Hyperlocal Writing Competition

CBC’s Canada Writes just launched a national writing competition called Hyperlocal.

Hyperlocal is an interactive story map where Canadians can upload personal stories about the changes they see in their own neighbourhoods. Stories may touch the big issues we face in a fragile economy, or reflect small changes in a neighbourhood (such as when a colourful character passes away, or a coffee chain moves in).

We want to know what’s new and changing in your neighbourhood and what that change means to you.

There are different ways to submit:
Text entry between 400-500 words (photo optional)
Photo essay and caption (3 photos + 50-100 word caption)
Video or audio (maximum length: 2 minutes) with a 50-100 word accompanying text
All stories will be available to be read online, and at the end of the month a jury will select the most compelling submission from the public. The winning story will be turned into a web-based interactive by the National Film Board of Canada’s Digital Studio, and the winner will receive a laptop computer.

There is no cost to enter. Deadline is May 3, 2013.

To find out more, and to put your story on the map, visit http://www.cbc.ca/hyperlocal.

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