker Times.” You can take this as straight up horror, or you can interpret it in any creative way you wish. Entries for all competitions cost £5 / $8 US and can be paid via paypal. The winner of each competititon each month will receive a percentage of the money raised by the entry fees for their particular competition (a minimum of £15 / $24), plus publication on the website and in an upcoming Darker Times Anthology (available both as an ebook and as a paperback). Runners up and honourable mentions will receive no cash prize but will also be included on the site and in an upcoming publication. Each writer will have the opportunity to provide an author bio and a link to their website/blog; we want to promote new writers as much as we can! All of the information can be found on the website – . It’s open to UK and international writers and ends on the last day of each month.

Neil Postman Award for Metaphor

Rolling Deadline
(no fee)
Although primarily known as an educationist and a media critic, Neil Postman was, at his core, a “noticer”—and he particularly noticed what we do with metaphor and how metaphor shapes and creates our cognitive world. Postman maintained that words (and words, in truth, are metaphors) are as much the driver of reality as they are the vehicle. Consequently, metaphor was not a subject to be relegated and limited to high school poetry units wherein a teacher drones on about the difference between “like” and “as” and considers the job finished. For Postman, the study of metaphor was unending and metaphors were as crucial as they were omnipresent; they served to give form to and dictate experience.

In honor and remembrance of Neil Postman, who died on October 5, 2003, we have established the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor. The motivation for the award is simple and two-fold: To reward a given writer for his or her use of metaphor, and to celebrate (and hopefully propagate) Postman’s work and the typographical mind.

Each spring the editors will choose one poem from all of the submissions received by Rattle during the previous year. The author of the chosen poem will receive $500. There are no entry fees or special submission guidelines. Send up to 5 unpublished poems plus a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to: Rattle, 12411 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604. To browse previous winners, and for information on how to submit electronically, visit our website:

Malahat lite

Guidelines for our 2014 Novella Prize:

The Malahat Review, Canada’s premier literary magazine, invites entries from Canada, the United States, and elsewhere for the Novella Prize. One prize of $1,500 CAD is awarded. Previous winning entries have also won or been nominated for National Magazine Awards for Fiction and the O. Henry Prize. The Novella Prize is offered every second year, alternating with The Malahat Review’s Long Poem Prize.

The deadline for the 2014 Novella Prize is February 1, 2014 (postmark date).



Ozark Creative Writers Conference

October 10-12, 2013

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The 46th Ozark Creative Writers Conference brings together new 
and professional writers for a weekend of information, panel 
discussions, pitch opportunities, networking, awards and fun!

Speakers include:
Award-winning writer Kevin Brockmeier, author of THE HISTORY 
OF THE DEAD and THE ILLUMINATION, literary agent Jim Donovan, 
editors Dan Case, Dr. Susan Swartwout, Margo Dill, Lou Turner 
and more, and authors Pat Carr and Velda Brotherton. Pitch 
sessions with Mr. Donovan and the editors will be available 
to registered attendees.

Learn about:
• Digital publishing
• Self-publishing
• Platform building
• Creating an irresistible story
• What an editor really wants
• And more!

OCW also features 19 writing contests with cash prizes! 
Pre-registration and contest deadline is August 31.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition 
and Attend Writers Digest Conference West 2013

You’ve entered Writer’s Digest writing competitions because you’re serious about your work. Take your writing career to the next level at the Writer’s Digest Conference West, September 27 – 29, 2013 in Los Angeles.

The conference has organized content into three tracks: Craft, Platform and Promotion, and Getting Published. Sessions such as “Ghostwriting for Fun and Profit” and “What Your Reader’s Brain Really Craves: How to Hook ‘Em From Page One,” will provide proven tactics for getting your best work out there! For additional access to industry secrets for success you can also attend the Self-Publishing Conference, which is located under the same roof as the Writer’s Digest Conference West.

And, see if your story has legs by taking part in the Pitch Slam — you’ll get feedback on your story from agents and editors looking for new writers!

For your shot at becoming a successful and productive writer, register for the Writer’s Digest Conference West today.


DATE: Saturday, September 28th, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.


