red earth women presents Catherine Owen


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AS ALWAYS  there is open mic and Tuesday, November 24  guest artist-from-away Catherine Owen will be reading while touring her sixth collection of poetry, Frenzy.

c.owenCatherine Owen has been published in literary magazines across Canada, Germany, Britain and Australia and been translated into Korean, Italian and Turkish. She has six collections of poetry out from Exile Editions, Wolsak & Wynn, Mansfield and Anvil Press, and plays bass/sings in two metal bands.

Frenzy is a sequence of muse-quests published by Anvil Press in Vancouver.

Frenzy follows archetypal and personal artists as they seek sources for creation in relationships, travel, music, myth and nature. The poems range in form from the “flood-ghazal” a reinterpretation of the 9th century Persian lyric, to a series of prose poems and a long piece that details a photographer’s pilgrimage down a West Coast beach to find the source of her desire to remain an artist in this world.

Catherine looks forward to returning to PEI, the place where her ancestors first arrived in Canada over 200 years ago.

Anvil_-_Frenzy_cover_PROOF1_copy[1]For more information, visit the following sites:

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