Cahoots Magazine Invites Subscribers


As you all probably know, Cahoots is a small magazine with high aspirations. It was started on a shoestring budget by a few Canadian writers, which quickly ended up being one person running an entire magazine! The magazine started with some great local buzz, but despite being moved from print to entirely online and enjoying steady growth and exciting content, it has been struggling to make ends meet from day one. This is the classic struggle of a grass roots effort. Frustrating, but what doesn’t kill you…

It’s been excellent to have had Sarah Stefanson (our Editor’s) help over the last two years and to have been able to offer our content to anyone in the world online free of charge, but all of this takes great effort, time, money, and strength to keep it all going. But even though it has been extremely difficult at times, I have never wanted to give up. This conversation we are calling a magazine is good. It is an important place and space for women to discuss and present what really matters to them. Thanks to the excellent work of our contributors, it’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s true and real and relevant. And it has some amazing potential if we can stop having to focus on survival and get down to the business of excelling.

So, please pass this email on to all of your family, friends, and colleagues and invite them to subscribe. It will only take a minute, and as you know, we never spam our subscribers. Your subscriptions allow us to prove to potential sponsors that we have readers. Our carefully selected sponsors are very important in that they allow us to keep our content free and open to anyone in the world.

Let’s help Cahoots to continue to grow and thrive.

Get in Cahoots!

Carla Atherton
Cahoots Magazine
conspire to inspire

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