Members – $45, Non-members – $75. To register contact Arlene Smith

MEMORIES! We all have them! Happy, sad, funny:  these memories are the story of life

After all, life is a story just waiting to be told.

Come and join award-winning North Gower author, Emily-Jane Hills Orford and learn some new ideas on how to unlock the stories in your life.

Remember: your stories are important. They need to be told; they need to be written down, not just for your sake, but for the sake of your children, your nieces and nephews, for all of those who will come after us.


Emily-Jane Hills Orford is a well-published author and speaker on the subject of creative nonfiction and memoir writing.

Memoirs are the basis of award-winning author, Emily-Jane Hills Orford’s books and stories. Two of Emily-Jane’s creative nonfiction memoirs have won awards. The Whistling Bishop (Baico 2008) was name Finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Books Awards and F-Stop: A Life in Pictures (Baico 2011) was named Finalist and received a Silver Medal in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Check out the author’s website at:

Freefalling in Greece with Cora Taylor!

Creative writing workshop and retreat

October 2-10, 2013

Kardamyli, Messinia, Greece

Join award-winning young adult author Cora Taylor for an inspiring creative writing workshop and retreat in beautiful Greece, the birthplace of the Muses.

Cora will help you

* Find your unique storytelling voice

* Uncover your personal style, imagery and metaphors

* Develop a productive writing habit

* Generate material full of life and meaning * Banish writer’s block forever!

Corn visiting Knossos. Crete

Retreat includes:

* 8 nights’ accommodation (double occupancy) * Welcome dinner

* Freefall workshop -7 days

* One-on-one coaching

* Guided tour of old Kardamyli

* Guided hike to the mountain village of St Sophia * Day trip to explore the surrounding area

* Olive grove picnic

* Insider insight into village life

* Copy of The Deadly Dance, Cora’s novel set in Crete

Does not include: airfare or transportation to the village

Price: $1,975 CDN

For more information please visit








The schedule will be announced and tickets on sale mid-summer.

Nine days you won’t want to miss.

The world’s best mountain films, books, and speakers take the spotlight for nine days each fall in Banff. Experience the adventure of climbing, mountain expeditions, remote cultures, and the world’s last great wild places – all brought to life at The Banff Centre.

The Festival offers a diverse range of experiences for the thousands of people who visit Banff to attend this world-class event. From armchair adventurers to weekend warriors, to the international mountain community – our enthusiastic audience brings the energy to this event!

Theatres and venues are filled to the brim with locals (who eagerly anticipate these nine-days every year), with international visitors (who have dreamed about coming to the Festival in Banff for the first time), and of course with world-renowned authors, filmmakers, conservationists, adventurers, and explorers from around the world. Past Festival guests have included David Suzuki, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jon Krakauer, Aaron Ralston, David Breashears, Reinhold Messner, Alex Lowe, and Royal Robbins.

From feature films to featured speakers, there’s something for everyone. Sit back and devote a guilt-free day to watching inspiring films from around the globe – including World premieres. Spend a lunch-hour listening to a renowned author reading excerpts from her latest work – or attend a free noon-hour seminar profiling hot topics in adventure and travel. Pick up new releases to be signed in-person by authors at the Book Fair. Find some unique gifts – paintings, pottery, jewellery, and more – at the Mountain Art and Craft Sale. Peruse the latest gear at the Mountain Marketplace. Stroll by the winner’s display of the Banff Mountain Photography Competition exhibition. Stretch your muscles on the climbing wall. The choices are endless.

Be inspired. Be energized. Come together to celebrate the spirit of adventure at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.




Do you have a passion for creative writing? Perhaps you work in a field that requires strong writing skills? Whatever your reasons for wanting to be a better writer, University of Calgary Continuing Education can help.

