Tatamagouche Centre 2010 Programs

    Upcoming programs …

    Writing in a Time of Exile

    July 25 – 30; Sun 7pm to Fri 3pm

    This program offers published and unpublished writers intensive work with your writing; contemplative space; personal conferences; and feedback from facilitators and fellow participants. We also examine writing and social context: How do we deal with class and gender, nationality and sexual orientation, and whatever else keeps us up at night? What insights come from story telling? What is our role in shaping the world? Mid-week, join in a World Café discussion with a PEN Canada writer (see below).


    Anthony de Sa grew up in Toronto’s Portuguese community. His first book Barnacle Love was a finalist for the 2008 Scotiabank Giller Prize and the 2009 Toronto Book Award. Anthony heads the English department at a high school for the arts in Toronto. www.anthonydesa.com

    Gwen Davies writes and teaches in Halifax.

    Independent Writer’s Retreat

    July 25 – 30; Sun 7pm to Fri 3pm

    This is an invitation to writers who want to work independently on a manuscript in a community designed to support writers. You will set your own schedule and decide the extent to which you want to mentor and critique one another as a small group. As a writer in retreat, you are also invited to give a short reading with writers in the workshop program, and participate in the mid-week World Café.

    Ask about staying with us for Read by the Sea (July 24th in nearby River John, NS) before joining our community of writers at Independent Writer’s Retreat!

    World Café with PEN Canada Writer

    July 28, Wed 7 to 9pm

    The World Cafe is a presentation followed by a facilitated discussion in a relaxed, café-style atmosphere, open to the public. This evening features a PEN Canada writer in exile telling their story about shaping society through writing. We’ll engage in powerful conversations, and get under the skin of the things that haunt and inspire and challenge us at this critical time in history. Come explore the writer’s role in shaping the world.


    Brian Braganza, facilitates participatory programs with adults and youth. He is a member of the PRG, and a writer.

    Guest PEN Canada Writer: TBA.

    If You Want to Write for Children: Exploring the Process with Sheree Fitch

    August 20 – 22; Fri 7pm to Sun 1pm

    There is no magic formula for the next Harry Potter, but are there standards of excellence in writing for children we can learn from?  We will explore forms including poetry and prose, picture books, chapter books, novels, folk tales and fables, fairy tales, plays and the educational market. Guided writing exercises will focus on word play, freeing the imagination to get in touch with our “kindercentric” nature. We’ll share our work, and discuss aspects of the journey from submission to dealing with rejection, if and how to get an agent, promotion, self -publishing and other practical matters.


    Sheree Fitch has been teaching her w.i.s.e. words writing workshops for over twenty years, with writers of all ages and all stages of their writing practice www.shereefitch.com

    Anna Sheridan-Jonah, PRG.

    Walk, Listen, Write! with Sheree Fitch

    October 29 – 31; Fri 7pm to Sun 1pm

    A weekend retreat for those who wish to experience an exciting, energetic, writing journey in community. We will connect with body, mind and spirit through walking meditation, the contemplative practice of centering prayer and guided writing exercises. The result can be authentic writing that awakens the activist, muse, poet, novelist or who knows what! This approach leads deeply and joyfully into our individual writing and contemplative practices. No previous experience in centering prayer, meditation or writing is necessary. Participants uncomfortable walking may use those periods as free time.


    Author Sheree Fitch was first introduced to centering prayer practice at the Centre for Prayer and Pilgrimage, where she served as a lay minister in healing prayer ministry.

    Becky McKenna is a spiritual guide, teacher of Contemplative practice, and former Retreat Coordinator at Tatamagouche Centre.

    For more information about the above programs please visit www.tatacentre.ca or call 1.800.218.2220

    Tatamagouche Centre


    If you are between the ages of 18 and 25, and have a strong interest in writing, you can apply for a writing scholarship that pays up to $500 toward the costs of a writing program.

    Deadline for applications is June 1, 2010

    Application Guidelines

    Your application must include all of these:

    ·         a reference letter from a teacher or mentor

    ·         a sample of your writing: fiction or creative non-fiction, published or

    unpublished (up to 800 words)

    ·         a paragraph outlining how this scholarship would make a difference to

    you, both creatively and financially (up to 200 words)

    ·         the name of the workshop you want to attend

    Please put your name, address, and birth date at the top of each page.

    Please Note:

    You must submit your application electronically in the body of your email (no attachments) to comwrite@gmail.com

    We must have your application by the deadline of June 1, 2010.

    The scholarships are awarded by a jury. We will let you know whether or not you received a scholarship by July 6, 2009.

    Tatamagouche Centre | 259 Loop Route 6 | RR3 | Tatamagouche | Nova Scotia | BOK 1V0 | Canada

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