24th Annual Island Literary Awards Announce Winners

The 24th Annual Island Literary Awards Ceremony was held Sunday, October 2nd. This annual ceremony was the culmination of the Pen & Inkling Festival, a week-long celebration of literature and the literary arts. The festival included visiting authors, workshops, music and dancing, and was the second of its kind to take place in PEI.

Two hundred people from all over PEI descended on the Guild on Sunday afternoon for the festival’s crowning event. This event was hosted by Fraser McCallum, Erin Casey, and Lee Ellen Pottie, who brought a bi-lingual element to this celebration. This year’s ceremony marks a historical turning point for the annual awards: the Island Literary Awards were able to welcome French language submissions for the first time in the Student Categories. This initiative was made possible due to the City of Charlottetown’s 2011 Cultural Capitals of Canada designation, and the PEI Writers Guild is seeking sponsors to ensure that French categories become an annual and integral part of these Awards.

The PEI Writers’ Guild would like to extend appreciation to The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the City of Charlottetown, The Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty, and all private sponsors who make these awards possible year after year.

Award Winners:

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Young Writers’ Awards

Honourable Mention – Aily Sho

Third Place – Sharlene Cao

Second Place – Danny Wartman

First Place – Conor Dever


Prix «jeunes écrivains» du ministère de l’Éducation et du Développement de la petite enfance

Troisième Prix – Jodi McNeil

Deuxième Prix – Melanie McQuaid

Premier Prix – Emma Hughes


The Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty Young People’s Creative Writing Awards


Early Elementary Honourable Mentions – Hannah Doucette

Early Elementary Third Place – Jacob Doucette

Early Elementary Second Place – Katie Murphy

Early Elementary First Place – Cassidy MacNeill

Late Elementary Honourable Mention – Shelby Downe

Late Elementary Third Place – Brenna Howatt

Late Elementary Second Place – Marius Van Leeuwen

Late Elementary First Place – Abby Craswell

Junior High Honourable Mention – Victoria Huang

Junior High Honourable Mention – Annie Olivia Compton

Junior High Third Place – Matthew Milton

Junior High Second Place – Nick Scott

Junior High First Place – Jessica Walsh

Senior High Honourable Mentions – Catherine MacDonald

Senior High Third Place – Rachael Arsenault

Senior High Second Place – David Olson

Senior High First Place – Rachael Arsenault


Prix jeunesse de création littéraire du Club Rotary de Charlottetown pour jeunes Écrivains


Élémentaire 1re, 2e, 3e Mention Honorable – Samuel Harding

Élémentaire 1re, 2e, 3e  Troisième Prix – William Parent

Élémentaire 1re, 2e, 3e  Deuxième Prix – Madison Gagne

Élémentaire 1re, 2e, 3e  Premier Prix – Charles Parent

Élémentaire 4e, 5e, 6e Troisième Prix – Beatrice Masarabakiza

Élémentaire 4e, 5e, 6e Deuxième Prix – Stephanie Arsenault

Élémentaire 4e, 5e, 6e  Premier Prix – Alison Gagnon

Secondaire 7e, 8e, 9e Troisième Prix – Melanie McQuaid

Secondaire 7e, 8e, 9e Deuxième Prix – Alexandre Macdonald

Secondaire 7e, 8e, 9e   Premier Prix – Jacqueline Hughes

Secondaire 10e, 11e, 12e  Mention Honorable – Catherine Macdonald

Secondaire 10e, 11e, 12e Troisième Prix – Amanda Lowe

Secondaire 10e, 11e, 12e  Deuxième Prix – Catherine Macdonald

Secondaire 10e, 11e, 12e  Premier Prix – Lindsay Gillis

The School Participation Award

English: Gulf Shore Consolidated School

French: École Évangeline


Honourable Mention – Susan Buchanan

Honourable Mention – Marcia Gardiner

Acorn Press: Third Place – Marcia Gardiner

Gary & Judy MacDonald: Second Place – Susan Buchanan

Acorn Family: First Place – Patti Sinclair

Reading by Yvette Doucette

THE L.M. Montgomery PEI Literature for Children Awards

Heirs of L.M. Third Place – Margaret Weeks

Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Second Place – Susan Topping

First Place – Not Awarded


Honourable Mention – Tom Marshall

Honourable Mention – Hannah Visser

Metro Credit Union: Third Place – Adelee MacNevin

Maritime Electric: Second Place – Shirley Limbert

The Investors Group: First Place – Susan Buchanan

Reading by Susan Buchanan


Third Prize – Marlene Campbell

Cellar Door Productions: Second Place – Carol Little

First Prize – Melissa Heald


The Buzz: Third Place – Roger Gordon

PEI Literacy Alliance: Second Place – Thien Tang

The Guardian: First Place – Bonnie Stewart

Reading by Bonnie Stewart

The Réshard Gool Award

Recipient – Dylan Riley


1st Annual Young Writers Service Award

Yvette Doucette


Joseph Sherman Award

Matt Rainie

Award For Distinguished Contribution to the Literary Arts of PEI

Jane Ledwell

24th Annual Island Literary Awards Announce Winners

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  1. Why wasn’t there a First Place Award given for the LMM Childrean’s Lit category?

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