Three writing certificate programs are offered, all of which are delivered completely online. When you enroll in a course, you will be required to work within scheduled start- and end-dates and will be expected to meet assignment timelines. During the duration of the course, you will work whenever-and from wherever-you choose, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Each program requires 200 hours of instruction time, and in some cases, courses can be applied to more than one certificate. One or more of the following certificate programs may be exactly what you need:


Professional Writing specializing in Business and Technical Writing

Professional Writing specializing in Marketing and Public Relations

Creative Writing

For more information, go to


Access Copyright Foundation Research Grants Program

The Access Copyright Foundation promotes and supports Canadian culture by providing grants intended to encourage the development and dissemination of publishable Canadian works. The Foundation endeavours to make a modest but important contribution to the Canadian cultural community, while also broadening public awareness of the creative vitality of Canadian writers, visual artists and publishers.

The Access Copyright Foundation grants program is administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

See the website for further details and eligibility criteria:

Please contact Joanne Gerber at the Saskatchewan Arts Board with any questions about the program.

Joanne Gerber

Program Consultant

Saskatchewan Arts Board

(Toll free) 1 800 667 7526

1 306 964 1163


Three residencies are offered per year, in the spring, summer and 
fall. Up to four artists and a curator or a writer may participate 
in each residence, eight weeks for the artists, four weeks for the 
curator or the writer. Curators and writers receive a $572 stipend 
and free lodging for the four-week period of the residence. A $260 
writer’s fee will also be paid for texts on the residency produced 
for publication by Est-Nord-Est (250 words per artist). Curators and 
writers have access to an individual studio space, documentation on 
the artists, certain electronic equipment, logistical support… and 
a bicycle. Location Quebec.

NOTE: Check the website for upcoming deadlines for 2014-2015.


Open to professional Canadian writers who have one published book 
and are established in any creative literary discipline(s) — 
fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, journalism — are all 
encouraged to apply. The Writers’ Retreat Provides: The Writer’s Retreat offers writers time and a remote location to pursue their 
professional projects. The writer will be housed in the Berton
House at no cost in rent or utilities. A monthly honorarium is 
provided to help cover food and other living expenses. The writer
is responsible for their own telephone bill. Travel costs to and 
from Dawson will be covered. We are now accepting applications to 
be a writer-in-residence during the 2014-15 season. Deadline: October 4, 2013.


This program assists professional writers with the writing of specific 
creative projects. Awards are available for projects in the genres of 
drama, fiction, juvenile, non-fiction and poetry. Deadline: September 
15, 2013.


Brings together artists in all disciplines from all over the world. Does not cover travel, but all expenses are paid upon arrival. Two-month residencies. Location France. Offer each year a residency 
bursary to one visual artist, one writer and one musician or composer 
in order to create new career prospects for artists.


Another crowdfunding site. FansNextdoor is a platform for all creative 
professionals to promote and fund their projects together with their 
fans. Create your project, its financing goal and deadline. If the 
financing goal is met or exceeded by deadline, all contributions are 
transferred to your PayPal account. If the financing goal is not met, 
all funds are returned.


IndieGoGo offers anyone with an idea — creative, cause-related, 
entrepreneurial — the tools to build a campaign and raise money. 
Project categories include gaming, film, design, education, mobile, 
and technology. Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other social 
media platforms. Offers a widget to showcase your campaign on your 
website. Unlike many crowdfunding sites, you keep all the money you 
raise, even if you don’t meet your goal. Track contributions with 
the analytics tools and stay on top of fulfillment with the dashboard. 
There is a 4 percent fee on the money you raise when you meet your 
funding goal.

Online Writing Classes  is a writing site founded in 2000.

On this writing community all posts receive feedback from writers and readers. Feedback includes a detailed comment on the posted work and a rating. The site uses a six star ratings scale with “1” being the worst and “6” being the best.

Writers are ranked based on the feedback they receive. Separate rankings are available for Poets, Novelists, Short Works (short stories and essays) and Script Writers (television and other forms of screenplays). Trophies are rewarded to the top five writers in each of the individual rankings at the end of the year.

The site recognizes writing with “Recognized”, “All Time Best” and “Seal of Quality” levels. Each level is more difficult to receive with the final level determined by the Seal of Quality committee. The committee is made up of published authors and stand-out reviewers. They offer feedback to help writers get published.

The site features free writing contests with cash prizes. Site members also have the ability to create their own contests to challenge other writers to write about a specific topic or a specific form of writing (such as writing using specific poetry format).

