Young Poets’ Week Celebrates Emerging Canadian Talent


April 6, 2009, Toronto : The League of Canadian Poets is pleased to announce the winners of the Poetic Licence Contest for Canadian Youth. The contest’s categories consist of junior and senior age groups. Winning poets in each group will be awarded a cash prize of $350 (first place), $300 (second place), and $250 (third place). All winning and short listed poems will be published in the League of Canadian Poets’ e-zine, Re:verse at

All winners will receive Poetic Licence certificates and student membership in the League of Canadian Poets for oneyear.

Senior Category:

1st place: Rose Tubman-Broeren for An Old Man to his Sons

2nd place: Tomas Gustafson for Ode to the Suburban Farmer

3rd place: Kayleigh April Ratz for In The Flesh

Honorable Mentions:

Jaimie Beveridge for An Assumed Pantoum

Marley Poniedzielnik for Poker Face

Michael Saunders for Mist

Junior Category:

1st place: Shannon Guo for Untainted

2nd place: Truan Forsyth for Tacky

3rd place: Adam Ravenhill for Madness

Honorable Mentions:

Natasha Alcalde Lawton for Swinging

Genevieve Doyle for Untitled

Patrick Heaney for The Day Grandma Died

Full details of Young Poets Week (April 6 to 12, 2009) and National Poetry Month can be found at or and check out our NPM Blog at

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