J.J. Steinfeld to launch 2nd poetry collection

Award-winning fiction writer, playwright, and poet J. J. Steinfeld will be launching his 13thbook, and second poetry collection, Misshapenness (Ekstasis Editions), at the Confederation Centre Public Library on Sunday, February 21, 2010, at 2:00 pm. All poetry lovers are invited to come in from the mid-winter cold and hear J. J. read some “hot” — or at least moderately warm — poetry from his new collection.

From the Ekstasis Editions website: “Though he is best known for his plays and prose works, J.J. Steinfeld is also an accomplished poet and in Misshapenness as in his fiction luminous poems reveal the struggle and, with distinctive good will and humour, the dislocation of the self within the world. The narrative records how so many elements collectively press and guide the heart as it strives for understanding and unity, even in those moments when the mystery is unresolvable and unbearable. Steinfeld’s overriding theme is the absurdity of modernity and the attempt by individuals to make sense of that absurdity.

Misshapenness is a poignant book of transcendence and joy in the midst of despair, and aware of the world’s beauty and its pain, one can, as in the finest of Woody Allen’s films, persevere through grace and stoic acceptance. It offers senseful glimpses into a world, past and present, that is wondrous and damaged and, ultimately, baffling.”

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