The welcome page includes featured writing. It also includes writing that has been well received in the past 24 hours.

Each day over 200 stories and poems are posted. Over 7,000 comments are written on the writing posted daily. Writers keep full copyright to their posted work.


Peerbackers is for business owners to raise capital from their peers — 
in small increments — in exchange for tangible rewards. Create a 
personal and venture profile. Share your story through social media 
share buttons on your project page. Once your campaign is launched, 
send updates on your progress. If you reach at least 80 percent of your 
funding goal by deadline, your funding is released to you. Peerbackers 
charges a 5 percent fee, in addition to third party processing fees.


There are a number of interesting calls with deadlines coming up shortly. For more information visit:

Public Engagement in the Arts

The Canada Council is launching a dialogue about how the arts bring value to the lives of Canadians and we invite you to join the conversation.
Read the discussion paper, Public Engagement in the Arts, on current thinking and practices in public engagement or check out Simon Brault’s blog post on ways Canadians can have rich artistic experiences. Then share your thoughts on how to become actively engaged in the arts. Tell us what public engagement in the arts means to you by posting comments on the blog, on our Facebook page or on Twitter at hashtag #artsandpublic.
In its 2011-16 Strategic Plan, the Council identified public engagement in the arts as a strategic theme that infuses all of its work. We hope to broaden and enhance the public conversation about this topic and use this discussion to inform the development of future Council activities.

VCCA Residency Programs

VCCA is pleased to offer residencies at many locations around the world as well as residencies at our Mt. San Angelo facility in central Virgina. We are continually developing relationships with international residency programs to broaden the perspectives and opportunities for VCCA Fellows.

Writers, visual artists, and composers who have been in residence at VCCA may apply for an international residency. Fellows who have participated in a VCCA international residency program in the last 3 years (2010, 2011, 2012) are NOT eligible to apply, with the exception of those who have participated in the Moulin à Nef program in France.

You may apply for as many programs as you like. Each requires a separate application and fee. Please note that if you are selected for multiple programs, you will have to choose one program to attend.

When to Apply

Postmark deadline for applying is December 1. 

Residency Fees

The suggested daily contribution for international residencies is $54. Reductions are granted when a true need is demonstrated.

How to Apply

Submit one copy of application, one copy of requested work samples, résumé, self-addressed stamped envelope for return of work sample, and $30 application fee for each residency requested. All information should be submitted in English.

Click on Specific Program for More Information

Tyrone Guthrie Center

St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity

Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus

Salzburg Künstlerhaus

Schloss Plüschow


         Or contact our International Programs Coordinator

Writers’ Coalition – Benefits You Can Afford

Join the Writers’ Coalition program today – as long as you’re a resident of Canada and under the age of 71, you are eligible to join.

There is no medical required to join so you will not be refused coverage for pre-existing conditions – it is guaranteed acceptance.

The program offers a pay direct drug/dental card that is accepted nationally at pharmacies and dental offices across the country which means direct settlement of prescription drug claims (you pay only your portion at the pharmacy) and no waiting for re-imbursement on dental claims (no submission of a paper claim and your re-imbursement cheque is usually in the mail within 4 or 5 working days).

The Writers’ Coalition

  • Not-for-profit insurer
  • Unbeatable service – we only service artists
  • Affordable, comprehensive coverage
  • Convenience of a drug/dental card
  • Medical is not required to purchase coverage
  • Access to other insurance offerings, including home/auto

1 800-387-8897 x238


Authority Publishing for Non-fiction Authors


New newsletter weekly!

The Banff Centre Blog


All you need to know about ebooks: how to read them, the different ebook formats, choosing an ebook reader, and where to find the best specials and free ebooks.


The magazine of zine culture and independent arts

Commonwealth Writers: A world of new fiction


107 Countries, 193 Airlines, 212 Publications!

If You Would Like To Do Freelance Work For In-Flight Publications Then This Is A Great Resource For You. You’ll Save Weeks Of Time Tracking Down All This Information

In-Flight Magazines Report

The Journaling Place


Get started: write a journal!


Summer issue of Malahat lite and Malahat Review now available!

Shelf Unbound

New issue of Shelf Unbound!

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