Cahoots Magazine Launches World Issue


Cahoots Magazine’s World issue has officially been launched featuring fabulous new work from the Cahoots Community!

The World issue welcomes two new columnists to Cahoots. Giulia Mauro takes a unique glance at the world in Sideways Look and Lorette C. Luzajic will be profiling some interesting females in Fascinating Canadian Women.

Also new in the World issue, Femme Vitale columnist, Charmian Christie is taking her column in a new direction. “We’re talking to the most creative, energetic, and fascinating women in Canada’s food scene. They might not have their own TV show or cookware line, but they have fire in their bellies when it comes to healthy, sustainable, real food. Whether they work the land, a stove, a microscope or a keyboard, these women are helping make Canadian home kitchens the best in the world.”

To read more and subscribe, go to or click on the link in our Blogroll

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