MPW Spring 2010 Best Yet!


Howdy  Friends of MasterPlayWorks and all things artistic!

Porter Anderson, former theatre critic for The Village Voice and The New York Times, former CNN producer and anchor, is writing his first novel, American Kouros. Along with three other wonderful writers at different stages of their practice (two playwrights and a screenwriter), Porter is taking MasterPlayWorks’ Winter 2010 course in the Character Generated Plot in Drama and Prose Fiction which, incidentally, ends the day the spring course begins, Saturday, March 13, 2010.

Here’s how Porter, currently residing in Copenhagen, describes the MPW process at the halfway point:

Kent Stetson’s course blesses the author’s process with lucidity. You come away clearer, sharper, sorted, inspired.  His training sessions rely on interactive growth.  Progress is student-generated.  The results are character-generated.  One secret is a soothing, intense focus.  It rocks each of his weekly international class meetings in friendly, safe momentum.  Stetson structures each of those sessions with a concise discussion of an issue. Then he turns an unfailingly patient ear to the work being produced in real-time by the group.  The humour keeping it all afloat is the kind that can only be earned by a prolific teacher who is publishing and producing award-winning work of his own.  Stetson is the real thing.  And this is the course I recommend to you if you’ve done your dabbling and you’re ready to write. Porter Anderson, BA, MA, MFA

Check MasterPlayWorks and Facebook (URLs below) for more info! And please pass the e-mail along to all and sundry, especially writers requiring refreshment, who feel the urge to expand their craft and sail off in a whole new direction!

Write well and prosper tout la monde!

Kent Stetson, CM

Master Play Works



Kent Stetson, C. M.

7069 ave. Christophe Colomb

Montreal, Quebec,

Canada H2S 2H4

Telephone: 514 270 1948

Cell: 514 794 1948

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