Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs: Memberships Available

Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs: Memberships Available

If you are part of an English or Creative Writing department, guild, or community we encourage you to forward this email to your colleagues, students—and fellow writers.

Dear fellow writers and instructors of creative writing:

You are a writer—you know what it’s like to spend a lot of time alone. You know what it is to have a chapter, story, or poem to complete, translate, or edit, and to spend just one more hour on the Internet, or walking around your neighbourhood, or staring inside your fridge.

Perhaps you also have accepted the challenge to teach the practice of writing creatively to others; if so, then you might know what it is like to stand in front of a room full of people, and still feel rather alone.

We have a community for you:

Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs (CCWWP) /

Pédagogie et Pratiques canadiennes en création littéraire (PPCL)

CCWWP / PPCL is the first organization of its kind in Canada. Its inaugural conference gathered together almost 100 writers and teachers at the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre in October of 2010. In addition to over 40 presentations, and 3 major keynotes by Greg Hollingshead, Aritha van Herk, and Rosemary Sullivan, the gathering formed committees on governance, membership, funding, and conferencing that discussed and honed objectives for the organization. By the time the conference was finished, the first Board had been appointed.

And now we, as that Board, invite you to become a founding member of the organization. Being part of CCWWP / PPCL means access to our virtual community, which features a blog on the practice of creative writing in Canada, with monthly posts written by prominent Canadian writers and teachers; creative writing text recommendations; and a pedagogy chat room.

As well, members will be eligible for discounted admission to the upcoming CCWWP / PPCL conference in Toronto:

Creative Writing in the 21st Century: Research and Practice

Thursday, May 10 – Sunday, May 13, 2012

Place: the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

A call for papers for the conference is forthcoming—so keep a lookout for it in your inbox!


For a limited time, there is an early bird fee* for becoming one of our founding members:

Institutional Membership: $300 (includes 6 members of your institution)

Individual Membership: $95

Individual Concession Membership: $25
(Concession Membership rates are available to those who wish to join the organization, but for financial reasons would otherwise be unable to do so.)

In the meantime, we warmly invite you to join CCWWP / PPCL, to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member, and to read news of our upcoming conference at


With best wishes from the Board,

Jo-Anne Elder (Literary Translators’ Association of Canada)

Ray Hsu (University of British Columbia)

Sally Ito (Canadian Mennonite University)

Clem Martini (University of Calgary)

Robyn Read (Freehand Books)

Sue Reynolds (The Writers’ Community of Durham Region)

Sharanpal Ruprai (York University)

Antanas Sileika (Humber School for Writers)

Lynne van Luven (University of Victoria)

Christine Wiesenthal (University of Alberta)


*early bird fee available until 1 September 2011; for more information, and regular fees, please visit:

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