Buffalo Runs Press Seeks Poetry Submissions


Buffalo Runs Press seeks submissions for its inaugural poetry series.The Buffalo Runs 3poets series will be released as pocket-sized books featuring roughly eight to twelve pages of work from three poets from different regions in Canada. The featured poets will be asked to partake in some form of critical conversation with each other, either through writing a critical response to one of the selection of poems in the series or by interviewing one of the other poets. Poets will also be asked to submit a brief description or explanation of the work they submitted.

Submissions to the series should be for 8-12 pages of poetry. At 30 lines per page, this equals a maximum of 350 lines. Please send no more than 400 lines of poetry for review, along with a bio and an artist statement on the works submitted.

Submissions should be e-mailed to info@buffalorunspress.ca, attached as Word documents. Visit http://www.buffalorunspress.ca for more details.

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  1. czandra says:

    I’ve tried to get more information about what kind of poetry interests the future editors of this new series, with no success. Though there is a contact e-address, there is no other contact information, and the organizers are not answering their e-mail. Any suggestions, aside from, “Just send them something?”


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