Get Grammar: On comparatives and superlatives

This is a grammar rule some people seem to forget: we never use double comparatives or double superlatives. A comparative is used to compare two things, and adjectives and adverbs can be modified to reflect the comparison by adding an ‘-r’ or ‘-er’ to the end: clear = clearer; dry = drier; wide = wider….

Get Grammar: On the use of regards, regard, regarding

Get Grammar: On the use of regards, regard, regarding The correct form is “in regard to” or “with regard to”–both without the ‘s’. For expediency, we replace 3 words with 1 and prefer to say “regarding (something)”. We can give or send our “regards” to someone, hence the greeting “Best regards” or the movie “Give…

Grammar Challenge!

Improve this sentence: Where you’re born is more of, chance, I think, besides, turn the earth a bit and you’d still be on the same soil.    

Grammar Challenge!

This was published on a news blog: As far as I remember, we were never the sort of family that aspired to leave the country in search for a better life. Can you tell what’s wrong with it?

Communication Pool: Grammar Challenge!

This was exactly what an expert botanist said in a TV news interview: “The image on the bill looks more or less exactly like the Norwegian maple.” What is wrong with it? Can you improve the sentence?

Grammar Challenge!

  What’s wrong with this? Rewrite this to improve it. I’m not too fond about snow……but, the only nice thing l like about it…’s a gorgeous site. A feeling of pure white and heavenly! (found On FB, Jan. 18, 13)

Communication Pool: Writexercise!

…and still another example of a memo from the same source: looking at some of your labour schedule summaries, most are over by at lease 1.5%????? you need to do your schedule hour by hour if you make $150 you should only have 3 people on etc…. please relook at your schdules and adjust accordinly!…