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Dear Friend of the Beacon Award for Social Justice Literature

Are you tired of shallow or skewed media coverage that leaves you feeling uninformed about the experiences and real issues of oppressed people? In February the Beacon Social Justice Literary Society launched the Beacon Award for unpublished novels with a social justice theme. We believe that skilled fiction writing can instruct both the head and the heart in a powerful way resulting in a more complex understanding of the issues of oppression. Our intent in establishing this award is to support fiction writers in the Maritimes who give voice to those who are so often silenced in our society.

While writers are aiming for the February 2011 submissions deadline members of the board are concentrating on other tasks. We now have a jury of three for choosing the first award and have been responding to requests for information and applications for submissions.

We receive no funding from government and so, although our budget is modest, we must also turn ourselves to fundraising. Response to the creation of the award has been positive and one question we were asked at the launch was “Can I help?”

One answer is to help spread the word by telling your friends about the existence of the award. Another is to consider becoming a financial supporter of the Beacon Award. (For more information on the award see

For at least $50/year donation ($25 unwaged) you can be a supporter. We welcome more if you are able. For your donation you will receive a copy of the winning novel when it is published as well as an annual report on activities for that year. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer a charitable receipt.


Please fill out the form below and send it along with a cheque made out to The Beacon Social Justice Literary Society to the address on the accompanying form.



Anne Bishop

On behalf of the Beacon Social Justice Literary Society








I would like to be a supporter of the Beacon Award

Supporter ($50 waged/$25 unwaged)  ______             Other amount    ______





Postal Code____________


Telephone Number________________

Email Address_______________________




SEND TO: The Beacon Award

1177 Hwy 1, RR#1,

Falmouth, NS

B0P 1L0




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