The Journalism Contest was launched last May as PEI's Source for Opening Night Reviews & Event Listings!
Next summer we want to to make our website known to more people from off-Island, so we're having a contest
to encourage Journalism Students to write about PEI's great venues for live music and theatre.
• Get Critiqued: This is an excellent chance to get critiqued by some of PEI's great writers including: Patrick Ledwell
(PEIWG, Come-All-Ye), Garrett Curley (Editor at UPEI's The Cadre), Todd MacLean (The Guardian & English
Words), Yvette Doucette (PEIWG), Cindy Lapeña (PEIWG &, Meredith Morrison (Editor & Writer for
G! Magazine), Michelle Pineau (, Becka Viau (Artist & coordinator for This Town Is Small), Sean Weibe
(UPEI English Professor), and Katie Rankin (writer for The Buzz).
• Gain Exposure: Every entry (even non-winners) will get exposure in our website which currently has 55 subscribers
and we plan to promote the site to more tourists next summer.
• Win Cash: We will have a Concert Fundraiser on December 15th at The Al!bi Lounge with half the proceeds going to
The Soup Kitchen and half to the winning entry along with secondary prizes to be announced!
It's easy to enter, just send an email to & tell us which venue you'd like to profile!
The Challenge
• Write profiles two venues before December 10th. You pick one and we'll assign the other.
• For each venue profile, we would like a 200 word version which we'll judge on & post on our website. We'd also like a
500 word, more thorough version for reference.
• We'll have a FaceBook Event Page posted so people can vote for their favourites.
What We'll be Judging
1. Fun to read/ Makes you want to visit (up to 20 points)
2. Readable on 1st glance/ Well Divided / Good order of information (up to 20 points)
3. Venue description/ Type of crowd (up to 15 points)
4. Building History/ Timeline/ Quotes (up to 10 points)
5. Regular Special events/ 3 recent or upcoming events or entertainers (up to 10 points)
6. Contact information/ Hours (Seasonal hours if applicable) (up to 10 points)
7. Links: Websites, FaceBook pages, maps, or any video links (up to 10 points)
8. 3 Pictures (not applicable to venues outside of Charlottetown) (up to 5 points)
9. There will also be 15 bonus points available for:
a. Acquiring votes (20 votes = 5 bonus pts.)
b. Prompt completion (3 days or less = 5 points)
c. Completing 200 & 500 versions of 2 venues profiles (5 pts)
Who to Write About
We'll provide contact information (phone #, email address, and who to talk to) for these venues:
Charlottetown Summerside Other
The Guild
The Confederation
Centre of the Arts
Hunter’s Ale House
Baba’s Lounge
The Al!bi Lounge
The Green Man The
The Haviland Club
Carrefour Theatre
The Old Triangle
St. James Gate
Timothy’s World
The Murphy Center
Charlottetown Civic
The Wave (UPEI)
Dr. Steel Recital
Hall (UPEI)
Mavors Bistro Globe
The Red Rock Café
Heritage Pub
Harbourfront Theatre
The Shipyard
Brothers 2
The Credit Union
Centre Belle-Alliance
The Rockin' Rodeo
Harmony House Theatre
(Hunter River)
Kings Playhouse (Georgetown)
Victoria Playhouse Montgomery
Theatre (Rustico)
Courthouse Theatre (St. Peters)
Trailside Cafe (Mt. Stewart)
The Dunk (Breadalbane)
Belle River Church
The Souris Show Hall
Ise's Bar (Montague)

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