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on is going to scare the BOO out of you a second time!

All of us here at would like to thank the generous support we received when we put out the call for submissions for our Halloween issue. Who knew that there were so many of you out there with a dark side lurking under that calm, sweet exterior? Because so many of you let out your bad side, we received such a large quantity of submissions that we had to break our Halloween issue into two parts. So, if you submitted a piece for the Halloween issue and it is not here… please have a little faith, your submission will be appearing in the November 1 issue. Thank you for your understanding and support.

The Editors

Join the Literary Evolution – only on!

WritingRaw continues to evolve and grow – allowing more of everything to be on the site… more writing in all our categories, more book and publishing news (updated daily), more art (with daily updated cartoons), more interactive features (the Wall), and other informative and entertaining bits and pieces. Over the next few days and weeks we will be adding some other NEW features (including an interactive section that will allow all of us to create the longest running poem in history, a never-ending short story and a section where you – the reader – can post Shout-Outs about upcoming releases or other information you would like to share) to the site to make it more creative. So, sit back and open your mind… WritingRaw is stepping into the future of literature like no other site on the web!

The November 1 issue of is NOW online: Writing Raw is a FREE literary ezine dedicated to new and emerging writers. Our goal at Writing Raw is simple – to serve the literary community with the opportunity to have their work online and out in the world. In this world of disappearing literary magazines, Writing Raw is providing the blank pages for writers to fill.

  • WritingRaw also support other sites that help writers: believes in reaching out to other sites, writing groups, forums, and organizations. Contact us on how you can place a FREE banner, announcement or link on our site!

  • Or, use the Writing Raw Book Store to promote your novel or poetry collection: If you have a novel or collection that you would like to place in our store, we would be more than happy to do so – for FREE. Just send us a copy of the cover of the book, a brief synopsis, and a link as to where the material can be purchased.

  • News Feeds – stop in and check out some live news feeds ranging from topics concerning writing and the publishing world to outlandish worldwide new to inspire your imagination.

  • The WALL – just like it sounds… come place some graffiti on the wall and let us know what you are thinking; or, find out what WritingRaw is talking about on other social media sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.; or, check out your horoscope or get a free tarot readings or even ask the Magic 8 Ball something you are in need of knowing. It’s all fun…

  • Shout Outs – this is where you can go and promote yourself or a project. Just give a shout out on this live wall to get your name out there. Just help yourself…. It’s FREE.

  • Art – the name says it all! This new page is dedicated to the artists out there who would like to submit their work so that us writers can use it for inspiration. The art work can be in any medium… just take a picture of it and send it to us, with a short bio, and any site or selling information you want. It’s that easy.

  • Cartoons – everyone needs a good laugh… besides having daily live feeds of cartoons, we hope to have submissions soon.

  • And all of the old pages, but pumped up and evolved to the next level…

Also, be sure to check out the NEW announcements on’s Home page from writer’s group and organizations worldwide. Discover meeting places, organizations offering fellowships, contests, and a variety of other useful websites all dedicated to writers of every level.

NEW this month

The site has been overhauled and updated with more NEWS, ART, CARTOONS, something we like to call – THE WALL and various other pages and features that we are sure you will find both entertaining and informative.

  • The Best Horror Books to Read by Ditch

  • Between the Sheets, An email book review with Ditch and Weeb: This month we review – Gone by Michael Grant

(Ditch and Weeb are currently reading Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants for their next Between the Sheets, coming November 15. Get yours today and join the email discussion/review.)

  • Rib Raw has all new poems, rants and raves

  • NEW Fiction Reviews from AllBooks Review

Would Halloween be complete without a healthy dose of:

really BAD Shakespeare: Season 2, Episode 5 – Lady, Not For Such Contempt

NEW episodes on the 8th and 22nd of each month!

really BAD Shakespeare is a new adventure in storytelling. Based on the concept of the penny dreadfuls from the nineteenth century, really BAD Shakespeare is a black comedy based on the “end of days” in the fictional town of Potter’s Field , Illinois . Published bi-monthly and containing less than 1,500 words per episode, this experiment in creative writing will allow writers to expand their storytelling skills while pushing the plot further.

Click here to read the complete Season One of “really BAD Shakespeare” ;  Click here to watch the YouTube trailer for “really BAD Shakespeare”

Plus, our:

7-Question Interviews with the following best-selling and award-winning authors:

  • NEW – Jonathan L. Howard
  • NEW – Richard Kadrey

  • Robert Jackson Bennett
  • Daryl Gregory
  • David Moody
  • J. P. Moore
  • Hank Schwaeble
  • David Wellington
  • Brenna Yovanoff

Highlighted this Month:

  • Highlighted Darkness: Shame by R.E. Heinrich
  • Highlighted Writing Trip: How to Write a Query Letter: Genres Agents are Dying For Now! By Jeff Rivera
  • Highlighted Poem: Hell on Earth by William Anderson
  • Highlighted Short Story: Millisecond by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

NEW Material in the following categories:


The Boogerman, a Memoir by Ira Marlowe


Beautiful by Tyler W. Stinson

Curse of the Lifeless Eyes by Rich Knoblich

Friday the 13th by Tracy Harvey

From the Sea to the Skies by Chris Castle

Halloween 1946 by William Anderson

Halloween Treat by Dave Feakes

Hell Night by Salvatore Buttaci

Indiscretions by Connie Rainey

Needed by Chris Castle

Stop It by Tyler W. Stinson

The Scarecrow at Dawn by Chris Castle

The Witch’s Diary by Suzan Meredith

This Nightmare by Tyler W. Stinson

What’s Real? by Steven Gepp


really BAD Shakespeare: Season 2 by Weeb

Toy Soldiers – Chapter 17 by Peter Neville


All Hallows Eve by Hillary Bartholomew

Casting out the Demon by Mike Berger

Cruelest Thought by Mike Berger

Filial Instincts by Mallory Alexa Leonard

Hallowe’en by Moira Andrew

Halloween I by Ron Bulla

Halloween II by Ron Bulla

Hoping Against Hope by Mike Berger

Still Holding On To My Love by Juan Manuel Perez

The Hitchhiker by Juan Manuel Perez

Warning by Rodney Wood

Warped and Twisted by Karen Shupp

Yes, Honey by Juan Manuel Perez


3 Drawings by Lily Mae

4 Paintings byJanet Kozachek

Halloween Cat by Carol Yoho

Pencil Drawing by Diane Winks

Stop in and discover a new and emerging voice today.

Thank you.


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Read Shame: A Novelette, by R. E. Heinrich:


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